Mkrtchyan R.V., Aripova M.Kh., Dosmukhamedov T.V.

Preparation of foam glass on the basis of glass waste

The influence of the conditions of foaming, blowing agents, neutralization and oxidation-reduction and stabilizers on the density and water absorption of the foam glass.


Sanakulov K.S., Mukhiddinov B.F., Rakhmatov U.N., Abdullayev K.S., Vapoyev Kh.M.

The study of the process of briquetting technology for producing briquettes from Angren coal screenings

The article presents the investigation results of Angren coal screenings briquette processes using the different nature and content binders as a waste of oil & fat plant (sopstak, tar), technical starch and lignosulfonate. It is studied briquette strength on pressing pressure. Developed production line producing coal briquettes and the briquettes obtaining are shown in industrial scale.


Melikulova G.E., Arifdjanova K.S., Yusupova G.Kh., Khujamkulov S.Z., Mirzakulov Kh.Ch.

Influence of technological parameters to process desulfatation of extraction phosphoric acids from phosphorites of centaral kyzylkums

Results of desulfatation of extraction phosphoric acid from phosphorites Central Kyzylkum with calcium oxides are resulted. Optimum technological parameters of process at which degree desulfatation reaches 75-78 % are determined.


Soddikov F.B., Usmanov I.I., Mirzakulov Kh.Ch.

Research of processes of obtaining and clearing the sated solutions from sylvinite of tyubegatan deposit

Results of investigation of obtaining sated, cleared from calcium and magnesium of ions solutions of sodium chlorides and potassium from low-grade sylvinites ores of the Tyubegatan deposit, suitable for further use in manufacture of soda ash are resulted.


Sobirov M.M., Tadjiyev S.M., Sultonov B.E.

Study foaming process during decomposition sulfur- containing high carbonate phosphorites by nitric acid

Effects of the acids norm and feeding rate, as well as, effect of rotation speed on the height and foam ratio have been showed. The stirring method of the reactive phosphorites and the acid on the foam ratio, as well was studied. The possibility in principle of obtaining nitrogenphosphateacid pulps preparation by interaction sulfur containing high calcareous phosphorites of Central Kyzylkum with nitrogen acid in minimal foaming was shown in present study.




Makhsumov A.G., Saydakhmetova Sh.R., Hamraev K.Sh.

Selektive synthesis of derivative diethilaminopyrazolferrocenat

Given the conditions and the results of the synthesis of [3-diethylaminoethyl-(4-methylene-ferrocenyl)-pyrazole] (I) interaction of 4-diethylamino-(Butin-2-yl)-ferrocene with diazomethane at room temperature (20-22 oC). Carried out N1-alkylation, chlorination and nitrosopropane the resulting substance (I).


Akhmedov O.R., Shomurotov Sh.A., Muydinov N.T., Rakhmanova G.G., Turaev A.S.

Synthesis of dialdehyde xanthan gum

We obtained dialdehyde derivative of xanthan gum with different degrees of oxidation. Structure of the obtained compounds was studied by IR spectroscopy, X-ray analysis, and an iodometric titration. Optimum conditions for the reaction were found.


Kadirov Kh.E., Turabjanov S.M. Corrosion inhibitors based HEDP and their zinc complexes

Prepared based composition HEDP and Zn-HEDP prepared under laboratory conditions with the addition of certain amines (BRMEA) and amino alcohols (3-). It is found that these compositions can effectively inhibit corrosion processes in media with different initial corrosion activity while ODEF composition: Zn-HEDP: -3 (maximum protective effect 97,9 %) more efficient ODEF composition: Zn-HEDP : BRMEA (maximum protective effect 92,0 %).


Khojiyev Sh.G., Khakimov M.M.

Acylation of 3-methylthio-5-amino-1,2,4-thiadiazole and phthalic anhydrides with succinic acid

Conducted by reaction with anhydrides of 3-methylthio-5-amino-1,2,4-thiadiazole phthalic anhydrides and succinic acid. Receiving identified along with mono N- (3-methylthio-1,2,4-thiadiazol-5-yl) amide of succinic acid and N- (3-methylthio-1,2,4-thiadiazol-5-yl) phthalic acid amide cyclic compounds 3-(methylthio)-6,7-digidro-[1,2,4] thiadiazol [4,5-a][1,3]dyazepin-5,8-dion and 3-(methylthio)-6,7-benzo-[1,2,4] thiadiazol [4,5-a][1,3]dyazepin-5,8-dion. Reactions were studied in solutions of toluol and o-xylene, determined high yield cyclic compounds in o-xylene.


