: 4/2008



Dadakhodzhayev A. T., Salavatov F. R., Saydakhmedov H. A.

Results of a research of a crystallization of ammonium sulfate-nitrate from solutions

Theoretical and experimental researches were held on obtaining of double salt of ammonium sulphate-nitrate from water solutions of ammonium nitrate and sulphate. The analysis of solubility of three-component system (NH4)2SO4 - NH4NO3 -2 at 50 showed the possibility of obtaining of double salt with content of 25,5 - 27 % Ntotal. Experimental researches consirmed the theoretical preconditions of generation of double salts. This was established on results of derivatographic and roentgenophasic researches.


Huzhamkulov S., Asamov D. D., Bardin S. V., Mirzakulov H. Ch.

Obesftorivaniye of an extraction phosphoric acid Central Kyzylkumov in the presence of sodium silicate

In this article the data on defluorination of wet process phosphoric acid from Central Kyzylkum termical concentrate by sodium sulphate and sodium hydrophosphate at the presence of sodium silicate with the aim of correction Si:F ratio are given. The degree of defluorination is 75-80 %. Obtained degree of defluorination is enough acceptable for introduction of created technology into industrial production.


Akhmetov D. A. Increase in properties of cellular concrete with use of metasilicates of calcium

Is investigated the use of a wollastonite in the cements, the heavy-aggregate concrete, the silicate bricks of autoclave hardening and other building materials, which leads to an increase in the physic-mechanical and operating characteristics.


Yakubov U. M., Mirzamatova Sh. T., Egamov D. I., Osmonov Z. N., Shakhidoyatov H. M.

Synthesis and chemical transfomations of a benzimidazolil-2-thiocarboxylic acid

For the first time the interactions of 2-methylbenzimydazole with sulphur and some heterocyclic, aromatic amines have been studied. Benzimydazol-2-yl-carbonic acid was obtained by hydrolysis of these thioamides. It was shown that benzimydazol-2-yl-thioamides react with heterocyclic and aromatic amines, giving other thioamides.


Babayev B. N. Antiferment activity O, O-dialkil-S-propargiltiofosfatov

Comparison analysis of activity of the O,O-dialkyl-S-propargyl-thiophosphates against to cholinesterases and carboxylesterases from different sources carried out.


Kucharov B. H., Erkayev A. U., Kucharov H., Namazov Z. Sh. System solubility diagram

[ 50%HOCH2NHCONHCH2OH + 50%H2O] H3PO42NH2C2H4OH - CH3(CH2)3COSSK at 25C

The isothermal method investigates solubility in the system [50%HOCH2NHCONHCH2OH+ 50%H2O] H3PO42NH2C2H4OH CH3( CH2)3COSSK at 25o. Is established educations new of connections of structures H3PO42NH2C2H4OH3(CH2)3COSSK, H3PO42NH2C2H4OH3(CH2)3COSSK2H2O, for which the concentration limits of existence are determined at 25o. The new connections are identified by methods chemical analyses.


Hudoyberdiyev F. I., Umirov F. E.

Rastvorimost in system sodium - 3-okisipiridazonat-6 trietanolammoniya - water

Was investigated solubility of tricarbamidechromate sodium - 3-oxipiridazon -6 triethanolammonium water system. Constructed polythermal diagram in the range from -23,9 up to +60,0C. Was determined salting-out action of components.


Adilova M. Sh., Narkhodzhayev A. H., Tukhtayev S.

Receiving a fluid defoliant on the basis of chlorate of a magnesium and a trimonoetanolamin citrate

Information about solubility and interaction of constituents in the system [36,0 % Mg(ClO3)2 + 9,0 % MgCl2] 3HOC2H4NH2H3C657 2 was obtained by the investigations of solubility, refractive index, ductility, density on pH of liquids. Diagram "composition attribute" was constructed. Preparative form of new defoliant was devised.




Yusupov D., Turabdzhanov S. M., Tangyarikov N. S., Ikramov A., Yusupova Sh. I.

New catalysts for synthesis of a pyridine and methylpyridins

New high-efficient stable catalysts for pyridine and methylpyridines from acetylene and ammonia/methanol were developed. Physic-mechanical and operational properties of synthesized catalysts were investigated. Influence of temperature, space velocity, composition of catalysts and thickness of catalyst layer on the yield of the target product were studied.


