Подпись: 2/2005



Ibragimov G. I. Problems and prospects of development of chemical industry of Uzbekistan




Turobzhonov S. M., Mirzakulov H. Ch., Yakubov R. Ya., Erkayev A. U., Iraliyev B. H.

Polyterm of solubility of the NH3-C02-H20 system

The NH3-C02-H20 system is studied by a visual and polythermal method in the range of temperatures from 0 to 85 °C. On a solubility diagram three triple nonvariant nodal points are established. For these points compositions of equilibrium solution and crystallization temperatures corresponding to them are defined.


Sadykov B. B., Sokolov V. D., Ibragimov G. I., Beglov B. M.

Phosphorites Central Kyzylkumov: their characteristic, enrichment and processing

In article the geological, mineralogical and chemical characteristic of phosphorites Tsenralnykh Kyzylkumov is given. Results of the experimental works on their enrichment and processing in different types of mineral fertilizers are considered.


Atakuziyev T. A., Sharapov A. T., Turdyshova Zh. B., Shamadinova N. E.

Complex use of the Karatau phosphoplasters in production of structural materials

In work it is given new technologies of processing of a phosphite on sulfuric acid and on sulfomineral cement, belit and hydraulic additive. Process of activation of belit before receiving bezobzhigovy knitting brands 300 and 400 is presented.




Saydakhmedov I. M.

Regulation of low-temperature properties of diesel fuels by means of ester depressor additives

The possibility of synthesis and production of depressor additives on the basis of local raw material resources for regulation of low-temperature properties of diesel fuels is shown.


Makhsumov A. G., Ubaydullayeva M. U., Makhsumova N. A., Bobayev I. D.

Synthesis of tretaminoefir of acetylene on the basis of metakrilovy acid and their polymerization

Work is devoted to polymerization of a monomeric product of aminohighlighting of propargilovy air of metakrilovy acid and receipt of quarternary salt of this polymer, and also studying of biological and other activity of the received connections.




Bakhadirov A. Sh., Abdurashidov T. R.

Polyethylene for production of pipes of the RE-80 standard on the basis of brands of Shurtansky GCC

In article PE80 conforming to requirements on Shurtansky GCC is reported about a possibility of a poluneniye of polyethylene for production of pipes. Properties of similar brands of polyethylene of global manufacturers are analysed that I allow to reveal the directions of modification of ShGHK polyethylene. By the conducted research it is established that at some changes of parameters of production and addition of particular amount of carbon (soot), it is possible to receive polyethylene on properties PE80 meeting the requirements.


Kudyshkin V. O. Synthesis of reactive oligomers of allilglitsidilovy air

Conditions of synthesis of oligomers of allilglitsidinovy air are investigated. The possibility of creation of new epoxide resins with adjustable properties in the wide range is established.


Magrupov F. A., Alimukhamedov M. G., Magrupov A. F.

Conditions of formation of the sewed furfursilt polymers

In article it is shown that furfursilt oligomers unlike other furan oligomers are capable to pass into the sewed state in the neutral environment and rather low temperatures. The reasons of formation of the sewed polymers are explained under these conditions and their mechanism is offered.


Toshev A. Yu., Catarrhs T.ZH., Ruziyev R. R., Temirova M. I.

Compact technology of pokryvny dyeing of skin the painting polymeric filming agents

The technology of pokryvny dyeing of skin based on use for all coat layers of pokryvny composition of the same structure is offered. The used painting polymeric filming agents have multifunctional properties, with high degree of hiding power, minimum thickness of a film, and also have high adhesion to skin with a simultaneous elastance of coverings in a wide temperature band the long-lived time in extreme conditions.


Nurullayeva of Yu., Zaynutdinov U. N., Rakhmanberdyev G. R.

Technology of receiving lagokhilin and its monoizopropilidenovy derivant

The technology of receiving a lagokhilin and its monopropilidenovy derivant is presented.


Inogamov XIA. Structure and exchange properties of polycomplex bases for the medicinal preparations received by interaction of cellulose glicollic acid with ureaformaldehyde oligomers

By IK methods - a spectrometry and an electronic mikroskopiiizuchena structure, water penetration and water swelling capacity of polycomplex bases and their membranes. Using these ultrafiltrations and swelling capacities, values of pore sizes of membranes are calculated.


Sagdullayev B. T.

Influence of adsorption on process of an ultrafiltration of water-soluble polysaccharides

Influence of adsorption, speed of filtering and the common membranous pollution in the course of filtering of polysaccharides of a plantain big on ceramic membranes m5 and m8 is investigated.


Abdukadirov I. T., Turakhozhayev M. T., Yakubova M. R., Mamatkhanov A. U.

Studying of process of drying of extract from Ajuga Turkestanica plant

The results of researches providing optimum conditions of drying of extract from a plant of Ajuga Turkestanica and its storage are given. The composition of the dried-up extract is developed and drying parameters are picked up.


Hudoybergenov U., Hodiyev Yu., Abdiyev O. N., Ismoilov N. P.

Development of an activation technique of definition of platinoids

The short review of articles published in the scientific magazines which are falling into to a question of abundance of platinoids in a subsoil of the Western Uzbekistan, material about the developed technique of studying of platinum metals near Kizilkum is provided in work.




Dzhurayev H. F. Thermoradiation installation for drying of fruit and vegetable cultures

The convective drying apparatus intended for the low-temperature infrared drying of agricultural production is developed.


Dodayev Қ. O., Eshmatov F. H., Mahsumova D. Қ.

Mava VA сабзавот sharbatlar, саноат asosida ишлаб чиқариш, yang range, муаммолар

Information on development of branch on production of fruit and vegetable juice, on technology and instrument equipment of the enterprises is provided. The modern technology of receiving granatny juice, its concentrate, achievement and a problem of this technology is described.