Ergashev D.A., Guchchiev U.U., Tuxtaev S.

Izoterma of the solubility in system Ca(ClO3)2-CO(NH2)2-H2O in 50C

The solubility and character of solid phase in triple system of Ca(ClO3)2-4CO(NH2)2-2H2O at 50 have been studied by isothermical in this article. The branches of initial components crystallization and novel compound with composition Ca(ClO3)2-4CO(NH2)2-2H2O have been determined on the diagram of the system solubility.

Moreover the compounds have been identified by chemical and physico-chemical methods.


Mirzakulov U.I., Shamayev B.E., Adinayev Kh.A., Mirzakulov Kh.Ch.

Research of process of chemical activation of phosphorites Central Kyzylkum with ammonium sulfate

On the basis of studying and analyze of system 3(4)2-(NH4)2SO4-H2O at temperatures 25, 50 and 75, the solubility increase of tricalcium phosphate with rise temperature is revealed, researches on activation of various kinds of phosphatic raw materials by ammonium sulphate and with its solutions are carried out. Indications increase possibility assimilable forms of 25 by activation of phosphorites Central Kyzylkum with ammonium sulphate.


Djandullaeva M.S., Atakuziev T.A.

Intensification methods of the hardening process and improving the quality of limestone on the barchan sands

The results of the research in the possibilities of improving the quality of sand lime bricks on the basis of the barchan sands due to the introduction of the raw material mixture solid departing soda production (SDSP) and marble sands (enlarger) size of 0.6-5 mm. the Effectiveness of such comprehensive supplements has been established. Introduction of marble sands and SDSP into raw material mixture reduces lime consumption and increase compressive strength and adhesion to the mounting solution M-100 (0.31-0.34) depending on the type of barchan sands and SDSP. This brick with mounting solution has a grip above SNiP almost 2 times Re0.18.


Matkarimov Z.T., Aripova M.Kh. Glaze coating based on industrial waste

The glaze for floor tiles using waste production of medical ampoules was developed. Testing of glaze coating in industrial conditions carried out.




Turakulov J.U., Azizov .., Azizov O.T., Ibodullaeva M.I.

Coordinational compounds of magnesium acetate with carbamide and tiocarbamide

The results of research of new synthesized coordination compounds of magnesium acetate with carbamide and thiocarbamide are offered. Compositions, individuality, method of coordination ability of acetate fragments, molecule of carbamide and thiocarbamide are identified. Six coordination node of central ion are offered.


Shakirzyanova G.S., Babaev B.N., Izotova L. Yu., Togaev, U.B., Abdukakharov V.S.

A modification of the method of obtaining and thermographic analysis of ionic liquids based on imidazole

Some ionic liquids - BuMIBr, BuMICl, AmMICl - the derivates of 1-Methylimidazole, have been synthesed. The structure, purity and individual characteristics thermal stability of BuMIBr have been analysed by using of IK-, PMR and Gravimetric method.




Vokhidova N.R., Kareva N.D., Rashidova S.Sh.

About the interaction of chitosan Bombyx mori with ions Co2+ and Cu2+ in water solution

The complex formation of chitosan Bombyx mori with Co2+ and Cu2+ is research, features of complex formation are investigate, optimum parameters of synthesis are reveale. The constants of stability of polymer metal complex chitosan (CS) at various values R (Me2+/CS) calculate to stability of the CS metal complexes in solutions.


Juraev A.B., Alimukhamedov M.G., Magrupov F.A., Aykhodjaev B.B.

The influence of the alcoholysis condition of secondary polyethylene terephthalate on the structure and properties of hydroxyl-containing polyeterpolyols

It has been determined the dependence of physical-chemical properties of yielded hydroxyl-containing polyesterpolyols on the amount of glycols unreacted in the alcoholysis product and yielded as a result of alcoholysis reaction. It has been shown the influence of the dependence of the ratio of secondary polyethylene terephthalate and diethyleneglycol and the alcoholysis time on the structure and properties of yielded hydroxyl-containing polyeterpolyols.


