Подпись: 3/2005



Abduvaliyev A. A., Alimov M. N. Development and perfecting of systems of standardization, a metrology and certification in the Republic Uzbekistanna the period till 2010


Hamidov N. I. About the current state and the prospects of development of branches of the food industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan




Russkih S. K. Gasification in place of coal in Uzbekistan: prospects of development


Mirzakulov H. Ch. Studying of physical and chemical and commodity properties kitrokaltsiyfosfatnykh and nitrokaltsiysulfofosfatnykh of fertilizers

Physical and chemical and commodity properties (hygroscopicity, a moisture capacity, слеживаемостъ, durability) the nitrokaltsiyfosfatnykh and the nitrokaltsiysulfofosfatnykh of the fertilizers received by decomposition of nonenriched phosphatic raw materials Central Kyzylkumov at inexact norm of hydrogen nitrate depending on norm of hydrogen nitrate and a ratio of N:P205 are studied.


Gubaidulina G. M., Fishbeyn O. Yu., Berzhanov D. S., Zhakitova G. U. Features of interaction of the besieged aluminum phosphates with water-soluble silicates at their thermal dehydration

Solubility and bulk volume of a time of products of thermoprocessing of hydrated alyumosilikofosfat are investigated. The mechanism of interaction of components of system is offered.


Shokirov O. Sh., Aripova M. H., Mkrtchyan R. V., Ismatov A.A.

Kordiyeritovy sitalla on the basis of natural raw materials of Uzbekistan

 Results of researches on receiving the kordiyeritovykh of sital on the basis of Kaolinums, batts and talkomagnezitovy breed are presented.


Uteniyazova G. K., Iskenderov A. M., Atakuziyev T. A.

Increase in sulfate resistance of concrete use of shredded carbonaceous breeds

In work it is shown that replacement of shallow filler of sand by calcareous sand increases coefficient of a sulfastoykost of a routine portlandtsement of a low sulfastoykost.


Shakamalov A.Sh., Chasanov M. H.

Development of new manufacturing techniques of a printing form for the small printing industry

The manufacturing techniques of a printing form include manufacture of the original of the text or image in a mirror image on paper or a film, exposure of the original on a printing form. The original the clear party is imposed on the white paper beforehand fixed on a metal substrate then on a mirror image of the original impose the printing form made of aluminum foil.




Turobzhonov S. M., Ergashev A. A.

New oxygen and nitrogen compound compositions for increase in octane value of gasolines

Properties new nitrogen - and oxygen-containing oktanopovyshayushchy composition are developed and investigated.


Hatamova M. S., Maksumov AT., Bobayev I. D., Ubaydullayeva M. U.

Synthesis symmetrically derivants dnalkit bis carbamates

When carrying out reaction of hexamethylene diisocyanate with primary saturated alcohols, stages of the mechanism of formation of new derivants 0,01 - the replaced bis carbamates are theoretically proved. The structural structure of new derivants Oh, O1-replaced an encore - carbamates is confirmed with the modern physical methods.


Maksumova N. A., Bobayev I. D., Dzhurayev A. D., Makhsumov A. G.

Synthesis of derivants a hexamethylene an encore [N, N-(replaced)] of urea and their property

On the basis of reaction between secondary amino - diphenylamine, dibenzylamine, Morfolepum, N - [-oxyaethylium) morpholine] with hexamethylene diisocyanates new derivativ bis urea - geksametilen-bis-[N, Nl-(replaced) urea] and geksametilen-6uc-are synthesized [N, Nl-(replaced) of a carbamate]. N, N1-nitrozozameshchennye derivativ geksametilen-bis-[NtN} - (replaced) urea] and geksametilen-bis-[N, N1-(replaced) of a carbamate], Chemical constitution of new bis urea and carbamates is confirmed with the modern physical methods.


Bobokulov H. M., Levkovich M. G., Abdullaev N. D.

The quantitative analysis of the medicine "Starane" by a nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy method

Some aspects of practical application of a method of a spectroscopy of nuclear magnetic resonance for establishment of concentration of active ingredients in the complex multicomponent medicines of agricultural purpose immediately in delivered by firms in a ready preparative form are considered. It is established that concentration of active ingredients in the medicine "Starane" makes 20,98±1,17%. The limit inferior of applicability of a method makes 0,06%.


Ikramov S.A. Synthesis of ethylene from a methane on the subcarbide catalyst

Synthesis of ethylene from a methane in the presence of the subcarbide catalyst at a temperature of 700-7500C is for the first time carried out. Dependence of extent of transformation of a methane into ethylene depending on process temperature is studied. The product yield under optimum conditions makes 24,5%.


Hakimov P.M., Barkhanadzhyan A. L.

Properties of the brake fluid received on the basis of a wastage of the food industry

In work influence of a running time and gigroskopitschnost on boiling point of new brake fluid is investigated.




Rashidova S. Sh., Nikonovich G. V., Voropayeva N. L., Burkhanova N. D., Ruban I. N. Nanopolymeric mixes on the basis of polysaccharides and their derivants received from a wastage of local productions

Results of the researches conducted in IHFP of AN of RUZ and the bound to creation of ecological safe biodegradable biologically fissile water-soluble nanopolymeric systems for agriculture, and also for medicine, a pharmaceutics and biotechnology are presented.


Samigov N. A., Arslanov I. K., Dzhalilov A. T., Ruziyev P.P. Structurization of carbamide composition with a quartz excipient and additive of a gelpolimer

In article process of structurization and microporosity of carbamide composition with a quartz excipient, the modified gelpolimerny additive are considered. Change of a microstructure of carbamide composition at introduction of gelpolimerny additive is established, at the same time the fine-pored structure with high physicomechanical properties is created.


Toshev A. Yu., Kadirov T. Zh., Ruziyev P.P. Morphological features and porosity of the skin which is freely created by the painting polymeric filming agents

Influence of composition of the painting polymeric filming agents on morphological features and porosity of structure of a track sbvobodno created by the new painting polymeric filming agents is investigated.


Fatoyev I. I., Lutfullayev S. Sh., Mirvaliyev 3.3., Dzhalilov A. T.

Structure and properties of plasticized polyvinylchloride

The structure and physicomechanical properties of the vitreous amorphous polymer modified by low-molecular fluid environments are investigated.




Lie R. Ch. Methodical questions of prediction of technological indexes of system of separation of gas on the gas condensate field the field

The offered forecasting technique of technological parameters of the HTC system is based on use of the advanced determined mathematical model of process of NTS and considers a possibility of rational management of technological parameters on separation steps.


Sagdullayev B. T. Purification of protein of processing waste of corn with a flowing micro ultrafiltration

Milking divisions of protein from waste products of corn the method of a flowing membranous filtration is used. for membranes with various values of pore size efficiency and a mass transfer are studied. change of behavior of efficiency of a membrane of M45 submitted to requirements of the classical filter theory, at the same time increase in size of pressure more than 0,9 bars did not lead to increase in efficiency of a membrane. as an optimum membrane for a simultaneous diafiltration and concentrating of solution the ultrafiltrational membrane of M8 is chosen. at value of coefficient of concentrating the 4th extent of keeping of protein on a membrane of M8 made 98,6%.




Kurbonov M. T., Vasiyev M. G., Atamuratova T. N.

Use of a complex index of quality for assessment of baking properties of flour

Results of use of a complex index of quality for assessment of baking properties of flour from local grades of grain are presented.