: 2/2012



Uteeva R. A., Shevko V. M., Tleuova S. T.

Temperature effect on chloride sublimation of lead in the RBO-systems weed phenochlors

The results of studies on the effect of temperature (from 500 to 1800K) at chloride sublimation metals in the system Pb-C12H10-nCln2 with respect to the extraction of metals as chlorides from poor slags using the program complex Astra.


Kaipbergenov A. T., Erkayev A. U., Yakubov R. Ya., Toirov Z. K., Erkayeva N. A. Development of structure and technology of synthetic scours of technical appointment on the basis of raw materials of Uzbekistan

The optimal conditions and developed process flow diagram of synthetic detergents for industrial use. On the basis of products recommended various formulations of synthetic detergents.

Turdialiyev U. M., Seytnazarov A. R., Namazov Sh. S., Zakirov B. S., Beglov B. M.

Enrichment of phosphorites Central Kyzyl - kum solutions of an acetic acid

In article results of definition of optimum parameters of process of enrichment ordinary hshorite flour, mineralized mass and a thermoconcentrate of phosphorites Central Kyzylkum by acetic acid are given.


Kolesnikov A. S., Kapsalyamov B. A., Abzhanova A. S., Rysbekova A. T., Arinova D. B.

Lead otgonka kinetics research at electrothermal processing of clinker of a veltsevaniye of achisaysky ore

Kinetic laws of reduction and distillation Zn and Pb in a gas phase are defined.


Shamadinova N. E., Zhalilov A., Atakuziyev T. A.

Alyumofosfatny glues - cements on the basis of the waste activated adamant

The Presented results of the creation new phosphate composite material on base perfected actuated alumina, oxides of chromium and 34 that will allow increase the raw materials base and greatly reduce the prime cost a production refractory glue.




Kadirov H E., Ikramov A., Badriddinova F. M., Ruziyev D. U.

Receiving iron-chrome-and zincum - chrome - bentonitic catalysts for synthesis of an acetone from acetylene

New iron-chrome - and zinc-chrome-bentonitovye catalysts for acetylene hydration in a steam phase are prepared. Activity, porosity mechanical durability and other physicomechanical indicators of the received catalysts are defined. It is established that, at use of the given catalysts in the conditions of synthesis of acetone from acetylene a product exit acetylene conversion makes 91% thus reaches 94 %.


Ziyaev A A., Tozhiyev I. F., Shakhidoyatov H. M.

Studying of formation of S-and N-alkylderivants of 5-aryls-1,3,4-oxadiazol colors

The weys of formation S- and N- alkyl derivatieves in alkylation reactions of 5-aryl-1,3,4-oxadiazolin-2(3H)-thones with different alkyllated agents were discussed.


Ibragimova M. R., Azizov O. T., Azizov T. A., Chasanoff Sh. B. IK-spectroscopical and thermal research differently ligandnykh of coordination compounds of a nikotinat of cobalt (II)

In article are resulted a synthesis technique mixed ligands coordination substance nicotinate cobalt (II), the thermal behaviour and analyzing frequencies of valency fluctuations of the synthesized substance is investigated.




Rashidova S. Sh., Avazov O. B., Holmuminov A. A. Way of receiving chitosan in the shift field

Deacetylation of chitin "Bombyx mori" under influence of the shear field generated on specially collected device of Rheooptimetry has been carried out. Samples of chitosan with high degree deacetylation (90-95 %) and narrow polydispersity (1,15-1,18) with increase in their yield on 10-12 % in a shear field have been received.


Muxitdinov U., Sayfutdinov R.S., Primqulov M., Tillashayxov M., Egamberdiyev E.A.

Sholi qobigidan tsellyuloza olish

By extracting in water, hydrolyzing in nitric acid and digestion in alkali then having bleached hydrogen peroxide the cellulose from rice league was received and its degree of polymerization (365), a whiteness (73-77 %) were defined.


Fozilov S. F., Saidakhmedov Sh. M., Hamidov B. N. Technology of receiving weed methacrylate of depressor additives of the solar oils improving the low-temperature properties

Is investigated structurally - mechanical properties zaguctokon a basis by polymeric compositions polyvinyl of spirit. The degree of fixing depends as on quantity(amount) of a printed paint, passing to a fabric, and from depth penetration in a fabric. Than the more printed paint passes to a fabric and the more deeply she(it) will penetrate in depth of a fabric, the above expectedmeaning(importance) of a degree of fixing.


Samigov N. A., Mirkamilov I. M., Dzhalilov A. T.

