Подпись: 2/2006



Dadakhodzhayev AT. Results of introduction of scientific developments on JSC Elektrkimyosanoat




Usanboyev N., Namozov SH.S., Beglov B. M.

Grafostaticheskoye and IK - a spectroscopical research of oxidates of angresnsky brown coal hydrogen nitrate

In work the grafostatichesky analysis of process of oxidation of the Angren brown coal is made by hydrogen nitrate. IK - spectroscopical researches of oxidates are carried out.


Mirzakulov H. Ch.

Production of slow-acting phosphorus-containing fertilizers on the basis of phosphorites Central Kyzylkumov

The production technology of slow-acting fosfornoazotnokaltsiysoder-zhashchy fertilizer — FAK from various phosphatic raw materials Central Kyzylkumov is developed at inexact norm of an extraction phosphoric acid. Optimum parameters of the technological mode are determined, norms and requirements to structure and quality of the FAK fertilizer are established


Rakhimov R. And, Atakuziyev T. A.

Influence of soluble inorganic chloride salts on processes of concreting and property of a silicate brick

Experience of use of chloride salts - NaCI is shown, to CaCL2, by FeCI3, AlCl3 as an intensifier of concreting of a silicate brick, positive influence of chloride salts, entered into a raw stock Is established.

Introduction them in number of 0,1 % gives an increase of durability from 18 to 40 %.


Tokhtakhunova G. A.

Selection of structures low-brick belite knitting and their activization in early terms of concreting

Structures of belite knitting are chosen. It is proved that on their basis, together with a portlandtsement, receiving belite cements with activity of 25-35 MPas is possible. Activity them in early terms of concreting can be increased by means of the concreting activator — production withdrawal caprolactam.


Asamov D. D., Mirzakulov H. Ch.

Nonconventional technology of high-carbonized phosphorites Central Kyzylkumov

Results of researches on processing of ordinary fosforitovy ore Central Kyzylkumov with receiving phosphoritic fertilizer with use of the auger reactor mixer are presented in article.




Turabdzhanov S. M., Salikhova OA., Ismailova L And., Vapayev S. F.

Choice and research of efficient reagents of day of an intensification of process of oil recovery of productive layer

Various reagents intensifying oil recovery of productive layer are considered. A number of water-soluble surface-active substances which can be used at operation of the exhausted oil wells are offered.


Saydakhmedov I. M. Ethanol as additive to solar oil

On the basis of studying of the main physical and chemical properties the possibility of use of ethanol as additive to solar oil is investigated. It is shown that at rather low concentration it is possible to receive the etanolsoderzhashchy solar oil meeting the requirements of operating normative documents of commodity fuel.


Kadirov H. I., Kim F. O., Mamatkulov B. A. Synthesis and research of properties of new complexons

Properties of new complexes on the basis of a carbamide and Thiocarbamidum are synthesized and investigated.


Balgabayev of U A, Makhsumov AG., Abdullaev Sh. U.

Sinteza on the basis of aromatic izot of shchanat and property of the received connections

New derivativ urea, tiomurea, encore are synthesized — (aroil-tiokarbamoit) - (tio) urea, a thiobiuret, a selenotiobiuret interaction p-nitro, m - nitro, p-hlorbenzo-an ilizotiotsiatta with urea, a thiourea, selenurea and their connections. The structure of the synthesized connections is also proved by receiving their N-nitrozoproizvodnykh. Among the synthesized connections substances bactericidal, herbicidal and biostimulyatorny are found properties.




Sarymsakov A. A., Saypiyev T., Rashidova S. Sh. Development of technology of receiving cellulose glicollic acid of various extent of replacement on the basis of a cotton cellulose

The possibility of receiving water-soluble KMTs from a cotton cellulose by means of its preliminary activation is shown by chemical and physical methods. The possibility of increase in reactionary activity of cellulose by means of a partial carboxymethylation is for the first time shown. The complex of physical and chemical, structural, technological issleovaniye is carried out and the production technology of KMTs of different function from a cotton cellulose is developed.


Mirvaliyev Z.Z. Rust resistance of coverings on the basis of gossipolovy pitch with polyisocyanate

Physical and chemical properties of coverings of a pas to a basis of composition of gossipolovy pitch with polyisocyanate are investigated. Results of the analysis of protective properties of coverings on the basis of gossipolovy pitch showed that relatively the best properties the thermobaked composition of gossipolovy pitch with polyisocyanate has.


Beknazarov H. S., Dzhalilov A.T., Sultanov A.S., Holov H.

Studying of thermal-oxidative degradation of polyethylene of the gossypol stabilized by derivants

Are studied thermal and thermal-oxidative degradation of the stabilized PE derivativ gossypol. Comparative graphic results with the known Irganox-1010 antioxidant are given.


Berdiyev U. F., Abdumavlyanova M. K. Issledovaniye of a polyethylene chlorination

Different ways of modification of polyethylene by a chlorination are considered. Products with different properties and structure are received and their physical and chemical properties are studied.




Sagdullayev B. T. Flowing microstraining of water extract of fruits of Rosa canina L

Influence of technological parameters of process of microfiltrational removal of pectic substances of water extract of hips is studied.


Pulatov H. L., Tursunov T. T., Nazirova R. A., Mutalov Sh. A. Issledovaniye of new monofunctional sulfocation exchangers and their use in water demineralizing processes

Getter properties of a suljfokationit to ions of sodium, calcium, a magnesium, copper and nickel, etc., the speed of course of ion exchange on the received KU-FS cation exchanger by absorption of ions of calcium from 0:1N SaS12 solutions in static conditions are investigated. Positive takes of use of a suljfokationit in processes of softening of hard waters are received.




Hudaybergenov U., Ismoilov N. P., Hodiyev Yu., Abdiyev O. N.

A rhenium sorption research with application of strong-basic anionites from acid and ammonia liquors

On the basis of a rhenium sorption research from acid and alkaline solutions the best sorbent turned out пьюролайт owing to what it can be recommended for extraction of rhenium from acid overflow solutions of hydrometallurgy of a molybdenum.




Yusunbekov N.R., Matyakubova P.M. Development of an industrial control system of drying of grain

The adaptive algorithm of operation of the PCS of drying of grain based on mathematical models of separate stages of technological process of drying of grain is considered.




Serkayev K. P. Perspective ways of receiving qualitative cotton meal

Test data on receiving qualitative nizkogossipolny cotton meal and a bioproduct, and also on application of the received bioproduct in a cotton breeding as means against a vilt are discussed. The developed way allows to neutralize gossypol completely.