Soddikov F.B., Melikulova G.E., Mirzakulov Kh.Ch., Sidikov A.S.

Solubility of components in system [30,0%KCI+70,0% NaCI]NH4HCO3H2O

Investigated solubility of components in system [30,0% KCI + 70,0% NaCI] NH4HCO3H2O from temperature of full freezing 25,6 to +40C. Plotting polythermal diagram of solubility where differentiated of crystallization region of ice, single water and waterless sodium chloride, sodium and ammonium bicarbonate. Established of formation of new for these system compound sodium bicarbonate.


Shevchenko V.P., Gulamova D.D.

Local raw materials and waste production of phosphate fertilizers in the technology of basalt fiber

Compositions over of raw material are brought, additions for the receipt of basaltic fibre. The parameters of technological process, properties of the basaltic fibre got from raw material of Uzbekistan, are certain.


Togasharov A.S., Tukhtayev S. Receptions new defoliation possessing physiological activity

The Explored process nitrogen acid to extractions of the departure cotton cleansing plant (DCCP) and are installed optimum conditions of the reception of the tart concoction nitrogen acid to extractions, which neutralized ammonia and is received physiological active material (KAzKEDCCPmm). The Studied diagram composition-characteristic of system [70%NaClO33CO(NH2)2+30%H2O]KAzKEDCCPAmm., which results show the possibility of the reception fluid defoliation with physiological activity.


Rakhimov R.Ch., Ermakov V.P., Rakhimov M.R.

The possibility of using functional ceramics for the synthesis of complex compounds

Discusses the characteristics of functional ceramics, synthesized in the Big Solar Furnace generates pulses of high density in the far-infrared regions with steep rise front of momentum. The efficiency of application of pulsed radiation in the infrared region in the technologies of synthesis of complex compounds.




Ziyadullaev A.E., Ikramov A., Nurmanov S.E., Sharipov Sh.R.

Heterogeneous Catalytic vinylation enanthic acid with acetylene

Studied in heterogeneous catalytic reactions vinylation enanthic acid containing a small amount of oil in the presence of acetylene. The process was investigated and the yield temperature , reaction time and the nature of the catalysts.


Ermuhambetova R.A., Gazaliev A.M., Kedelbaev B.Sh., Rakhmanberdiev G.R.

Technology for producing biologically active N-β-D-glucopyranosyloxy

In the article shown the results of research in obtaining of N-β-D glucopyranosylcytisine, by the reaction of glucose with alkaloid-cytisine. Also shown the technological scheme of its preparation.


Kayumov J.S., Turabjanov S.M., Nurullayev SH.P.

Improved stability and quality of the ethanol-gasoline blends

The physical and chemical properties of stabilized alcohol-gasoline blends and increase the octanenumber of these compounds with aliphatic alcohols, ethers and hydrocarbon amine compounds are studied.


Yusupov L.A., Ziyadullaev O.E. Quantum chemical calculations butyn-2-diol-1,4 and vinyl ester

The phase structure of molecules butin-2-diol-1,4 and its derivatives of distribution of electronic density and charges in molecules is investigated. Quantum-chemical of size of connections methods quantum - chemical programs STAT of a package 7,0 Hyper Chem Activation are defined by means of semi empirical.


Davlatov R.M., Ismailov R.I. Researching the synthesis of polymer salt on the basis of N, N-dimethylaniline-β-

metacryloiloksi-ethyl ammonium bromide and its interaction with keratin of natural wool

The following article has studied about the, influence reaction of N,N-dimethylaniline--metacryloiloksi-ethyl ammonium bromide. In the following influence reaction are learned the concentration, the temperature, environment and initiators as well. Although, learned the influence of wool keratin of polymer system.


Rahmonova D.S., Kadyrova Z.Ch., Kadyrova Sh.A., Parpiev N.A., Jurakulova N.H. Synthesis and study

randomically complex compounds of acetates of Co(II) and Cu(II) with 2-amino-1-methylbenzimidazole

New method of synthesis of different metalic complexes of acetates of cupric and cobalt with 2-amino-1-metilbenzimidazol on the basis of ammonium vanadate was elaborated. By modern psychic and chemical methods, structure and composition synthesized complex compounds were determined.