Ismailov .I., Ismailov R.I., Yakubov U.., Usmanov .. Payvand sopolimerlanish usulida selyulozani

vinil monomerlarning elementsaqlagan birikmalar ishtorikida modifisirlash

The article describes methods of modifying cellulose as a grafting vinyl monomers (acrylic acid, butyl methacrylate), as well as 2,4 and 2,5-toluene diisocyanate, and acrylic emulsion in the presence of potassium persulfate and boric acid as well as with the oligomeric flame retardants based on epichlorohydrin dietilaminodifurilsilanom. IR-spectroscopy to determine the degree of the cellulose graft modifiers. Found that in the process of modification of cotton fabric based on cellulose becomes difficult flammability by adjusting the composition of cellulose-retardant.


Beknazarov H.S., Djalilov A.T.

Synergy mixes of the rmostabilizers antioxidants for SKI-3 and SKMS-30 ARKM-15 rubber

Synergy properties of mixes the oligomernykh of GAG, GAA, GATM, GEHG, PEPAT, EAT inhibitors in SKI-3 and SKMS-30 ARKM-15 rubbers are investigated. It is revealed that at total concentration of the antioxidants, equal 0,5 mol/kg, a distinct maximum on a curve structure - the induction period corresponds, for GEHG-PEPAT of 320 min. and respectively for GEHG-EAT 232, and for compositions of GAG-EAT of 240 min.


Rakhimova L.S., Turabdjanov S.M. Study polycondensation reaction of diphenyl oxide and furfural to form a polymeric matrix for the cation exchange producing polymers

Found the optimum conditions and calculated activation energy of condensation reaction. The structure of the obtained polymer is determined by using IR spectroscopic studies.


Allamuradov M.U., Mukhamedgaliev B.A.

New polimer reagents for adgesing ground anr resersher som proprtie

In the study of soil brought from the bottom of dried Aral sea found that the filtration rate in the presence of GRP developed in all of these concentrations is increasing, but not proportionally to the increase of its dosage, because in the process of interaction of soil particles with the polymer obtained aggregates of different sizes. Established that the developed reagent not only reduces erosion, but also significantly increases the yield of farmlands.




Fayzullayev N.I., Turabjonov S.M. Modeling and optimizing a reactor for oxycondensation process of methane

In the result of investigations, it established that an optimal to carry out oxycondensation reaction is the process that is brought to autothrmic regime on thin layer catalyst with one-stage adiabatic apparatus. Dependence of oxycondensation reaction rate studied on basic parameters: temperature, size of the catalyst particles and speed of gas flow. Construction characteristics of the reactor were established.


Aripdjanov O.Yu. Algorithm of the simplified calculation absorption process

In this paper we study the mathematical models of natural gas absorption purification from impurities composite absorbent. An algorithm is proposed flowsheet cleaning process gases and increase productivity process scheme.




Khalilov R.M., Madrakhimov Sh.N., Mamatxanov A.U. Technology for production of the substance and tablets of the Flanorin preparation, which based on the flavonoids of the plant Vexibia alopecuroides

The process of purification of the alcoholic extract of Pseudosophora alopecuroides was studied. Technologies of obtained of substances and tablets of choleretic, and hepatoprotective Flanorin drug were developed. The composition of Flanorin tablets was also designed.


Khasanov A.Kh., Davranov K.D.

Influence of amilolitichesky and proteolytic enzymes on process of refining cotton oil

Effect of amylases and proteinases on carbohydrates and proteins of black cotton oil is studied. Processing of crude cotton oil neutral proteinase in combination with α- and β-amylase positively influences enzymatic processes and increases degree of hydrolysis of proteins and carbohydrates. It is determined that processed by enzymes crude cotton oil easily is exposed to refining, and increased the yield of oil and improves physical and chemical quality of final product.




hujamshukurov N.A., Mirzaeva D.A.

The influence of fungi trichoderma on the growth processes various of kinds of amaranthus

In laboratory and field conditions were comparatively studied indicators of sprouting moist seeds of species: Amaranthus caudatus L., Amaranthus edulis L., Amaranthus hypochondriacus L. species Amaranthus L. In particular, it was studied the effect of the fungus Trichoderma on the features of these species Amaranth germination. According to the results, it is determined that the wet sowing with fungus Trichoderma was very effective in the influence on the species A.hypochondriacus L., A.caudatus L. and A.edulis L. the wet sowing of Trichoderma had little impact.