Rakhimov D.A., Malikova M.H., Khusenov A.Sh. Research of the carbohydrate composition of inulina obtained from topinambour grades Fayz baraka and Mujiza

It has been defined that topinambour grades Fayz baraka and Mujiza are included into the composition of carbohydrate complex of tubers fructose, fructooligosaccharides, water-soluble polysaccharides-inulin, pectic substances and hemicellulose. Predominant carbohydrate is inulin. Existing ways of obtaining inulin from tubers have been analyzed.


Ibragimov A.A., Mahsumov A.G.

Synthesis of 2I- (ndiphenyl)-azo-4i-nitrotimol-1i, its chemical properties and coloring activity

Methods for the preparation of 2I- (p-diphenyl) -azo-4I-nitro-thymol-1I and its chemical properties, as well as activity dyeing, are given.




Ziyamukhamedova U.A., Bakirov L.Y., Tagirova L.M., Pak K.A., Shaozimova U.Kh.

Analysis of properties and structure of composition polymer coating materials of the large-dimension equipment that work in teams of wear and corrosion

The possibility of mechanochemical modification method of composite polymer materials for the production of coatings, working in conditions of corrosion and wear. The mechanism of structure formation and the results of their physico-chemical studies.


Yuldoshov Sh.A., Shukurov A.I., Sarimsakov A.A.

Production technology of hard combustible, fire-retardant wood particleboard based on local raw materials

Experimental investigation about determination of high quality, hard combustible wood particleboard obtaining possibility based on local agent and raw materials was presented. Optimal composition of raw materials were determined. Based on obtained results, hard combustible wood particleboard receipt and production technology were developed.


Karimov M.M., Rustamov M.K., Qayumov M.B.

Investigation water desalting abilities by application the new sorbents

Synthesized carboxyl containing polymers on the base of polyvinylchloride and studied their physicochemical properties, determined technological parameters also application ability for water desalting. Calculated thermodynamic parameters of sorption processes of +2 and Mg+2 ions by implemented sorbents.


Barkhanadjyan A.L., Khakimov R.M., Karpushkin S.I., Djalilov A.T., Vafayev O.Sh.

The use of diesel fuels with improved low temperature properties in winter conditions

In functioning working the reception new depressor additive, is studied efficiency of the additive depending on her(its) concentrations, suitable ,influence upon qualitative factors diesel oil is shown that at concentrations of the additive 1% in diesel oils temperature congelations falls before - 29-31 oC. With is prepared concoctions of the diesel oil called on service tests.




Rakhmatkariyev F.G. Differential heats of carbon dioxide adsorption in NaA zeolite

Isotherm and differential heats of carbon dioxide adsorption in NaA zeolite have been measured at 303 K. Heats of adsorption have a stepwise appearance and each step corresponds to the stoichiometric formation of adsorption complexes of CO2 molecule with Na+ ions ((2)n/Na+, n=1-4), which are located in the -cages of NaA. The molar differential entropy and free energy CO2 adsorption in NaA were calculated. The isotherm of adsorption are satisfactorily described by two-term equation of the theory of volumetric micropore occupancy (VMOT.)


Nurullayev Sh.P., Aripdjanov O.Yu, Kadir X.E, Alihanova Z.

Study adsorption sulfur gas processing plant tail gases .

Efficiency of application DG-1 and DG-2 new adsorbent for additional cleaning sulphurous components of installation of reception of sculpture is shown and results of test of absorbents in industrial clause are resulted.


Azizov D.H., Norkhojayev A.S.

The research Split of the conditioner on environmentally friendly refrigerating agents

rospects of the translation of conditioners Split the systems, which are let out in Uzbekistan on environmentally friendly coolants, are considered. Result of the research of split conditioners working at R22 and R410A coolants are compared.