: 4/2011



Rustembekov K. T. Synthesis, crystal chemistry and structure of selenates of sodium-zincum and sodium-copper

For the first time the liquid-phase way from sodas, zinc (copper) and selenic acid synthesizes selenates Na2 Zn(SeO4)2, Na2Cu(SeO4)2. Method RFA defines types and unit cell parametres, on the basis of infrared spectroscopy and kvantovo-chemical calculations structures of connections are offered.


Mardanov S.A., Askarova M. K., Tukhtayev S.

Solubility of components in system (NH4)2HPO4 - NH(C2H4OH)2 -H2O

Solubility component is studied in system (NH4)2HPO4 -NH(C2H4OH)2-H2O from the temperature of the full congelation (-58,7) before 70,0. It is built polithermic diagram solubility, on which is delimited area crystalisetion ice, α-, β-modification diammonium of the phosphate, diethanolamine and join (NH4)2HPO4 NH(C2H4OH)2.


Sherkuziyev D. Sh., Reymov A. M., Namazov Sh. S.

Receiving the azotnofosfornokaltsiyevykh of fertilizers from the Kyzyl Kum phosphorites

The results of laboratory researches on improvement quality of nitrophos by division of a solid part from liquid ammoniated nitrogencalciumphosphate pulps with the subsequent washing of a solid phase by water, its drying and granulation are given. The nitrogenphosphatecalcium fertilizers of following structure, weights, %: 4,52-10,39 Ncom., 18,70-22,85 P2O5com. and 31,15-41,94 CaOcom. with the sum of nutritious components (P2O5com.+CaOassim+ Ncom.) 49,35-53,84 % are received.


Bauatdinov T. S., Tadzhiyev S. M., Bauatdinov S., Seytnazarov A. R.

Vitriolic activation of the Karakalpak phosphorites

In the article the process of Kara-Kalpak phosphorite flour decomposition by sulfuric acid with use as the additive of ammonium sulphate is described. It has been shown, that at decomposition of phosphatic raw materials by incomplete norm of sulfuric acid in the attendance of ammonium sulphate the factor of decomposition of raw materials in comparison by sulfuric acid only raises in 1,03-1,11 times.


Halmuminov S.A., Melikulova G. E., Huzhamkulov S.Z., Mirzakulov H. Ch. Neutralization of solutions nitrogen - acid processing calcium of the containing wastage and some properties of the received pulps

Neutralisation of calcium containing waste processing solutions is investigated. At neutralization of nitric acid extracts of calcium containing waste to =8 magnesium removal degree does not exceed 10 %. At increase to 10 about 90-95 % of magnesium passes into deposit, it practically totally besieged at =11-12




Cvengroś J., Mikulec J., Zufarov O. lternative liquid fuels for Transportation

In this work we identify the sources for the fuels of the 2nd generation, discuss available technologies for their production, their present limitations, and also possible measures facilitating the increase of energy efficiency of recent biofuels by utilisation of waste agricultural land, application of sophisticated technologies, increase of yields by application of genetic engineering, and use of non-food articles.


Karimova G.SH., Kadirova Sh. A., Parpiyev N. A., Mukhamedov N. S. Synthesis and spectroscopical research of complexes of some 3d - metals with β-(N-benzoxazoline-2-n) propionic acid

Synthesis of new ligand β -(N-benzoxazoline-2-n)-propionic acid was carried out. On its base some complex compounds of Co(II), Ni(II), Cu(II) and Zn(II) chlorides were synthesized. The structure and composition of obtained compounds were determined by methods of IR- and NMR1-spectroscopy.


Nasrullayev A. O., Elmuradov B. Zh., Makhmadiyarova Ch. E., Bobakulov H. M., Shakhidoyatov H. M.

Interaction 2,3-trimetilen-3,4-dihydroquinazoline-4-tiona with electrophilic reagents

By condensation of 2,3-trimethylen-3,4-dihydroquinazolin-4-thione with aromatic aldehydes in acid medium are synthesized corresponding a-arilidene-2,3-trimethylen-3,4-dihydroquinazolin-4-thiones. Under action of nitrating acid the reaction goes by oxidation of thiocarbonyl group. It is revealed, that reaction with aldehydes proceeds more difficultly, than with 2,3-trimethylen-3,4-dihydroquinazolin-4-one. The structure of the synthesized compounds is confirmed by modern physical and chemical methods of the analysis.


Ismatov D. N., Azizov U. M. Improvement of technology of a biostimulator ketosty and its test on a cotton

There was developed sate and elementary method of obtain of a biostimulator of a preparation Ketostim on basis of sodium salts of benzeneketodicarbon in the form of potash salts and studied its properties.


Holbozorov I. R., Yarbabayev T. N., Tursunov M. A., Ikramov A.

Development of inhibitors for hydrochloric acid treatment of wells

It is receipt combined inhibitors in the base of gossipol gums, cube waste monoethanolamine and carbamide, which are proved as inhibitor hydrochloric acid corrosion




Turabdzhanov S. M., Tashkarayev R. A., Kedelbayev B. Sh., Satayeva Zh. I., Tortbayeva D. R.