Turabjanov S.M., Abdutalipova N.M. Investigation of the process of sulfonation of ion exchangers

Introduction of sulphonic-acid groups in anion exchange resin structure allows to receive ampholytes with improved indexes of basic properties. In this article are presented data of optimum conditions for carrying out of anion exchange resin received on the basis of furfurol sulphonation reaction research. Also the kinetics of sulphonation process is studied, kinetic constants and activation energy of process are found.


Hakimova D.., dirov .J. Composition for imparting oleophobic properties to textile materials

Given the composition and the results of laboratory and pilot studies of textile materials with oleophobic properties.


Beknazarov H.S., Jalilov A.T. Protection of steel against corrosion by oligomer inhibitors and their compositions

Anticorrosive properties the oligomer of inhibitors of corrosion of IK-1, IK-2, IK-3, IK-4, IK-5 and IK-6 are investigated at the water environment. It is revealed that the mechanism of inhibition of corrosion of steel of these compositions is similar to the mechanism of protection by fosfonate complexes.




Tilabov B.K. Promising technology for producing molded parts with optimal chemical composition and improved mechanical properties

The article presents the results of studies cast parts made of white high chrome cast iron. Studied the chemical composition, mechanical properties and parameters of macro - and microstructure of white iron, local and imported. Defined hardness and microhardness of the samples before and after heat treatment, as well as abrasion tested on a work surface. It is proved that the wear resistance of components after heat treatment in a double phase recrystallization is increased twice or three times.




Rakhmatkariev G.U., Abdurakhmonov I.B., Rakhmatkarieva F.G.

Differential heats of benzene adsorption in LiX zeolite

Isotherm and differential heats of benzene adsorption in the LiX zeolite were measured at 303K. The isotherm of adsorption was quantitatively reproduced on the basis of VOM theory. The detailed mechanism of benzene adsorption in LiY zeolite from zero filling to saturation was discovered.




Khujamshukurov N.A., Bobayev I.D., Ramazanov N.Sh., Shakirov Z.S.

Fatty acid composition and amount of cells Chlorella vulgaris strain 76-15

This article shows fat acid composition and the number of cells Chlorella vulgaris sht.76-15. By GLC analysis result shows that the investigated algae is largely enriched plasmatic (16:0), oleic (18:1) and linoleic (18:2) acids. The amount of unsaturated fatty acids significantly exceeds the amount of saturated fat.


Safarov B.J., Sulajmanova G.Kh., Solikhov O.F., Bahronov B.B., Toshpulatov S.K.

X-ray spectral fluorescent definition of sulphur in Chulkuvar liquid mineral oil

Reproducibility of the developed technique is characterised by a relative standard deviation of 1,64%. The limit of detection of sulphur by the given technique has made 0,005 %.




Rakhimova Sh.Kh., Korablyova N.V., Mezhlumyan L.G., Gusakova S.D., Sagdullaev Sh.Sh.

Influence of technological factors on extraction of maize albumin of high lyzine hybrid Uzbekistan 420 HL

The high lysine dent corn "Uzbekistan 420HL" of the local selection was the object of ourinvestigation. It was established that the yield of albumines grown till 13,6% of the raw material mass in hydromodule 1:10 in 30 minutes of extraction in pH 6,2, 24C without infusion. Albumin of hybrid maize extracted in this conditions contain the most quantity of lysine (1.27%), glutamine (1.95%) and argynine (1.22) and consist from 5-th compounds with molecular weight 51.00 kDa, 39.00 kDa, 14.58 kDa, 12.3 kDa and 10.00 kDa with predominate albumin with molecular weight 51.00kDa. The results of microscopic analysis shown that such exstraction conditions don,,t lead to substancial changes in the structure of the protein. Albumin has similar plateau a little bit wrinkled (compressed) structure.


Barakayev N. R., Berdiyev A.N., Akromov A., Radzhabov A.N.

Determination of structural and mechanical properties of a local grade of grain

Every variety of wheat has its own mechanical properties. Determination of the mechanical characteristics of the local varieties of wheat gives an opportunity to establish a technological mode of roller mill and combined grain separator to extract quality flour and flour products.