Aripova M.Kh., Mkrtchyan R.V., Saliev M.M.

Synthesis and testing of biositalls received in the system Ca5(PO4)3 Ц Mg3(PO4)2 Ц SiO2

Based on the studies of the structure and properties of glasses and ceramics obtained in the system Ca5(PO4)3F Ц Mg3(PO4)2 Ц SiO2 was selected formulations for clinical trials on animals. Analysis of the behavior of the designed implant in animals have shown that established the ability to biodegradibility in the process of recovery of the bone defect, followed by formation of bone trabeculae, can be attributed to the developed glassceramic to bioactive.




Makhxsumov A.G., Hamroyev K.Sh., Muhiddinov B.F., Vapoyev H.M., Umrzoqov A.T.

Synthesis and investigation some properties of pyrazoles derivatives

This article describes the synthesis and pharmacological properties of the synthesized derivatives of pyrazoles. Physical, chemical constants and anti-inflammatory activities of chlorinated derivatives benzoate pirazole defined. Structure of the synthesized compounds were proved by IR spectroscopy.


Takhirov Y.R.

Acylation of benzimidazolin-2-ones chloranhydrides of aromatic acids with use small quantities of FeCl3Х6H2O

Interaction of benzimidazolyn-2-ones with chloroangydrides of aromatic acids with using small quantity of FeCl3Х6H2O in nitrobenzenes and absence of a solvent. It was determined that reactions in absence go at more low temperature and high yields of 5(6)-aroylbenzimidazolyn-2-ones, which depends on degree nucleophilicity of benzimidazolyn-2-ones. The optimal conditions of reaction acylation and limit of the using small quantity of FeCl3Х6H2O was determined. Also, the series of relative activity of 4-substituted benzoylchlorides, which depending on degree electrophilicity of acylation agents was found.


Akhmedov O.R., Shomurotov Sh.A., Baratov K.R., Turaev A.S. Carboxymethylation of guar gum

We obtained carboxymethyl guar gum derivatives with different degree of substitution and solubility. Structure of the obtained compounds was studied by IR spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction and thermogravimetric analysis. Optimum conditions for the reaction (mixing ratio, time, and fluid module) were found.


Ibragimov A.A., MakhsumovA.G., Isaev A.N.

Synthesis and mechanism of formationderived 6I-(4-methylphenyl)-azo-4Isulfo-timolilo-1I-carbamate

Drive technology for producing [ 6I-(4-methylphenyl)-azo-4I-sulfo-thymol-1I-carbamates] on the

basis of interaction with phenyl isocyanate [6I-(4-methylphenyl)-azo-4I-sulfo-thymol-1I] in presence of an

DMF, and the organic base triethylamine catalyst at room temperature and its chemical properties as well

as the intended formation mechanism.


IbragimovaY.E., Raxmonova D.S., Kadirova Sh.A., Alieva G.K.

Complex compounds of hexamethylene-bis [N, N1-benzotriazole] urea with metal Cu(II) AND Zn(II) xlorides

Complex compounds of hexamethylene-bis [N, N1 -benzotriazole] urea with zinc and copper are synthesized. The results of the thermal analysis of the complex compounds are discussed. On the basis of IR spectroscopy method it was defined coordination of the ligand and it was determined that bidentate coordination was through an oxygen and nitrogen atoms of heterocycle.


Makhmudova F.A., Maksumova O.S. The investigate of the quaternary ammonium salts as a corrosion inhibitor

The synthesized Quaternary ammonium salt - based isohexilemonohloratsetate and triethylamine. The optimal conditions of their obtaining, investigated the structure and main physico-chemical characteristics of the synthesized compounds. They tested as corrosion inhibitors.




Turaev E.R, Shakirov X.X., Aykhadjaev B.B.

Investigation of thermal properties of compaunds based on polypropylene

The influence of the ethylenepropylen elastomer and talc on the thermal properties of polypropylene was studied. It is estimated the effect of ethylenepropylen elastomer:talc concentration on the thermal properties of polypropylene.


Kattaev N.T. Structural features of new cross-linked acrylonitrile copolymers

The article presents the results of the investigation of the spatial structure of a new cross-linked copolymer of acrylonitrile with divinylbenzene. The influence of nature and amount of pore former on pore characteristics of copolymers was studied. Differential pore volume distribution curves for copolymers synthesized in the presence of aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons are constructed.


Daminova Sh.Sh., Kadirova Z.Ch., Sharipov H.T., Rahmatov I.H.

