Erkaev A.U., Kaipbergenov A.T., Kucharov B.X., Toirov Z.K. Development of technology of obtaining of sodium sesquicarbonate liquid-phase method on the basis of Na+//1/ 2 CO3 2-, HCO3-, Cl - - H2O system

Built horizontal and orthogonal projection of the isotherm Na+//1/ 2 CO3 2-, HCO3-, Cl - - H2O at 30, 60 and 100C. Areas of crystallization of the salts which are formed in system are defined. The technology of receiving sodium sesquicarbonate is developed and the mass balance is made.


Aripova M.H., Mkrtchyan R.V. IR spectroscopic study of the

interaction during curing glass ionomer cements

IR spectroscopic investigation of curing glass ionomer cements, obtained by reacting experienced inorganic glasses with polyacrylic acid and a copolymer of polyacrylic acid and maleic acid revealed dependence on the composition of glass.




Toghasharov A.S., ukhtaev S. Politerma solubility systems Ñà(ClO3)2-C6H17O7N3-H2O

The solubility of components in the system Ca(ClO3)2-2NH2C2H4OHH365O7-2 was studied from the complete freezing temperature -43.2C to 40.0C. A polythermal solubility diagram was constructed, in which the crystallization fields were determined for ice, Ca(ClO3)26H2O, Ca(ClO3)24H2O, Ca(ClO3)22H2O, C6H17O7N32, C6H17O7N3 and new phase, (65O7)234H2O, which were identified by chemical and physicochemical analysis methods.


Ibragimova .R., zizov .., Hasanov Sh.B.

Different ligand complex compounds of calcium nicotinate with some acid amides

In this study results of different ligand complexed compounds of calcium nicotinate with some acid amides have been shown. Individuality, methods of coordination of nicotinate fragment, amides molecules has been established, as well as thermal behavior of obtained complexed compounds has been studied.


Khamraev C.S., Makhsumov A.G., Vapoyev H.M., Mukhiddinov B.F.

Study of the paramagnetic resonance spectra of synthesized ethers aminoacetophenone

The results of the analysis paramagnetic resonance spectrum of synthesized amino acetylene ether and proved chemical structures synthesized compunds.




Vokhidova N. R., Nurgaliyev I.N.,Yugay S.M., Rashidova S.Sh.

Synthesis and stabilization of metal nanoparticles by chitozan Bombyx mori

The nanostructured systems chitosan cobalt in the presence of aliphatic alcanol are received. The method of UF-spectroscopy investigated features of formation of nanostructures. The size of nanoparticles was estimated by ASM by method. It is revealed that the variation a ratio polymer-metal and also change of concentration of a reducer is of instruments of regulation the size of nanoparticles. The stabilization of metal nanoparticles happens on the liofil mechanism, i.e. a metal hemosorbtion to functional groups of polymer.


Abdutalipova N.M., Turabjanov S.M. Properties of ionexchange resins containing chelating groups

It was studied the complexing ability to copper (II) ions of ampholyte, obtained by sulphonation of anion exchanger on the basis of furfural, styrene and polyethylenepolyamine. Ñomplexing by ampholyte with ions of copper were proved by curve of potentiometric titration.


Gulomov S.T., Jalalov B.S., Mirzaev I.E., Turabdzhanov S.M., Yunusov M.P.

The Genesis of the surface properties of catalysts during the treatment of vanadium in various ways

The results of the study of changes in the concentration of redox and acid-base sites on the surface of Nickel-molybdenum catalysts hydro processing in the process of their preparation and activation of hydrogen revealed the influence of doping of vanadium and vanadium deposited by impregnation, as a modifier, surface and catalytic properties of the catalysts in the demercaptanization process.


Sharipov M.S. Development of new composite thickeners based on oxidized starch and water-soluble polymers for printing of cotton fabrics

Studying of rheological and structure-mechanical properties new developed polymeric compositions show positive results for thickeners on the basis of mix of the oxidized starch, uniflock, HYPAN and Na-CMS.




Samadiy M.A., Mirzakulov Kh.Ch, Usmanov I.I., Shaymardanov T.B., Boynazarov B.T.

Investigation of process desliming sylvinite ore of Tyubegatan deposit

On the base of operation first stage unitary factory Dehkanabad factory of potassium fertilizers determined reasons influence to lowering parameters of desliming and flotation of sylvinite ores and bring results of investigations preliminary attritioning of low-grade sylvinite with the contents 23,2-30,7% KCI and 3,25-4,95% insoluble in water residue. Established optimal technological parameters of processes desliming and flotation of low-grade sylvinite of Tyubegatan.


Khayitov R.R., Narmetova G.R.

Research of physical and chemical properties used alkanolamines at amino clearings of natural gases

Determined adsorption capacity of activated carbons from local raw materials on benzene in dynamic using cryoscopy method




Baltabayev U.N. Influence of the connecting substances on process of improvement of the production technology of the granulated compound feeds


Akhmedov A.N., Suvanova F.W., Abdurakhimov S.A.

Pre-bleaching forpressure oil produced from low-grade cotton seeds