Kabulova L.B., Khusnidinov A.M., Atakuziev T.A.

The effect of heat treatment on the quality of tuffit rocks as an active mineral additive

It was established that tuffit Kermeninsk rock deposits in a natural form of little use as an additive in Portland because of the high water demand of the latter. The influence of tuffite calcined at 600C on the quality portdandtsement: increases its activity against free lime, reduced water demand. At 20-30% Portlandcement additives to baked tuffit rock strength increases sulphate cement and reduces shrinkage deformation. On the basis of the fired when 600C tuffite possible to obtain rapid-sulphate pozzolanic Portlandcement with a strength of 28-day-old equal strength, without addings.


Allamuratova A.J., Erkaev A.U., Reymov A.M. X-ray investigation of phase composition of phosphorous fertilizers of nitric acid processing of Central Kizilkum phosphorite

The phase composition of products of nitrate salts and nitric acid processing of phosphate raw Central Kyzylkum by X-ray method of physic-chemical analyses was studied. It was determined that nitrogenphosphate fertilizers consist of mainly dicalciume phosphate, undecomposed flour- and hydroxyl apatite, ammonium and calcium nitrate, and phosphorous containing fertilizers consist of various form of calcium phosphate, undecomposed flour- and hydroxyl apatite, as well as light amount of ammonium and calcium nitrate.


Mkrtchyan R.V., Aripova M.H., Ruzibayev B.R. Structure formation of ceramics based on pyrophyllite

The main phases of the ceramics obtained on the basis of pyrophyllite and kaolinite identified mullite and cristobalite. The size of the crystals does not exceed 200 nm.




Kokhkharov A.M., Bakhramov S.A., Zakhido E.A., Makhmanov U.K.

Synthesis of mechanisms of C60 fullerene sols in toluene

Structural and dimensional features of organic sols C60 in toluene solution prepared in two different ways - in equilibrium and strongly nonequilibrium, were studied by methods of transmission electron microscope and atomic-force microscope high-resolution. It was established that in the solution, prepared by the strongly nonequilibrium method (stirring of solution of C60 by a mechanical rotator), the presence of synthesized quasispherical large aggregates (organic sols fullerene to ~400 nm in diameter) consist of nanoporous structure with fractal dimension D2.10.1 were observed. In the case of solutions C60, which were prepared by the equilibrium method (without the use of external mechanical influences on solution), the formation of densely packed monomolecular fullerene sols with a diameter of not more than 50 nm were found.


Mirxamitova D.X., Nurmonov S.E., Xudayberganova S.Z., Jurayev V.N., Teshaboyev B.E.

N-vinylmorpholines synthesis and kinetics of the process

The homogenno-catalytical vinylation of morpholine by acetylene at the atmospheric pressure was systematically was investigated. Influence of the base factors on the yield of N-vinylmorpholine were determined. Studied kinetics vinylation process


Baltabaev U.A., Djuraev A.D., Muhamedov I.M., Nosirova K.H.

Study of the susceptibility of microorganisms to derivatives of urea , thiourea the in vitro

Interation of p-chlor-, p-nitrobenzoilizothiosianates with an urea, thiourea and substituted ureas is got accoedinglu derivative ureas, thioureas, thiobiurtes, bis( aroil-thiocarbamoil)-(thio) ureas. The got connections are e[posed to the reaction of nitrozotion, in consequence sunthezired N,N1- dinitrozo-producibie matter. Studied antibacterial activiry N,N1- dinitrozo-producibie connection.


Mengliev Sh.Sh., Narmetova G.R.

Improvement of quality of low-octane gasoline with an additive of oksigenat and increase in its resource

Higher-octaned oxygenate fuel composition added a number of fusel oil residue in alcohol industries wich containing benzene-ethanol mixture in order to improve ecological and operational properties has been developed.




Mirzaev U.. Kinetics of copolymerization N-methylol aclarymide with N-vinnylactams

The results of the study of the kinetics of radical copolymerization of N-methylolacrylamide with the N-venillaktamami. The kinetic parameters of the copolymerization reaction. The influence of temperature, concentration of monomers and initiator to the polymerization process.


Pulatov Kh.L., Turabjanov S.M. Synthesis new polycondensation type sulfonic acid cation-exchange resins

By sulfonation of styrene-furfural polymer obtained new monofunctional sulfonic acid cationexchange resin. Studied main physical-chemical properties of obtained sulfonic acid cation-exchange resin.