Synthesis and properties of complexes of dialkyl Cu (II), Ni (II), Zn (II) with benzimidazole derivatives

First synthesized ternary complexes [Cu(MAB)2(i-Pro2RS2)2], [Ni(MAB)2(i-Pro2RS2)2] and [Zn(MAB)2(i-Pro2RS2)2] and examined their structure methods elemental, The x-ray analysis, derivatographic analysis and IR spectroscopy. Confirmed participation dialkilditiophosphotes and amino groups in the complexation.




Rakhmatkariev G.U., Rakhmatkarieva F.G.

Carbon oxysulfide adsorption by synthetic zeolite NaX in wide range of equilibrium pressures and temperatures

The isotherms of COS adsorption in NaX zeolite at 0, 25, 60 and 100 oC have been measured. Isosteric heats and entropies of COS adsorption in NaX were calculated. The mechanism of COS adsorption in NaX zeolite was established. The isotherms of adsorption were quantitatively reproduced by two- and three-term VMOT equations from zero filling to saturation.


Khandamov D.A., Muminov S.Z., Yusupjanov S.F., Muhammadiev O.R.

Adsorptions of vapous acetonitrile vapous on aminated by navbahors montmorillonites

On temperature dependence adsorptions firsty was defined are for the differential isosteric heat of adsorptions vapours of acetonitrile on on animated montmorillonites. It was found out that the dependence of adsorption heat of vapours acetonitrile on animated montmorillonite have a wavy a character.


Abdurahimova A.U., Nurmuhamedov H.S., Nigmadjonov S.K., Temirov A.Sh.

To the speed of the gas-liquid entrainment fluidized bed

The results of experimental studies on the influence of the form factor of bodies of irregular shape in the division three-phase fluidized bed. A generalization of experimental data are presented graphically as a function of F = f (d) according to the well-known formulas. Studies have shown that an increase in the numerical values of the equivalent diameter de speed of onset of ablation increases. The difference between the calculated and experimental data on the speed of onset of entrainment wun accounted for more than 50%, which is due to form factor and high sail.




Erkaev A.U., Reymov K.D., Kaipbergenov A.T., Kucharov B.Kh., Bayraeva D.

Chemical composition of coastal rainfall of western parts of the Big Aral sea

The regularities in the distribution of clayey materials and soluble salts along three layers of soil of the western shore of the Great Aral Sea are established. Chemical and physico-chemical methods for studying water-soluble salts and a water-insoluble residue revealed that the following water-soluble minerals are contained in the rock samples: mirabilite, tenardite, halite, bledite, konyaite, levetite, vanthoffite, pentahydrate, starkeite, sanderite and kieserite.




Mamatkhanova M.A., Halilov R.M., Kotenko L.D., Mamatkhanov A.U.

Technology for producing of Kufestrol from the aerial parts of Ferula kuhistanica

The main factors of purification of the alcoholic extract from the aerial parts of Ferula kuhistanica were identified. Dynamics of separation and purification of the esters by the method of liquid-liquid extraction were studied. In results technology for producing of the Kufestrol substance to increase egg production of birds was designed.


Ishmuhamedova R.Ch. The technology of assessment of quality of the grain-fed wheat planted in the different periods during the initial processing

Under the conditions of the south of Uzbekistan with sowing varieties of winter wheat in mid-October with an increased rate of fertilizer (N210P110K70), compared with the recommended standards (N180P90K60) by improving the quality of grain increased weight of 1000 grains in the 1.9-2.7 g; natural weight of 15-20 g / l; glassiness 5-10%; protein by 0.6-0.9% and 1.3-1.8% in the gluten.


Nuritdinov B.S., Majidov K.Kh. The resulting preparation tocopherol wheat germ

In determining the content of tocopherols and carotenoids extracted raw sample in ethanol for 15 minutes at the boiling temperature of the extraction mixture in tocopherols filtered extracts were determined by Engel Emmerich using as standard tocopherol, carotenoids - absorbance at wavelength 440 nm. Carotenoid expressed in terms of beta-carotene. A positive factor for tocopherols drugs is a high ratio of T: K. Increased output of tocopherols can be achieved by changing the parameters on the sorption stage.


Khakimova Sh.I., Kadirova M.T., Kadirov M.H., Kahramonov F.O.

Vossochoomomatic and technochemical properties of beer samples prepared with the use of various yeast strains

The yeast was screened for use in the production of quality beers and expansion of their assortment in Uzbekistan. Technochemical and organoleptic properties of new beer samples were studied.