Development of the promoted selection catalysts on the basis of nickel for hydrogenation of aromatic hydrocarbons and glucose in a liquid phase

The scientific work carried out systematic study activity of stationary catalysts with additions of ferroalloys in the reaction of catalytic hydrogenation of benzene, toluene and glucose in the wide variation parameters of technological process. High-activity, stable and selective catalysts are developed jn the basis of nickel for hydrogenation processes.


Primqulov M.T., Shoahmedov Sh.Sh., Sadullaev Z.F.

Gozapoya, somon va saflor osimliklaridan sellyuloza olish

The chemical structure of the representatives of annual plants - stalks of cotton, saffron and wheaten straw are investigated. The cellulose part is selected from them and its degree of polymerization is determined.




Kholmatov K.U., Keil F.J. Phase equilibria simulations of the systems carbon dioxide-nitrogen, carbon dioxideme-thane and carbon dioxide-ethane. Comparison with experimental data and Perturbed-Chain SAFT equation of state

The Gibbs ensemble Monte Carlo computer simulation method has been used to predict the vapourliquid equilibria behaviour of the binary systems carbon dioxide-nitrogen, carbon dioxide-methane and carbon dioxide-ethane at various temperatures. The simulated vapour-liquid equilibria are compared with experimental data available for the pressure and phase compositions of the analyzed binary systems, and additionally with results of the Perturbed-Chain SAFT equation of state. The results of the Gibbs ensemble Monte Carlo computer simulations are in good agreement with the experimental data. This study shows that molecular simulations predict the azeotropic behaviour of the binary system carbon dioxide-ethane. This is a clear advantage of molecular simulation over the equation of state, which does not predict an azeotrope. The Gibbs Ensemble Monte Carlo simulations are more reliable than those of the Perturbed-Chain SAFT equation of state.


Shevchenko V. P., Tokunov S. G., Kim R. B., Gulamova D. D., Turdiyev D. Sh.

Research of the filtering ability of elements on the basis of basalt fiber

Filtering ability of basalt fibres depending on a thickness of fibres and density of filtering elements is investigated. It is established, that the maximum filtering ability (to 99,2 %) is reached at use of VSVT 1 mark fibres by thickness 5-10 microns and 0,11/sm3 filtering element density.


Karabayev D. T., Artikov A. A.

Model operation of process of pneumoseparation of cotton meal in cyclonic devices

The multilevel hierarchical structure of process pneumatic separation of cotton cake in manufacture of the albuminous flour, reflecting set of physical and chemical and structurallymechanical effects and the phenomena in their interrelation on separate levels of interaction is offered. The mathematical description of process of reception of a cotton flour in view of real hydrodynamical structure of cooperating streams is constructed.


Panzhiyev O. H., Avazova F. R., Tairov Z. K.

Influence of rate of volume flow of original gas mixture on a calcium cyanamide exit at various temperatures

In article results of studying of influence of volumetric speed of an initial gas mix on an out put cyanami d calcium at various temperatures are presented. It is shown, that in the researched interval of volumetric speeds and proportion of CO2:NH3 the optimum temperature of synthesis cyanamid calcium from to exhaust is 800.


Utemuratov J.J., Ashirbekov I.A. Oz miqdorda purkash texnologiyasiga utishning nazariy aspektlari

In yielded article efficiency of crushing of a small portion of operating fluid of sedimentation of auxiliary components in the field of action of a ring-shaped vortical stream in cavitation pockets is proved




Gevorgyan A. M., Zhurayeva L. K., Mirzayev M. M.

Influence of the accompanying cations on ampero-metric titration of gold (III) thiourea solution

It was shown a possibility of determination of gold(III) by thiourea solution and also the optimal conditions of its determination in the preusence of different by nature and composition of outside and accompanying cations on its amperometric determination were established. Developed methods of Au(III) determination are different by high rightuess and reproduction with relative standard deviation (Sr) didnt exceed 0,010.


Ziyaev D. A. Inversion and voltammetric definition of indium in the presence of cadmium and zincum

Influent of cadmium and zink on the results and conditions of inversion-voltamperometric determination of indium was determined. It was shown t5hat preventing influence o0f cadmium on the results of indium determination can be remove by addition in alanylized probe small quantities 2,5 M potassium iodide promoted to bormation of complex with cadmium. At this potential of poly-wove of cadmium reduction is changed in more negative range what is promoted to separate determination of indium in alalyzed probe.


Ruzmetov U. U., Gevorgyan A. M. Extraction ampere - metric definition of Hydrargyrum solution of a tionalid

The possibility of amperometric titration of mercury(II) by thionalid solution in complex model mixtures and real natural objects and industrial materials with using of hybrid extractionamperometric method was shown.




Baltabayev U. N., Tursunkhodzhayev P. M.

Issledovaniye of influence of technological effectiveness of a peeling of barley on quality of compound feeds

Experimental data by definition of technological efficiency clearing and offered peeling machinery for a peeling of grain of barley, the maintenance of beaten grains before and after a peeling, quality indicators of mixed fodders are resulted. Thus, after application offered peeling machinery the quantity of the whole kernel increases to 8 %, beaten grain decreases on 3 %, and a cellulose for 3,5 % and by that leads to forage mastering, improvement of digestion of animals and quality indicators of mixed fodders.