Yarkulov A.Y., Umarov B.S., Mavlyanov S.A., Yunusov M.Y., Akbarov K.I.

Thermodynamical properties of esters of cellulose in different solvents

On the base of isotherms of sorption values of parameter of interaction polymer-solvent Flory-Haggins, middle free energy of mixing and energy of Gibbs by water and benzol have been calculated. By theory of polymolecular adsorption the water surface and parameters of capillyar-porous structure of investigated esters of cellulose by benzol were determined.


Gaibnazarov S.B., Aliyev B.A. new stabilizer and decrease filtering bore solution on base industry departure

Considered some possibility of the syntheses and practical application new stabilizer and decrease filtering bore solution on base departure cellulose-paper and wood industry. Shown that new reagents greatly exceed the factors other chemical reagent most broadly applicable in recently at construction of the boreholes.


Fayzullayev N.I., Turabdjanov S.M.

Scientific-practical basis of catalyst regeneration for the reaction of catalytic aromatization of methane

In the paper scientific-practical basis of the catalyst regeneration in catalytic aromatization of methane was presented. Acidity of the catalyst was investigated on analyzer USGA-101, physical-chemical characteristics by BET and BJH methods, texture characteristics on ASAP 2010 M instrument. Mathematic model of regeneration of the coked catalyst particles has been created. The samples composition was established by the method of X-ray phase analysis.


Barkhanadjyan A.L., Vafayev O.Sh., Khakimov R.M., Karpushkin S.I., Abdullin S. R.

Research of efficiency of new depressor additive on low temperature properties of diesel fuels

Influence of environment and concentration of the depressor additions on the temperature of the hardening of diesel fuel have been studied in this work. Optimal concentration of the depressor addition when the freezing temperature reaches 25-27 degrees below zero has been defined.


Kadirov H.E., Poyon Sh.T. Deposition inhibitor production technology of mineral salts IOMS-extra-2-1

The technology for producing paper Input a word zincate oksietilidendifosfon acid and their compositions with the addition of monoethanolamine (or a vacuum distillation bottoms monoethanolamine) to obtain deposits of mineral salts inhibitor IOMC-ekstra-2-1. Obtaining a pilot batch of the product was tested under real conditions in steam boilers in Tashkent and found that their effectiveness of ingibition is not less than 90 %.




Rakhmatkariev G.U., Rakhmatkarieva F.G.

Carbon oxysulfide adsorption by synthetic zeolite CaA in wide range of equilibrium pressures and temperatures

The isotherms of C3S adsorption in CaA zeolite at 0, 25, 60 and 100 oC have been measured. Isosteric heats and entropies of C3S adsorption in CaA were calculated. The mechanism of C3S adsorption in CaA zeolite was established. The isotherms of adsorption were quantitatively reproduced by one-, two-, three-term VMOT equations from zero filling to saturation.


Soddikov F.B., Usmanov I.I, Nabiev A.A., Mirzakulov Kh.Ch, Melikulova G.E

Investigation of process obtaining saturated solutions from low-grade sylvinite of Tyubegatan

The results investigation of chemical and fraction contents of low-grade sylvinites of Tyubegatan deposit, obtaining saturated water solutions, determined optimal technological parameters of process dissolution, clarification and filtration of suspensions, contains of liquid phase are given.


Jumaeva D.J., Eshmetov I.D., Guro V.P., Mutalov Sh.A., Shamsiev Sh.D.

Industrial wastewater treatment in the oil and gas industry by import-substituting carbon sorbents

On the basis of local Baysun hard coal with an addition of carbonates of alkaline earth metals the compositional adsorbents for purification of industrial waste water of JSC Gazlineftegazdobycha from inorganic and organic impurities are obtained. The first type of them is produced by means of additive of alkali earth metals, and the second one - by means of coal thermal treatment at 550oC, with hydrophobic properties (S = 150 m2/g).




Inoyatova Kh.B. Complex research of chemical staff of cotton seed after treatment with fungus M himalis and yeast Rhodotorula pilmanae

The studied quantitative composition of proteins, amino acids, fat and fat acids in proteinvitamin provender, got by way biological conversion of cotton schroth with mold fungus himalis, shtamm F-312 and carotin synthesizing yeast Rhodotorula pilmanae, shtamm -33.