: 2/2011



Serzhanov G. M., Shevko V. M., Kapsalyamov B. A., Lavrov B. A.

Recovery the lengerskikh of coals when smelting ferrosilicon

In work results of researches about a possibility of receiving ferroalloys from fusion mixture on the basis of ore of the Zhairem field, a coke breeze, a wastage of extraction of Lengersky coals are presented. Optimum conditions of electrothermal receiving ferrosilicon of the FS25, FS45 and FS65 brands are defined.


Shevchenko V. P., Tokunov S. G., Kim R. B., Gulamova D. D., Turdiyev D. Sh.

Receiving and a research of properties of basalt fiber on the basis of natural raw materials of Uzbekistan

The prospects of use of basalt fiber for creation of new materials are shown. The production technology of basalt fiber on the basis of mineral raw materials of the Republic of Uzbekistan is submitted. The complex of properties of basalt fiber is investigated.


Kaipbergenov A. T., Erkayev A. U., Rambergenov A. K., Ospanova S. S., Toirov Z. K.

Research of process of receiving concentrated crystal soda

Optimum technological parameters of receiving concentrated crystal soda from technical hydrosoda and soda ash Kungradsky Soda Plant Unitary Enterprise are determined. Extent of education and a kinetics of process of receiving concentrated crystal soda depending on the lump of an original stock, temperature and a molar ratio of initial components are investigated.


Halmuminov S.A., Melikulova G. E., Huzhamkulov S. Z., Mirzakulov H. Ch. Fluid azotnokaltsiyevy fertilizers on the basis of azotnokislotny processing production the kaltsiysoderzhashchikh of a wastage

Neutralization of solutions of azotnokislotny processing the kaltsiysoderzhashchikh of a wastage is investigated. At neutralization the azotnokislotnykh of extracts of kaltsiysoderzhashchy slimes to the =8th degree of an obezmagnivaniye does not exceed 10%. At increase to 10 about 90-95% of a magnesium passes into a deposit, it is almost completely besieged at =11-12.


Pak V. V., Pirmanov N. N., Namazov Sh. S., Reymov A. M., Beglov B. M.

Azotnoserny fertilizers on the basis of a fusion cake of ammonium nitrate and a phosphite

Results of researches of receiving the stabilized granulouse ammonium nitrate by introduction to its melt of a pulverulent phosphite are given. It is shown that in the product received at a ratio a fusion cake: the phosphite = 100:22, solubility of calcium sulfate in the presence of ammonium nitrate considerably increases, and durability of granules of saltpeter increases from 1,60 MPas (without additive) up to 9,19 MPas.




Pirnazarova N. B., Yakubov U. M., Egamov D. I., Osmonov Z. S., Shakhidoyatov H. M.

Synthesis and chemical transfomations 6 - nitroquinazoline- 4 - an ooze-2-thiamides

The possibility of transformation 6 - nitro - 2 - methylquinazoline - 4 - it in 6-nitroquinazoline- 4 under the influence of effect of amines (aniline, morpholine, a piperidine) is for the first time shown and are gray according to Viljgerodtu-Kindler.


Ermukhanbetova R. A., Kedelbayev B., Gazaliyev A., Kuatbekov A. M., Rakhmanberdiyev G. R.

Synthesis, structure and biological activity of N - ksilozid of some alkaloids

Interaction of D a xylose with alkaloids of Cytisinum, L-ephedrine and d-of a pseudoephedrine in the spirit environment in the presence of the catalyst is studied. Physical and chemical constants, and also chemical structure by the IK methods - and PMR spectroscopies are established.


Ismatov D. N., Azizov U. M., Tukhtayev B. Yo.

Synthesis and rostosgimuliruyushchy activity of derivativ aromatic α-ketonic acids

Derivants of aromatic α-ketonic acids are synthesized and the modern physical and chemical methods confirmed their structure, and also their rostostimuliruyushchy activity at cultivation of simples is studied.




Rakhmatova D. M., Gulyamov G. M., Ziyaev M. A., Mukhamedgaliyev B. A.

Complex and radical polymerization of p-chlorine-Aethylium-methacrylate about three - phenyl-phosphine

In article some regularities of complex and radical polymerization of β-chlorethylmethacrylate at presence three are considered three - phenyl-phosphine. Some kinetic parameters of process are revealed.


Rakhmanberdiyev G. R., Murodov M. M., Egamberdiyev E. A., Urozov M. K. Research of the cellulose semi-finished product received from a wastage of the textile industry for of different function

The nitrocellulose manufacturing techniques from a wastage of the textile industry are developed, features of nitration are investigated, consistent patterns of the physical and chemical processes proceeding at the main stages of receiving nitrocellulose from TsOTP are determined (cellulose from a wastage of the textile industry), characteristics of experienced collodion cotton on its basis are investigated. Physical and chemical properties are studied and fitness of TsOTP, for chemical processing in KMTs is shown.


