Fayzullayev N.I., Turobjonov S.M.

Catalytic synthesis of aromatic hydrocarbons from natural fnd oil casing-head gases

Catalytic conversion process of natural gas and artificial mixture of gases with the composition: 40%CH4; 10%C2H6; 25%C3H8; 20,3%C4H10; 4,7%C5H12 into aromatic hydrocarbons on bentonite, modified by nanoparticles of Zr, Zn and Mo has been studied. It was revealed that formation selectivity of aromatic hydrocarbons on them depending on the composition of initial gaseous raw materials makes 77,0-86,1% in reaction temperature 550-7500C and volume rate 500-1000 hour-1, and yield of aromatic hydrocarbons 41.6%.


Baltabaev U.A., Juraev A.D., Tulyaganov S.R., Rahmatillaev Sh.

Synthesis of 3-ariloksazolidinov 3-1,3-ariltetragidrooksazinov and their antiviral activity

The synthesis of N-b-(g)-oxyalkyl-3,4-dichloranilin from 3,4-dichloranilin and ethylenchlorhydrin or alkyl alcohol is realized. While influencing on N-b-(g)-oxyalkyl-3,4-dichloranilin by some aldehydes corresponding 3-aryloxazolydine and 3- aryltetrahydraoxazynes-1,3 are obtained. Studied the antiviral activity of the received compounds.


Nuralieyva G.A., Kadirova Sh.A., Parpiyev N.A.

Study structure of metal complex compounds of glycine and diphenilcarbazide by physical-chemical methods

Mixing - ligand complexes were obtained on the base of glycinates of some metals and diphenylcarbazid. Composition, structure and some physical-chemical properties of the obtained complex compounds were investigated.


Khayitov R.R., Narmetova G.R.

Research of physical and chemical properties used alkanolamines at amino clearings of natural gases

With use of various physical and chemical methods the structure of the initial, fulfilled and recycled samples alkanolamines amino clearings of natural gases is investigated.


Turakulov J.U., Azizov .., Djumanazarova Z.K., Ibodullaeva ..

Thermal research of mixed acitamide coordinational compounds of calcium acetate

The results of thermal research of mixed acetamide coordination compounds of calcium acetate with carbamide, thiocarbamide, nitrocarbamide and nicotinamide are offered. Compositions, temperature range of thermal effects, quantitative mass change of steps and nature of the final product of thermolyses are identified.




Juraev A.B., Jumanov L.E., Magrupov F.A., Adilov P.I., Alimukhamedov M.G.

Synthesis and investigation of complex ester plasticizers on the basis of polyethelene terephthalate

Synthesis conditions of complex etheric plasticizers on the basis of secondary polyethylene terephthalate have been investigated. The influence of the catalyst on a reaction course of interesterification has been studied. It has been shown the use of synthesised complex etheric plasticizers as plasticizer of rubber mixes. Physicomechanical properties of the received rubbers on the basis of synthesised complex etheric plasticizers have been studied.


Fozilov S.F., Mavlonov Sh.B., Hamidov B.N.

Reception of the imparted polymers on the basis of low-molecular polyethylene and heterocyclic derivative metakril acids and their application improvement low temperatural properties diesel fuel

Is investigated structurally - mechanical properties zaguctok on a basis by polymeric compositions polyvinyl of spirit. The degree of fixing depends as on quantity(amount) of a printed paint, passing to a fabric, and from depth penetration in a fabric. Than the more printed paint passes to a fabric and the more deeply she(it) will penetrate in depth of a fabric, the above expected meaning(importance) of a degree of fixing


Ismailov A.I., Muxamedgaliev B.A., Ismailov R.I. Technology of reception and studying of properties antipirens on the basis of epichlorgidrin about nitrogen - phosphorus - and siliceous connections

Process of spontaneous polymerisation haloid the containing epichlorgidrin with nitrogen the containing (2,4,6-triamino-1,3,5-triazin) is investigated; phosphorus the containing (trifenilfosfin and trifenilfosfat); silicon - and furan the containing (diethylaminodifurilsilan) connections also investigate some properties synthesised polymeric and oligomers effective antipirens containing in the structure both quaternary, and fosphons is functional-active groups. Application of the polymeric modifier will give the chance regulations of process of decomposition and increase of fire safety of industrial polymeric and cellulose materials.


Turakhujaev S.A., Arslanov Sh.S., Rybalchenko V.S.

Rationalization of the use of the basic foundations of waste oils

The article presents proposing results of research the rational usage of the basic elements from waste oils. Researches was operated on the uneffervesce quality, reaction of the disruffle additives to unoxidization properties, the mooxidization poise and partake properties of unoxidization additives of oil elements, extracted for waste oil.




Rakhmatkariev G.U., Abdurakhmonov I.B., Rakhmatkarieva F.G.

The differential entropies and thermokinetics of benzene asorption in LiY

The differential entropies and thermokinetics of benzene adsorption in the LiY zeolite have been studied. The results of the study confirm and complete the mechanism of benzene adsorption in LiY zeolite proposed earlier on the basis of differential heats of adsorption.


Aripjanov O.Yu., Turobjonov S.M., Nurullaev Sh.P.

The solubility of H2S, CO2 in the composite absorbent and impact activators regeneratsonnye properties

In the present study, the solubility of H2S and CO2 in the absorbent composite, consisting of diethanolamine, methyldiethanolamine and the nitrogen-containing water-soluble polymer. Shows a high efficiency natural gas after-treatment of acidic impurities, as well as defined regeneration and corrosion properties of the composite absorbent during desorption.


Ikramov A, Kadirov H.E., Norbutaev F.B., Halikova .., Ikramova Sh..

Research of adsorption of acetylene on the developed catalysts on a basis bentonite and phosphoplaster

Investigated absorbtion acetylene on heterogeniuous catalysts based on betonite and phosphogypsum. Determined that the adsorption ability of the catalyst is signify cantly affected temperature. tgα Built on the slope of the calculated value of direct overall activation energy of chemisorptions on acetylene -I, -2, -3, -4 and -8 catalysts




Hasanov A.H., Davranov K. Influence of enzymatic treatment of crushed cotton seed on oil extraction process

Enzymatic hydrolysis of protein from cotton seed by acidic (Aspergillus niger) and neutral (Bacillus amyloliquefaciens) proteases was studied. It was shown, that hydrolysis of isolated proteins by proteolitic enzymes was higher as summary proteins of cotton seeds grinding . It was found that, hydrothermal treatment of cotton seed protein increased the rate of protein hydrolysis. Enzymatic treatment of cotton seed grinding improvesof process in aqueous extraction of oil.


Rahmonov K.S., Muratov E., Atamuratova T.I. Biotechnological aspects of microbiological purity of bread

Developed technology of preparation of wheat bread that is resistant to microbial contamination.

The influence of prescription components on bread quality and microbiological spoilage.


Hasanova R.Z., Irnazarov I.

Assessment of quality of wheat grain for bread biochemical and biotechnological processes

With an increase in the proportion of grain wheat cultivar Selyanka is grown in a gray-meadow soils Kashkadarya region is accompanied with an increase in germination.

At the high share of grain along with a strong germination and reduces the duration of germination.


Botirova D.G. Bugdoy doniga dastlabki ishlov berish jarayonida begona aralashmalardan tozalash texnologiyasi

In connection with a solid-drill seeding in the fields of soft winter wheat to develop freely and weeds infest grain requires timely identification of a mixture of these weeds and other mixtures, as well as the cleaning of grain is one of the important events in the technology of grain.