Structurization of carbamide compositions with the activated phosphite

Results of physic and chemical researches of polymer compositions structures q construction material using actinides phosphor-gypsum nigh folly acids are shown in this article. Stability of structure high strengtness and wet strength of these polymer phosphor gipsum materials by the discharge of time is settled.




Xurramov M.G. Kislotali oqava suvlarni kompleks tozalash usuli

In clause the problem of deep clearing of sour waste water the industrial enterprise in climatic conditions of Uzbekistan with the purpose of a reuse in manufacture is investigated


Shermatov B. E., Kurbanov O. A. Receiving a coal - mineral sorbent and its application in gas processing

On the basis of waste coal and mineral clay (bentonite) were synthesized carbon-mineral sorbents. Coal and mineral sorbents have been studied in comparison with the industrial design for cleaning of the regenerated amine and the possibility of their use in gas processing industries.




Abdurakhmanov I. Yu. Synthesis algorithms of actuation devices in control systems of non-linear objects

Synthesis algorithms of actuation devices in control systems of nonlinear objects on the basis of methods of regular estimation are resulted.


Samatov J.A., Artikov A.A.

Uch fazali sistemada suzuvchi nasadkalar qollanilgan apparatning oqimlar gidrodinamik strukturasi

Through experimental research the hydrodynamic flow structure of fluid was studied in the three phase system with the use of fluidized packings. Flow structure of fluid in the chosen device approaches to the one and two cell model


K.F. Karimov, Akhmedova D. R.

Issledovaniye of boiling of ternary mix of R290/R600A/R600 coolants on a round pipe

Are compared the results of numerical and experimental evoporating investigations on work conditions of refrigeration machines.




Gevorgyan A. M., Minchenko A. N. An inversion voltamperometriya in selenium definition

On the base of carbon paste the new solid indicator electords were constructed and with using of them were optimized conditions of new inversion-voltamperometric metads of selenium determination in individual solutions and more complex mixtures. he application of elaborated methods to analysis of selenium-containing real natural objects and industrial materials was determined.


Savchkov A. V., Kutlimuratova N. H. Terbium definition by a conductometric method

Methods of conductometric determination of terbium ions by EDTA on different by acidbase properties phone electrolytes and buffer mixtures are considered. Conditions of conductometric titration of Tb (III) were optimized and also influence of outside accompanying metal ions on the form of curve and results of its determination was investigated. Investigations disturbing influence stranger accompanying cations. The obtained experimental data by terbium (III) EDTA solution determination were treated by methods of mathematical statistics.


Dadomatov A. L., Karibyan E. E.

Analytical opportunities of an inversion voltamperometriya when determining rhenium

The possibility of rhenium determination by voltamperometri method at using modified carbon-paste electrode was shown and also conditions of its determination were optimized. Influence of phone electrolytes and buffer mixtures was investigated. Dependence of analytical signal of rhenium from concentration of phone electrolyte, potential of scanning, time of depolarizator accumulation on the modified carbon- paste electrode was determined. Obtained results were treated according to rules of mathematical statistics and also metrological value to them was given.




Chasanov A. H., Ilkhamdzhanov P., Turabdzhanov S. M.

The comparative characteristic of antioxidatic activity of the peptides received from proteins of seeds of a cotton

Enzymatic hydrolysis of different protein from cotton seed with acid (Asp. niger) and neutral (Bac. amyloliquefaciens) proteinase was studied. It was shown that antioxidant activity got peptide depended on used protein and enzymes. The peptides got with neutral proteinase from albumin had 2-3 times above reducing power, than peptides got with acid proteinase. The highest braking to velocities oxidation (+)-catechin was shown with peptide, got from albumin with neutral proteinase.


Normatov A. M., Tursunkhodzhayev P. M.

About influence of a new way of preparation of grain for a grinding in formation of baking properties

In article influence in three stages a preliminary peeling of grain on baking properties of a flour is considered. Results of a trial batch the corn proving efficiency of the given way of preparation of grain to a grinding are resulted. It is established that application in three stages a preliminary peeling will allow to receive baking stably quality flour and production with high consumer advantages.


Normatov A. M., Tursunkhodzhayev P. M.

About influence of a new way of preparation of grain for a grinding in formation of baking properties

Established a synergistic effect of the emulsifier and the prescription of cotton and soybean for resistance palmitin margarine emulsions 60, 72 and 82% fat. This increases the stability of emulsions with different fat content of margarine and reduced the required number of prescription emulsifier.