Подпись: 1/2013



Samady M. A., Mirzakulova I. B., Boynazarov B. T., Mirzakulov H. Ch.

Rheological behavior and phase separation of suspensions in the course of receiving Lemery salt

Rheological behavior and speeds of defecation and filtration of the suspensions which are formed in the course of receiving Lemery salt conversion of floatation chloride of a potassium salt cake solution of a natural Tumryuksky mirabilit are studied.


Turdialiyeva Sh. I., Alimov U. K., Namazov Sh. S.

Concentrating of the Kyzyl Kum extraction phosphoric acid and its rheological behavior

The structure and rheological behavior (density and viscosity) the uparennykh of extraction phosphoric acids from the washed burned phosphoconcentrate of phosphorites Central Kyzylkumov is brought. It is revealed that increase in contents Fe203 in initial EFK promotes the significant increase in density and viscosity the uparennykh of phosphoric acids, and also to body height of quantity of the dropped-out deposit at process of their receiving and storage.


Baymuratova G. O., Iskenderov A. M., Atakuziyev T. A., Tursunova D. A.

Secondary lime carbonate as ground additive as a microexcipient as a part of cement mortars

In work it is shown that durability of cement mortars increases if as a part of solution, except secondary lime carbonate there is a calcareous sand from the Dzhamansaysky field.


Arslanov Sh. S., Levin E. A., Rybalchenko B.C., Rashidov Zh. H.

The prospect of extraction of iodine from reservoir waters of Uzbekistan

Are cited data about an obogashchyonnost of reservoir waters by infrequent elements, one of possible ways of extraction of iodine of the trade underground effluents is considered.


Khayrullin T. F., Aripova M. H.

Glasses on the basis of slags of steel-smelting production of APO "Uzmetkombinat"

The possibility of synthesis decorative стёкл with use of slags of steel-smelting production is investigated. Influence of slag on physics and technology properties received glasses is studied.




Ermukhanbetova R. A., Rakhmanberdiyev G. R., Gazaliyev A.M.

Synthesis of dithiourethans on the basis of glucose and some alkaloids

Results of a research on synthesis of dithiourethans on the basis of glucose and some alkaloids are given. The received products are characterized by an ultimate analysis, physical and chemical and IK - nuclear magnetic resonance by spectral techniques.


Mirxamitova D.X., Abdullayev U.A., Nurmonov S.E., Ziyadullayev O.E., Juraev V.N.

N-vinilpiperidin sintezi va jarayonni texnologik parametrlaiini aniqlash

Homogeneous and catalytic vinylation of a piperidine is investigated by acetylene at atmospheric pressure. Influence of major factors on an exit of N-vinilpiperidina is defined and optimization of factors on the developed models is carried out.


Saitkulov F. E., Urakov B. A., Zakhidov K. A., Shakhidoyatov H. M.

Influence of the nature of the alkylating agent and solvent on the direction of reaction of a methylation 2H (methyl - - phenyl - - p-nitrophenyl) quinazoline-4-

The methylation the ambidentnykh of anions 2H, - methyl - - phenyl - - п-to nitrofenilkhinazolin-4- "weak" (methyl iodide), "rigid" (methyltosylate, dimethyl sulfate) by alkiliruyushcha agents in proton (alcohol), aprotic (dioxane, acetonitrile), aprotic dipolar (dimethyl formamide, a dimethylsulfoxide) solvents is investigated. Influence of their nature on the direction of reaction and on N3/O4 ratio is shown. It is revealed that in proton solvents reaction goes on more "weak" N-3-center. Upon transition to aprotic dipolar solvents the methylation product share the "rigid" 0-4 centers increases, especially at an alkylation methyltosylate.


Ikramov A., Kadyrov H. I., Mukhiddinov B. F., Ruziyev D. U.  Comparative activities of heterogeneous catalysts on the basis of compounds of metals of d-group at acetylene hydration

New catalysts for collateral synthesis of an acetaldehyde and an acetone are developed and investigated by acetylene hydration. Physicomechanical indexes of the received catalysts are studied. It is established that when using these catalysts in the conditions of synthesis of an acetaldehyde on the existing installations a collateral exit of an acetaldehyde and an acetone makes 90%, at the same time conversion of acetylene reaches 98%.




Kadirov H. I., Kadirov B. M., Turabzhonov F. H.

Synthesis the karboksimetilenproizvodnykh of urea (thiourea) and composition on their basis

For receiving new the polidentantnykh of connections condensation of urea and a thiourea with chloracetic acid in an alkaline condition and conditions of an etherification is studied. It is established that the received products with addition of an extraction phosphoric acid are high performance inhibitors of salt sedimentation.


