: 4/2012



Melikulova G. E., Erkayev A. U., Toirov Z. K., Mirisayeva D. A. Physical and chemical properties of the pulps which are formed when receiving a fodder precipitate conversion of monophosphates of ammonia nitrocalcite

Were presented established that the optimal conditions of process of pyrophosphate formation were temperature 40-50 liquid to soiled ratio 1:3-1:5, and concentration of ammonium nitrate in a pulp 40-50 %. Increase of liquid to soiled ratio in a pulp was resulted in increase in viscosity and rise in temperature of conversion from 20 up to 60C accompanied by reduction of density and viscosity of a pulp.


Karimov M. U. Studying of some properties of concrete and cement mortar at supersoftener addition

The article shows the results of the influence of the concentration of the synthesized superplasticizer on the fluidity of cement mortar, concrete results of the test with the addition of the synthesized superplasticizer SP-1, and the effectiveness of the synthesized superplasticizers with the addition of concrete mixes.


Iskenderov A. M., Baymuratova G. O., Atakuziyev T. A. Influence of secondary carbonaceous microexcipients on properties of bekabadsky a Portland cement slurry in the presence of fillers, various by the nature

It is shown in the work that using cement up to 10-40 per cent secondary calcium of soda waste production, the specific consumption of clinker in cement solution on limestone sand decreases to such a size. When using the secondary carbonate calcium as a mineral addition to cements in the process of cement hydration, mainly highly-durable and low-basic (in relaton to CaO) compound, which, ensures high durability of cement stone at a small amount of cement. Apart from that, particles of secondary carbonate calcium play the role of micro-fillers, on the surface of which the hydration and the hardening of minerals of cement and the formation of crystalline sprouts of stone, distinguished with high durability, take place.


Abdurakhmonov G. A., Kubayev A. H., Erkayev A. U., Abdurakhmonov E.

Development of fireproof structures on the basis of inorganic compounds for wooden and textiles

Designed composition of liquid flame retardant for wood processing and textile materials based on ammophos and other inorganic compounds. Recommended by the best flame retardant compositions for each individual type of material due to the number in the presence of ammophos NH4NO3, (NH4)2SO4, NH3, NaHCO3 and KOH. Among the additives in solution ammophos when picked fire protection formulations are advantageous (NH4)2SO4 and NH4NO3.




Tozhiyev I. F., Ziyaev A. A., Shakhidoyatov H. M.

Alkylation 5-aryl-1,3,4-oxadiazolinum-2 (3H) - tion allil-and benzyl halides

Reaction of 5-aryl-1,3,4-oxadiazolin-2(3H)-thiones with alkyl- and benzylhalogenides in the result, wich were obtained only S-alkyl derivatieves have studied. It was investigated the main regularity of the reaction, influencing to the yield and direction of them.


Togasharov A. S., Tukhtayev S.

Polyterm of solubility of system NaClO33CO(NH2)2-2H2NC2H4OHH3C6H5O7-H2O

The solubility of system of NaClO33CO(NH2)2 2H2NC2H4OHH3C6H5O7 H2O from temperature of complete freezing from (-38,5) up to 50 is investigated. The polythermal diagram of solubility on which differentiation of area crystallization of ice, CO(NH2)2, NaClO33CO(NH2)2, 2H2NC2H4OHH3C6H5O7H2O and 2H2NC2H4OHH3C6H5O7. The Studied interval to concentrations and the temperature in system is not formed, neither hard solution, nor new chemical join, t. e. she pertains to asked evtonik to type.


Turabdzhanov S. M., Kadirov H. E., Tasheva I. K. Development of pollution-free technology of processing of a withdrawal of biochemical production of efiro-aldehydic fraction

The process of esterification of acetic acid and ether-aldehyde fraction - waste of biochemical production in the presence of homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysts.Established the optimum process parameters.




Murodov M.M. Mahalliy xomashyo asosida karboksimetilsellyuloza bazimarkalarini olish

Some marks of CMC, used in various branches have been obtained from the cellulose obtained on the basis of local raw materials. For the first time the new technology of obtaining CMC, i.e. AQUA-GELL-MONO has been developed. It has been degree, the maintenance of the basic substances, substitution degree and solubility of the obtained CMC.


Shernayev A. N., Gulyamov G.

Tekhnologiya of receiving composition wood and polymeric material on the basis of local raw materials

The technology of taking compositional wood polymer materials based on willow and socked up logical wood-poplar with mineral oil and modification polymer composites are brought in this article.

Physical mechanical properties which answered quietly requirement for mechanisms of workers organs sliding bearings fraction bearings and created compositional wood-polymer materials are studied.


