: 3/2009



Tozhiyev P.P., Mirzakulov H. Ch., Giniyatullina R. I., Sinelnikova Yu. V., Dzhurayeva G. H.

Influence of duration of process on obessulfachivany brines of the lake Karaumbet with distillerny liquid

Data on influence of duration of process and temperature on obessulfachivany brines of the lake Karaumbet are provided by distillerny liquid. At norm of distillerny liquid of 100% the optimum duration of process are 20-30 min. and the optimum temperature of process - 20-30 C. Rheological behavior of a brine after office of plaster are studied.


Kurbaniyazov R. K., Reymov A.M., Namazov Sh. S., Beglov B. M. Rheological behavior of pulps from strong solutions of ammonium nitrate and the mineralized mass of phosphorites Central Kyzylkum

Results gravity tests and viscosities of the pulps formed concentrated (70-80%) by solutions of ammonium nitrate with additives (1,5 - 5,0% of P205) of the mineralized mass of phosphorites Central Kyzylkumov, in temperature range 80-120 0C and also temperatures of their crystallization and boiling are given.


Volynskova N. V., Sadykov B. B., Mirzakulov H. Ch.

Processing of the washed burned phosphoritic concentrate of Tashkur on JSC Ammofos-Maxam

In article data on development of the washed burned phosphoritic concentrate of Tashkur are given in JSC Ammofos-Maxam in 2007-2008. Chemical composition of the processed raw materials on months, and also technological indexes of a duty of the EFK-2 shop and quality indicators of a phosphite is given. Optimum parameters are set: a ratio of a liquid phase to solid Zh:T - 2,9-3,1, the maintenance of the free H2S04 - 2,5-3,0 g of S03/100 , concentration of EFK - 19-20% of masses 205.


Rustembekov K. T. Synthesis, crystal chemistry and structure of selenates of sodium-Zincum and sodium-copper

For the first time by a liquid-phase way from sodas, Zincum (copper) and selenic acid selenates are synthesized

Na2Zn(Se04)2, Na2Cu(Se04)2 The RFA method determined types of a singoniya and parameters of the unit cell, on the basis of an IK-spectroscopy and quantum and chemical calculations structures of connections are offered.


Aripova M. H., Mkrtchyan R. V.

Mikrostruktura of the glasses and sitall synthesized in system Ca5(P04)3F - Mg3(P04)2 - Si02

The method of an electron probe microanalysis established likvatsionny structure of glasses and the relevant structure of sitall. The RFA method established phase structure the zakristallizovannykh of glasses.


Adinayev H. A., Ismatov A. A.

Synthesis the svintsovosilikatnykh of the glasses painted by oxides of infrequent and rare earths

Data on receiving the painted transparent glasses of svintsovosilikatny structure are provided in article. As dyes are applied Cr2O3, n23, Fe2O3, Ni203, Y203, Ce203, Nd203 and 25. Structural features of the received glasses are investigated by methods of infrared spectroscopy and a submicroscopy.


Usmankhodzhayeva I. T., Atakuziyev E. T. The cements synthesized at various values of sulfosilica modul

Structural and technical properties of resource-and energy saving technology of new cements on the basis of the Angren zoloshlak, a phosphite and limestone are studied. It is shown that cements on the basis of zoloshlak are more effective. The amount of the combined water and the maintenance of Ca (OH)2, and in a cement stone the linear dilatations, hardening times, normal thickness are defined in hydrated cements.


Mahmayorov I.N., Do'stmurodov ., Ataqo'ziev ..

Tsement toshining faza o'zgarishiga issiqlik ishlovi berilgan bentonit ta'sirining tadqiqoti

According to the physical and chemical analysis, the making active effect of wrought bentonite is shown in acceleration of process of hydration silicate and the alyuminatnykh of parts of portlandtsementny clinker, stabilization of an ettringit and increase in a share of well crystallized polymeric hydrocalcium silicates.


Bazarov Zh., Abdurakhimov S.A., Bazarov G.R. Upgrading of the boring solutions received from local clays

Paths of upgrading of the boring solutions received from local clays are considered. It is established that with use of Shorsuysky bentonite (The Fergana Region), the Navbakhorsky carbonaceous palygorskit (The Navoiy Region) and the Tuljsokhsky palygorskit (The Fergana Region) it is possible to receive high-quality boring solutions.




Takhirov Yu. R., Dushamov D. A., Mukhamedov N. S., Zhonkhozhayeva F. B., Ayymbetov M. Zh., Shakhidoyatov H. M. A solid-phase acylation benzoksazolin-2-onov in the presence of six-water ferric chloride

The acylation benzoksazolin-2-onov acid chlorides of aromatic acids with use of 110-2 moles Ғ13620 in a solid phase carried out synthesis corresponding 6-atsilbenzoksazolin-2-onov. It is established that the last in a solid phase are formed with a larger exit than when using solvent.


Karimova G.Sh., Kadirova Sh.A., Parpiyev N. A. Spectroscopical research of complexes Co(II), Ni(II), Cu(II) Zn(II) with derivants 2 amine-5 phenyl - (4,5-digydro)-1,3,4 thiadiazolinums

Are synthesized a ligand 2 amine-5 phenyl - (4,5-digydro)-1,3,4 thiadiazolinum and its complex compounds of chlorides, nitrates and acetates Co(II), Ni(II), Ce(II) u Zn(II). The structure and a structure of the synthesized connections are studied by the spectroscopy IK and PMR methods.


Musabekov AT., Ikramov A., Kedelbayev B. Sh., Rakhmanberdiyev G. R.