Sharipov M. S.

A research of structural change and properties of Amylum at mercerization and a carboxymethylation

Results of studying of structural change and properties of Amylum at mercerization and a carboxymethylation in comparison with cellulose are given. It is necessary to pay an attention to that fact that contents in Amylum of ordered structures is defined by the nearly contents in it amyloses. It is revealed that at all stages of mercerization at Amylum the hydrated amylose as at cellulose occluded from water and alkaline the merserizatsionnykh of solutions can be formed.


Karimov Z.I., Akhmedzhanov G., Akhmedzhonov D. G., Atnagulova L.

Synthesis of an interpolimerny complex for application in rural and water farms

IPK for creation of the antifiltrational screen used when waterings a cotton is synthesized.


Usmanova G. A., Mirzayev U. M., Komilzhoiov N. A. The analysis of hydrodynamic properties of complexes of an oksadiksil with the polyacrylic and polymethacrylic acids

The complexing of an oksadiksil with the poly(acrylic and polymethacrylic acids, and also influence of various factors on process of a complexing is investigated.


Nurkulov F. N. Chemical resistant composites on the basis of chlorsulfonated polyethylene

On physical and chemical properties the composition of the synthesized chlorsulfonated polyethylene is established. Resistance of hlorsuljfirovanny polyethylene to various chemicals is studied. According to the obtained data it was established that hlorsuljfirovanny polyethylene is resistant to various organic solvents, acids, alkalis, oxidizers, etc.


Hudayberdiyev B. B., Zaynitdinova B. Z., Tursunov T. T., Nazirova R. A.

Ion-exchange polymers the containing aromatic condensed systems

By sulphonation of polymer on the basis of an anthracene and furfurol new is received suljfokationit. Getter and physical and chemical properties, and also structure of sulfocation exchanger with use of chemical and physical and chemical methods of the analysis are studied.


Khalilov H.S., Sayfutdinov R.S., Primkulov M.T.

Fiber boards from waste products of a cotton cellulose and paper

The technology of receiving press material from the fibrous wastage received when cleaning a linter cellulose, cooking and mold piece of a cloth is developed and its main indexes are studied.




Abdullaeva S. Sh., Nurmukhamedov H. S., Abdullaev A. Sh., Bekbayeva A. U., Sagdullayev U. H.

Influence of water-vapor pressure on reduction ratio of the deformed materials

The experimental data on windage and speed of ablation of not crushed peel of cotton seeds and formulas for their calculation are submitted.


Barakayev N. R., Akramov A. A., Radzhabov A. N., Berdiyev A. A.

Elements of the theory of pneumoseparation of the feeding grain separator device

For the purpose of the complete cleaning of a local grade of grain of shallow impurity the mechanism of new type of the combined separator by means of airflows is developed. Theoretical justification of speed of an airflow of purification of local grain of shallow impurity is given.




Gevorgyan A. M., Scriabina of Page Yu., Umarov F A., Nigmatov S. S.

Potentiometric definition of acidity of grain sodium hydroxide

Opportunity is shown and optimum conditions of potentiometric definition of acidity of grains of various cereals are found a reference 0,1M caustic liquor. Influence of various factors on a form of curves and results of potentiometric definition is studied. On the basis of the conducted researches the analytical scheme the express - evaluation tests of grain of various cereals is developed.


Ruzmetov U. U., Umirboyeva A. M., Kalyadin V. G.

Analytical opportunities of a tionald at amperometrichesky definition of silver

Opportunity is shown and conditions of amperometrichesky definition of silver by solution of a tionalid on background electrolytes and buffer mixtures, various on acid-base properties, are optimized. The developed technique is estimated from the point of view of a metrology and correctness and reproducibility, at the same time the relative standard deviation (S) no more than 0,33 are shown.




Xo'jamshukurov N.A., Agzamova Х.К., O'tanazarov А.Р., Nodirxanova S.R.

Mikrobiologik biopreparatlarning g'o'za tuniamiga (Heliothis armigera Hb.) qarshi ta'siri

In article it is cited data on test of the microbiological medicine made on the basis of Bacillus thuringiensis Antibac_Uz in two Antibac 0,5th+TAM and Antibac 0,5th forms in 0,35-0,4% concentration at test against cotton scoops (Heliothis armigera Hb) of younger age high effects are gained. And also influence weight of dolls, a departure of butterflies and on a fertility is shown the considerable.


Abdurakhimov A. A., Kadirov Yu. K., Serkayev K. P.

Methodology of modernization of the technological line of refining a cotton mispella

The scientific and methodological bases of modernization of the technological line of refining a cotton mistsella developed with use strategies and methodologies of systems analysis are presented in article.