Makhatova A. I., Tashkarayev R. A., Kedelbayev B. Sh.

The modified palladic catalysts in technology of liquid-phase hydrogenation of phenol to cyclohexanone

Based on the fundamental science of advanced catalytic results, synthesized a series of new models modified deposited palladium catalysts for the hydrogenation of aromatic compounds. Study their chemical, phase and size distribution, pore structure, adsorption, desorption, the ability of hydrogen, as well as implemented catalytic hydrogenation of phenol in the liquid phase.


Nuraliyev U. M., Dzhalilov A. T. Research the oligomer of rust inhibitors of carbon steel in various environments

Synthesized oligomeric inhibitors based on the amino compounds. The results of corrosion tests showed that the inhibition of the synthesized oligomers is high.


Ziyadullayev O.., Jurayev O.., Mirxamitova D.X.

Ketonlar asosida neftmikroorganizmlariga qarshi ingibitorlar yaratish va ularni sintez qilish texnologiyasi

Determined by micro-organisms and their composition found in the oil and oil products. Studied the causes contributing to biocorrosion processes of microorganisms. Systematic study of new methods for the synthesis of biocides and their technological parameters.


Teshabayeva E. U. A research of influence of moisture on quality of fastening of rubber glue on the basis of polimerizatsionno capable oligomers

In investigate the effect of moisture on the quality of the bonding of multilayer rubbertechnical products. Found that he diffusing moisture from the product is capable of inhibiting the process of curing the adhesive composition.




Shevko V. M., Serzhanov G. M., Karatayev G. E., Amanov D. A., Abzhanova A. S.

Influence of carbon on formation of ferroalloy in system ore-ugleotkhody-iron

The paper presents the results of studies on the formation of silicon-out ferroalloy ore - coal waste Lenger coal - iron. The study was based software system the Finnish steel company Outokumpu (HSC - 5,1, version 2002), based on a minimum of the Gibbs free energy change.




Yusupbekov N. R., Gulyamov Sh. M., Adilov F. T., Holmirzayev D. B., Tashpulatov V. T.

Formation of functions of accessory to an algorithm of indistinct management of dynamic objects

Investigated the application of the algorithm of automatic classification of individual process variables in the whole spectrum of their actual values by the method of dynamic condensations.


Nurmurodov S. D., Rasulov A. H.

A research of mechanical characteristics of bimetallic matrixes for synthesis of ballases

The article presents the results of study on static strength of joints and strained state of a working element of matrices for the synthesis of ultra-hard materials depending on the manufacturing method, as well as before and after heat treatment.


Barakayev N. R., Rizayev A. A., Akramov A. A., Berdiyev A. N.

Calculation of driving of particles of grain of various weight in the combined separator

Designed a new type of developed combined separation mechanism to clean and separate into fractions the local wheat cereals from strange mixtures. Shown the theoretical analysis to identify the work conditions and geometrical dimensions.




Gevorgyan A. M., Dadomatov A. L., Kononenko V. V. Analytical opportunities of an inversion voltamperometriya when determining a tellurium in model mixes the electrode on point duty modified coal

On the base of the obtained experimental data and determined partialities it was shown that elaborated new carbon-past electrod, modified by hydrosin sulfate, can be used successfully for the inversion-voltamperometrical determination of tellurium. Cations of this metal can be determined by the elaborated method in model binary and also in some real natural objects and industrial materials.


Zhurayeva L. K., Yakhshiyeva Z. Z., Rakhimberdiyeva G. U.

Some aspects of applicability of a thiourea at amperometrichesky titration of platinum

The possibility of the amperometric determination of platinum ions by thiourea solution on different by acid-basic properties phone electrolytes and buffer solutions was shown. Also same conditions of the determination of above mention cations were optimized. The elaborated method was valued from the point of reproduction, rightness, selectivity and expression. The limit of determination was equaled 5 mkg/ml.


Normurodov B. A., Mavlonov A. S., Mirzakulov H. Ch.

Issledovaniye of the content of iodine and bromine in the Bukhara-Qarshi and Surkhandarinsky artesian waters

Investigation of contain iodine and bromine in Surkhandarya thermal waters and Bukhara-Karshi oil waters. On base of investigation contain of fixed condition demineralization waters and defined quantity of iodine and bromide in objects.




Usmanov A.S., Raximdjanov M.A.

Mahalliy bentonitlarni faollashtirish va ularni paxta moyini oqartirishdagi samarasi

To study the bleaching of rafined cotton-seed oil with the method of intensified local (Tashkent, Samarkand, Fergana and Navai region) bentonits.