Dzhalalova Sh. B., Gulyamov Sh. T., Ismatov D. N., Teshabayev Z. A., Sharafutdinov U. T.

Structure and physicomechanical characteristics of dead catalysts of hydrotreating of solar oil and oils

The complex of physical and chemical methods of the analysis studied features of undesirable impurity in diesel and buttered fractions of the Fergana oil refinery. Their negative impact on hydrotreating catalysts is shown.


Akhundzhanova Sh.A., Mamatkarimov S.A., Toshev A. Yu., Kadirov T. Zh., Toshpulatov D. S.

Development of the alternate technology of processing of a wastage of skin acid degradation

It is established that strengthening of effect of a destruction happens at increase in concentration of alkali and acids in solution. The best results of hydrothermal degradation are observed when processing a split in alkaline solutions. Thermal disolution of products of a collagen in alkaline and acidic environment is studied. The tanning compounds of chrome suitable for of different function including in closed - repeated hardening of skin are received.


Nuraliyev U., Abdumavlyanova M. K., Dzhalilov A. T., Kurbonova M. A.

Synthesis new efficient oligomernykh of photostabilizers and studying of their physical and chemical properties

New oligomerny photostabilizers on the basis of amino compounds with galoidoproizvodny are synthesized and their physicomechanical properties are studied. The possibility of acceleration of process of photostabilization of a polyethylene film for rather short period of time is defined.


Sharifov A., Hamroyev F. B.

The optimum sizes and forms of a conversion catalyst of hydrocarbons for exercise of reaction in kinetic area

Data of calculation of extent of use of a surface of a granulouse conversion catalyst of a methane are provided. The kinetic area of course of process can be provided on the catalyst in the form of capillary tubes. Catalytic capillary tubes create a layer with minimum hydraulic resistance.




Ravshanov S. S., Tursunkhodzhayev P. M., Khusanov I. N. Influence of the relative positioning a groove and humidities of grain on technological effectiveness of process of a refinement in systems of grain of education

Technological effectiveness of process of grain of education depending on humidity of grain and the relative positioning of working sides is determined by a groove of rolls ("an edge on an edge", "a back on a back"). Efficient parameters of processes of conditioning and grain refinement of wheat which is grown up in regions with arid and hot climate are set.


Mannans U.V., Nigmadzhanov S. K., Nurmukhamedov H. S., Kadfova N. A., Yulchiyev R. A.

Speed of ablation of not crushed peel of cotton seeds

The experimental data on windage and speed of ablation of not crushed peel of cotton seeds and formulas for their calculation are submitted.




Gevorgyan A. M., Smanova FOR, Bobomuradova M.X.

Getter spectroscopical definition of iron immobilized hromazuroly S

The possibility of an immobilization of ions of iron (III) on fibrous sorbents is investigated and optimum conditions of this process are defined. The sensing layer of an optical sensor is developed for definition of iron (III) in various exemplars of water.


Yakhshiyeva Z. Z., Gevorgyan A. M.

Optimization of conditions of amperometrichesky titration of gold acetothioamide solution

Techniques are developed and conditions of amperometrichesky definition of gold are optimized by acetothioamide solution. The offered techniques are applied to the analysis binary, threefold and more the complex model mixtures imitating the production materials and natural objects. In all cases the received results are processed by the receptions and procedures known in literature and estimated metrological.


Rustembekov K. T.

Application of an autoclave differential thermal analysis in chemical and technological researches

Are cited data on justification of a technique of a research the generogennykh of systems in hydrothermal conditions by method of an autoclave differential thermal analysis.




Chasanov H. T., Boboyev A. H., Turobzhonov S. M.

Influence of hydrolysates of various proteins of wheat on antioxidatic enzymes

Influence of products of enzymatic hydrolysis of various proteins of wheat with a neutral proteinase (a neytraza of "Novozyms", Denmark) on activity of reoxydase from horse-radish is studied. It is shown that hydrolysates of an albumin activate pereoksidazny activity and the constant of activation makes 2,3 mol. At the same time with increase in depth of hydrolysis of an albumin the activating effect of peptides disappears. The peptides received from salt-soluble, alcohol-soluble and alkali-soluble proteins did not influence activity of reoxydase.


Yulchiyev A. B., Abdurakhimov S.A., Serkayev K. P.

Change of porosity and pore size of a cotton myatka before its processing of the microwave oven radiation

It is revealed that after the radiation microwave oven the volume of supermacropores in a cotton myatka increases by 2-2,3 times