: 3/2012



Reymov K. D., Yakubov R. Ya., Erkayev A. U., Toirov Z. K., Iskenderov A. M. Development of technology of utilization of distillerny liquid of the kungradsky soda plant sulfate the containing salts of Karakalpakstan

Following optimum technological parametres of clearing by Karaumbetsky rapa and mirabilit the Tumrjuksky deposit of distilar liquids - a manufacture withdrawal carbonatium soda Kungradsky soda factory are established: norm of sulphatic salts - 100 % on concerning the calcium maintenance, during of process - 1,5-2 hours and temperature of process no more 60o.The basic technological scheme of process consisting of a stage of preparation sulfat of a solution and three steps of clearing distilar of a liquid is developed.


Dekhkanov Z. K., Sultonov B. E., Namazov Sh. S., Zakirov B. S. Composite compound fertilizers on the basis of chemically enriched phosphoconcentrate of phosphorites Central Kyzylkum and chloride of a potassium

In the article data of receptions of compound-mixed fertilizers on the basis of chemically enriched phosphoconcentrate of Central Kyzyl-Kum are cited. Some physical and chemical properties of these fertilizers are studied.


Tozhiyev R. R., Bobokulova O. S., Dzhurayeva G. H., Mirzakulov H. Ch.

Research of processes of tertiary treatment and concentrating of a brine of the lakes Karaumbet and Barsakelmes

Investigated processes additional cleaning dessulfate natural brain with sodium carbonate and double stage evaporate with obtain bishofit and sodium chloride.


Koshchanova B., Sharipov H. T., Erkayev A. U., Tairov Z. K., Mirisayeva D. The relative system 2Na+, 2NH4+//2HCO3-, SO42- - H2O and its application to justification of technology of receiving soda from a mirabilit

In work the condition of 4 componental systems consisting of Na2SO4, NH4HCO3, NaHCO3 and (N4)2SO4 is shown. It is established that initial pair of salts Na2SO4 and NH4HCO3 is unstable and these salts cant be in a firm phase in common. Steady pair salts is pair NaHCO3 and (N4)2SO4.


Aripova M. H., Matkarimov Z. T., Dautov B. B.

Tiles for floors on the basis of local raw materials and a wastage of the industry

Formulations of ceramic tiles are developed for floors, the main crystal phases in which are anorthite and quartz with small humid expansion and water absorption.


Turdiyev D.Sh. Structures and properties of materials for corrosion resistant ceramics with the increased thermomechanical properties

Properties stabilised aluminium titanat, shpinel, mullite, materials on the basis of system ZrO2(Y2O3)-Al2O3, perspective for manufacturing on their basis by a korrozionno-rack of ceramics with high thermo-mechanical properties are investigated.


Shamadinova N. E., Zhalilov A., Atakuziyev T. A.

Properties of compositions on the basis of the waste activated adamant

Communi cat es about i nf l uence argi l l aceous i s addi t i ves on compl ex charact eri st i c got gl ui ng, i s i nst al l ed opt i mum consumpt i on and concent rat i on phosphat e connect i ng, i s consi dered regul ari t i es of t he st ruct ur i zat i on dependi ng on t he t emperat ure and mode heat t reat ment .




Pirnazarova N. B., Yakubov U. M., Shakhidoyatov H. M.

Synthesis of a piperazid qinazoline-4-il-2-thiocarboxylic acid and its reaction with amines

Interaction 2-methylquinazolone-4 with sulfur and piperazine on Vilgerodt-Kindler reaction investigated. It is carried out remediation received piperazinyl qinazoline-4-il-2-thiocarbonate under action aniline and morpholine.


Baltabayev U. A., Dzhurayev A. D., Tadzhiyeva H. S. Synthesis of derivativ petrolylthiocarbamates

It has been studied the interaction of parabrombenzoilizotiocianate with fenol and its substitutions in pyridin emvironment and it has been established that the products of reaction are corresponding derevatives of benzoiltiocarbamates. It has been established the influence of a number and positions of electron-acceptozic substitutes of aromatic ring to reaktional ability of fenols.


Eshmamatova N. B., Holikov A. Zh., Akbarov H. I.

Synthesis of new oligomers with properties of rust inhibitors of metals

Influence of phosphates of dimethyluren on the corrosion behavior steel St. 3 in weak- acid solutions was investigated by graviometrical method. Influence of time keeping of sample on the protective action of oligomers was discussed.