Tauasarov B. R. Methodology of development of large-format catalytic elements and their feature

Methods of preparing block catalysts directly from catalytic active mass have been carried out. The working off the catalyst technology has been carried out in the experimental corpus at the central laboratory of "Voskresenskie minudobreniya". The polydisperse structure with pores scales of 10-2000 nm and an even distribution of pores about the volume has been reached. Tests showed that conversion order of the sulphur dioxide at the temperature of 758 K was essentially higher than for wellknown industrial catalysts.


Karimov G.SH., Parpiyev N. A. Synthesis and a spectroscopical research of complexes of some 3d - metals about thiosemicarbazone-p-N, dimethylaminobenzaldehyde N-

The IR- and NMR-spectroscopy of researched ligands: thiosemicarbazid-p-N,Ndimethylaminobenzaldegid (L) were carried out. Calculation of reaction Fs donors centres in heterocyclic ligand by the semi-empirical MNDO method were carried out.


Norkulova D. M., Maksumov And, S., Ismoilov A. A. New polyester diesel fuel additives

The results of synthesis and research of depressor of polyesters additives on the bases of hydrolyzed polyacryl acid are given. Decreasing of temperature of freezing and viscosity of diesel fuel with synthesized polyesters have been established.



Musabekova L. M.

Influence of not ideality of a sitema on the speed of the front of reaction in the chemical reactor

The paper deals with the analysis of influence of a non-ideal kinetics on the velocity of moving reaction front in a chemical apparatus. The results of numerical experiments carried out with allowing both for the special parameter of non-ideality and for a set of physico-chemical characteristics have been submitted.


Umarov V. F., Safarov Zh. E.

Results on a deaquation of some types of vegetables in the way of a vacuum deaquation

For reduction of time of drying at constant final quality of production it is offered to use low-frequency fluctuations during drying.


Bakhronov H. Sh. Expansion of a liquid fluidized bed of spherical particles in the constrained conditions

Article is devoted experimental definition height liquid fludization bed of a granular material. Are resulted received at generalisation of skilled data of dependence for an estimation of speed of the beginning piston-forming and definitions cellular of boiling layer.


Gafurov K. H., Safarov O. F.

Calculation of impact of radiation on separate cores of fruit stones in conditions of infrared radiation

By analytical methods it is described the spreading of infrared rays in the fruit pit kernel.


Radzhabov M. F. A technique of engineering calculation of the drying heatpumping plant with use of solar energy

In article given calculation and the analysis of the constructive sizes of dry installations depending on parameters of the working agent and an environment is spent.


Kudratov A. M., Sharipov Sh. R. Optimization of process of regeneration of used steam-turbine oil

The mathematical model of optimization of conditions of regeneration of the fulfilled turbine oil satisfying to tasks in view on mathematical planning experimental results is developed.




Rakhimdzhanov K. M., Hakimova Sh. I., Kim R. N., Rakhimdzhanov M. A.

Nonconventional technology of extraction of oil from olive raw materials

A non-traditional way of processing raw vegetable oil combining two major industrial oilsem method - pressing and extraction. The use of gas solvent, liquefied under pressure in the press, together with the material contributes to the effective extraction of oil at once.


Fatkhullayev A. A.

Effectiveness of use of "Arabicgum" nutritional supplement in technology of the meat emulsified products

The reasons for use of gum Arabic as a part of previously prepared emulsion and gel in the technology of emulsified meat products are given.


Nikolayenkov T. S., Kasymova T. D., Tursunkhodzhayev P. M.

Effectiveness of disinfecting by an ultra-violet radiation in the preparing room of the flour-grinding enterprise

In this research have determined quantitative contents microbiological contamination of specimens of grain of wheat of the cultivars grown in Uzbekistan, Polovchanka, Sansar-4, Skifanka, Starshina, Khosildor. Efficiency of handling of samples of grain by a ultraviolet radiation, testifying about perspectivity of this method have determined and shown. Have determined differences in processing by a ultraviolet radiation of dry grains and preliminary wetted.


Asatullayeva F. H.

To a question of safety of nutritional supplement 04073001 TOZ + PUL YALDIZ (KAVANOZ)

Of spectrometer method certain structure of the food additive 040 73001 Z + PUL YALDIZ (KAVANOZ) used in manufacture of confectionery products (for an ornament). It is revealed that in greater dozes the given additive is hazardous to health.