Receiving methyl cyclohexane on the modified cobalt catalysts

Catalytic activity of floatable cobalt catalysts with additives of ferroalloys in the course of receiving methyl cyclohexane is investigated.


Dadakhodzhayev A. T., Salavatov F. R., Saydakhmedov H. A.

Production technology of the catalyst of primary reforming of natural gas

The catalyst of primary reforming of natural gas of the put type is developed. The carrier consists of adamant and dialuminate of calcium. Nickel is applied from the mixed solution of nickelous nitrate and aluminum. Residual content of methane at 7000C-8-10% about. Mechanical strength more than 470 kg/cm2. The trial batch of the catalyst is released on JSC Maksam-Chirchiq.




Yusupov D., Mirzarakhimov M. S., Ikramov A., Sunnatov Z. U., Tursunov M. A.

State, prospect of production and application oktanopovyshayushchikh of additives

New, pollution-free oktanopovyshayushchy additives are developed on the basis of local raw materials. It is established that at additive the oktanopovytayushchikh of additives on once-run gasoline in number of 8% about. gives increase in octane values up to 10 units, at additive to basic gasolines to 10% about. for 6,0-7,0 units.


Kudratov A.M.

Physical and chemical bases of receiving and application of sorbents on the basis of organic raw materials

Receiving, structure and properties of the new modified ion-exchange sorbents received for the account of polymeranalogous reactions of copolymer of polyacrylonitrile in mix with phosphate air of cellulose on the basis of the crushed sawdust, a shell of stones of almonds, walnut, dried apricots, rice straw and stalks of a cane depending on modification and their structural, ion-exchange, getter properties at a sewage disposal from ions of heavy metals, radioelements and from oil products are given.


Aripdzhanov O., Nurullayev Sh. Comparison of chemical properties and structure of amines, triazines and nitrogen-containing water-soluble polymer

Article is devoted to a heat exchange intensification in the evaporating pot with the taken-out boiling zone. It is specified that in the evaporating pot with granular material, at the useful thermal gradient of 5-10 C unit thermal load is 60-120% more in comparison with the device where there are no solids.




Bakhronov H. Sh., Hudoyberdiyeva N. Sh., Zakirov S. G.

Heat exchange intensification in the evaporating pot with the taken-out boiling zone

Article is devoted to a heat exchange intensification in the evaporating pot with the taken-out boiling zone. It is specified that in the evaporating pot with granular material, at the useful thermal gradient of 5-10 C unit thermal load is 60-120% more in comparison with the device where there are no solids.


Hasanov J.X., Artikov A.A., Mamatkulov ..

Paxta chig'iti kunjarasinimuallak xolatda ekstrakthiyalash uchun tajriba ko'rilmasi taxlili

The hydrodynamics of process of extraction of cotton cake in suspension is studied and improved.


Hikmatov D. N. Mathematical model of process of the combined drying of an apricot

Results the pilot study of the combined method of drying of an apricot are given. The equations of regression of coefficient of drying depending on the influencing factors are received.


Azizov D. H. Optimum choice of a way of heat supply

At the tariffs for the electric power and natural gas of costs of heating existing in the republic by means of the heatpumping plant it is less in comparison with the electric boiler more in comparison with the copper using natural gas.




Gafurov K. H., Safarov O. F.

Biochemical, thermal and termoradiotsionny properties of kernels of fruit stones at thermal treatment

The biochemical factors influencing quality and an exit of kostochkovy oil are considered. Day of studying of influence of infrared (IK) radiation on course the bioteplomassoobmennykh of processes in cores of fruit stones are investigated thermal (TFH) and thermoradiation characteristics (TRH) of the last. The obtained data on TFH and TRH of kernels of stones of an apricot are used for the analysis of processes warm and a mass transfer when drying, studying distribution and absorption of IK-radiation in a layer of a core of stones of an apricot on a range and realizations of heattechnical calculations of a drying apparatus.


Rakhimov D. A., Filippov M. I., Shepel of F., Husenov A. Sh., Kadirov O. Sh., Rakhmanberdiyev G. G.

Research of tubers of a girasol by method of infrared spectroscopy

For detection of an inulin in tubers (Helianthus tuberoses L.) the IK method ~ spectroscopies is used. The inulin in the studied tubers of a girasol is in the free and loosely coupled states. In cell-like walls a part of carboxyl groups of a zametilirovan, and a part is bound to metal ions, hydroxyl groups are partially acetylated.


Nikolayenkov T. S., Tursunkhodzhayev P. M., Kasymdzhanov M. A., Hakimova Sh. I.

Influence of uv radiation of grain on an exit and indicators of quality of flour

Radiation by wheat grain ultraviolet in the preparing room of a mill has the considerable bactericidal effect, so necessary for decrease in a microbiological obsemenyonnost of grain and flour. In article the technological party of UF-radiation of grain is discussed: decrease in humidity of grain at uv radiation, influence of UF-radiation on an exit and quality indicators of flour depending on time of cold conditioning. Results of trial laboratory baking of bread demonstrate positive influence of UF-processing on baking properties of flour.


Sayfutdinov D. R., Abdurakhimov S.A., Avezov N.E.

Kinetics of process of extraction of oil of the granules received from wheat grain nuclei

The kinetics of process of extraction of oil of the granules received from wheat grain nuclei with various geometrical sizes is investigated (8-16 mm.), (22,4 - 23,6%) humidity (7,1-78%) and maslichnost (8,4-9,5%). The role of thickness (diameter) of granules is established (8-16 mm.) on change of concentration of a mistsella on time (up to 60 minutes).