Ziyadullaev O.E. Fenilatsetilen va metilizopropilketon asosida neft va neft maxsulotlari mikroorganiz-mlariga qarshi antikorrozion bioingibitor sintezi

Have been studied the causes of corrosion of metals in the investigation of micro-organisms and have been placed fusion ingibitors against them.




Fozilov S. F., Saidakhmedov Sh. M., Mavlanov B. A., Hamidov B. N. Receiving graft copolymers on the basis of low-molecular polyethylene and a gipan and their application as depressor additives for solar oils

Is investigated structurally - mechanical properties zaguctok on a basis by polymeric compositions polyvinyl of spirit. The degree of fixing depends as on quantity(amount) of a printed paint, passing to a fabric, and from depth penetration in a fabric. Than the more printed paint passes to a fabric and the more deeply she(it) will penetrate in depth of a fabric, the above expected meaning(importance) of a degree of fixing


Nurkulov F. N., Beknazarov H. S., Nuraliyev U. M., Dzhalilov A. T.

Synthesis and properties of polysulphide rubber

In this paper we prove the synthesized compounds polysulfide rubbers on IR - spectra of the physic - chemical properties. Also in the article considers the degree of swelling of polysulfide rubber. These results show that the resulting vulcanizates are resistant to organic solvents, and other factors.


Murodov M. M. New technology of receiving cellulose glicollic acid and possibility of its application

It has been developed construction of the non-standard equipment, giving the chance to spend the basic technological processes in technology reception Na-CMC in one device and to master its technology by us. At present to Monodevice methods the small enterprise with capacity of manufacture Na-CMC 1200 t in a year works. For today we make 18 kinds Na-CMC with various mark.


Nurmetov T. Sh. Ensuring fireproof properties of materials from cotton

Conditions of transfer of materials from a cotton in combustible nonflammable material are defined at use of impregnation compounds on a basis oligomeric fire retardants.




Barkhanadzhyan A. L., Sadykov T. A. Problems of utilization of accumulator scrap

In known methods at processing of a waste of Storage batteries sumptuous gas that is extremely undesirable is allocated. For catching of sumptuous gas the column with the subsequent desorption and reception of sulfuric acid is offered sorption. The installation scheme is given.




Djuraev X.F., Xabibov F.YU., Yamaletdinova M.F., Abduraxmonov O.R.

Qishloq xojalik xom ashyolarini quritish bosqichigacha qayta ishlash va quritishning noananaviy uslublari

The analyzed gradient of the distribution to intensities of the acoustic fluctuations in dry camera.


Kalandarov D. A. Silica gels as adsorbents for selection of petroleum acids

There were studied a sorption capacity in dynamic conditions from a liquid phase of various industrial sorbents on oil acids: on naphthene, fat acids and phenol.




Nurmurodov S. D., Rasulov A. H. Research of finely divided powders of refractory metals

The art i cl e present s t he resul t of anal ysi s of product i on t echnol ogy of r ol l of ent eri ng st and on j oi nt st ock Company Uzmet kombi nat as wel l as t he pr oposal s on st udy resul t s of rol l mat eri al mi crast ruct ure and expl oi t at i on t est i ngs i n t he manuf act uri ng.




Turabdzhanov S. M., Kuatbekov N. A., Satayeva Zh. I. Receiving sorbite on the modified nickel catalysts

Defined optimum conditions of technological process of sorbitol intolerance a new kind of plant material.


Rakhmonov K. S., Isabayev I. B., Atamuratova T. I.

Bioprocessing behavior of wheat ferments of spontaneous fermentation

In article results of research of biotechnological properties of wheaten ferments of spontaneous fermentation (in an example peas- Dittany mixture) and their analysis are resulted. Influence of the given type of ferments on the basic bio-polymers of a flour, property of the dough and quality of bread from a flour wheaten high-quality is established.


asanova D.., Asqarov I.R., oxtaboyev N.. Pivo mahsulolarini if n boyicha sinflash va kodlashning inson salomaligini saqlashdagi ahamiyai hamda kimyoviy analizlar

In clause the questions of development of commodity codes of beer proceeding from multicomponent chemical structure are discussed, meaning this factor as playing important role in preservation of health of the man. Also there are discussed questions which are related to the role of quality of beer are discussed at definition of commodity codes both certification of beer and normative documents regulating quality of beer production