Makhmanov U.K., Kokhkharov A.M., Ismailova O.B., Bakhramov S.A., Kurbanov S.S.

Synthesis of molecular nanosized crystalline aggregates of C70 fullerene in evaporating droplet of solution on the surface of glass substrate

The presence of densely packed crystalline synthesized n70 aggregates of spherical shape with a diame-ter of dn ~185 nm in the open dissipative system, in the evaporating droplet of molecular solution of C70 fuller-ene in benzene, located on the surface of glass substrate has been found for the first time. The structure of the synthesized aggregates on the substrate is stable for at least 6 months, has a high stability to external tempera-ture and mechanical stress that indicate prospects of using it in the manufacture of solar photovoltaic. The spe-cific physicochemical mechanism of the synthesis of C70 aggregates in the volume of the evaporating droplet of solution, so called Ostwald ripening, according to which relatively large structures grow at the expense of smaller ones, has been proposed.


Djandullaeva M.S., Atakuziev .., Shamadinova N.E.

Influence of a solid waste of soda manufacture to lime-siliceousmixes of various activity

Results of researches influence of a solid waste of soda manufacture (SWSM) on properties lime- sili-ceous mixes with various activities are stated. It is established that, strength indicators of samples rise to 25 % at maintenance SWSM in quantity of 20 %. The maximum mastering to exhaust there was in samples from a mix to activity of 10 % in ratio quartz sand: SWSM from 80:20 until 40:60.




Khodjaniyazov Kh.U., Sagdullaev Sh.Sh.

Condensation of 2,3-tetra(penta)methylenepyrido[2,3-d]-pyrimidin-4-one with p-nitro(dimethylamino)benzaldehyde

In continuation of our research on the chemical transformation of pyrido[2,3-d]pyrimidin-4-ones, pos-sible condensation of 2,3-tetra(penta)-methylenepyrido[2,3-d]pyrimidin-4-ones with p-nitrobenzaldehyde and p-dimethylaminobenzaldehyde was studied. In the case of tetramethylene-homolog the reactions occurred by formation of α-(p-nitro- and -dimethylamino)-benzylidene-2,3-tetramethylenepyrido[2,3-d]pyrimidin-4-ones. In contrast to it pentamethylene-homolog did not undergo condensation by above mentioned aldehydes under the reaction condition. This could be explained by steric hindrance of the boat-like structure of azepine ring and decomposition of conjugation N1-C2-Cα system due to deviation of α-methylene group from molecular plane. The structures of synthesized compounds were confirmed by 1H and 13C NMR, IR spectroscopic data and LC/MS.


Ibragimova .R., zizov .. Sythesis coordination compounds of copper (II) nicotinate with amides

Complex compounds of copper nicotinate with some acid amides are synthesized with the application of the mechanochemical method. IR spectroscopy is used to identify the corresponding coordination centers and to determine the density of the acid residues. The quantum chemical calculations provided the outlining of the energetically favorable geometry of the molecule on the basis of the minimum energy of formation, the calculation of the energy parameters, the estimation of the valence, the dihedral angles, and the bond lengths between the atoms in the molecules.


Babaev B.N., Haitbaev H., Holbekov O.H., Izotova L.U., Shakirzyanova G.S.

Structure and termogravimetric analysis for derivates of 1-methylimidazol and pyridine

Purity, structure of 1-methylimidazol and pyridines derivates have been characterized by IK and NMR(H) analyses. Defined physico-chemical constants and temperature-resistant connections.


Nuralieva G.A., Kadirova Sh.A., IbragimovaY.E., Raxmonova D.S.

IR spectroscopy study of complex compounds of glycine and thiosemicarba-zide with Ni(II), Zn(II) and Cu(II)

Mixed ligand complex compounds based on metal glycinates with thiosemicarbazide were synthesized. The composition, structure and properties of synthesized complex compounds have been studied by physico-chemical methods.


Makhmudov M.J., Narmetova G. R.

Reducing the benzene content of gasoline AI-80 method of hydroisomeri-zation

With the aim of reducing the benzene content of petrol AI-80 the process of hydroisomerization using AlCl3 catalyst and the composition of the product hydroisomerization adsorption-crioskopian method.




Ikhtiyarova G.., Nuritdinova F.M., dov .Sh., Sfrova ..

New technology obtaining bio-degradable biopolymers

This article presents the results of producing chitin and chitosan biopolymers from a perspective new source - dried bee. For extraction of chitin, in the first stage, sequentially separated protein (deproteinization) and mineral (demineralization) components of bee.


Sadikov ., Khvan .., Sadikov Z.T., Zukhurova G.V., Abdurazakov A.Sh.

Development of technology of the polymer complex on the medamin base

IR spectroscopy method it was shown the formation of polymer complex medapek with hydrogen bonds. It was determined the optimal conditions and was elaborated the industrial method of the preparation medapek.


Abdutalipova N.M., Turabdjanov S.M. Study of a new aminocarboxyl ampholytes properties

The article is devoted to the production of amphoteric ion exchange resins by condensation of furfural and bottoms of acrylic acid nitrile. In order to clarify the structure of the resulting ampholyte were obtained curves of potentiometric titration and IR-spectra. Comparative data of physical and chemical properties of the resulting ampholytes with well-known brands of ampholytes are shown.


Turayev E.R., Aykhodjayev B.B.

Influence of talc and elastomer contents to properties of polypropylene compounds

The results of the study of physical and mechanical properties of polypropylene compounds, which modified with talc and ethylene-propylene elastomer showed the possibility to produce the materials with desired properties.


Beknazarov Kh S.

Research of oxidizing properties of the stabilized ski-3 samples on the basis of gossypol derivatives

The inhibiting properties of derivatives of gossypol at stabilization of synthetic SKI-3 rubber are inves-tigated. It is established what oligomer antioxidants on the basis of gossypol, possesses a diphilic structure of a molecule (combine about themselves both hydrophilic (naftolic part), and lipophilic properties (the izopre-noid rest)) and introduction of antioxidants considerably changes rubber oxidation kinetics that is most obvi-ously expressed at an initial stage of process in the induction period.


Abdullaev F.T., Zhamolova L.Y., Holmirzaev I.H.

Influence of copolymers of N-lactam acrylate at a molecular weight, con-formational and thermal

Methods sedimentation velocity, diffusion viscometer and differential thermal analysis were studied thermal properties of the copolymers of N-vinylcaprolactam and N-allillkaprolaktama acrylates with different compositions.

It was shown that the molecular conformation and thermal properties are largely depend on the nature and composition of the copolymers




Mavlanov E.T., Zakirov S.G., Nurmukhamedov H.S., Temirov O.Sh.

Effect of water on speed intensity heat transfer in channel flow smoothly contoured with scroll turbolators

The results are presented of experimental studies on the effect of placing step smoothly outlined grooves on the intensity of the heat. The experimental data are plotted as a function of α = f (Re). Studies have shown that with increasing the step value accommodation spiral vortex generators, as well as the depth of the grooves heat increases 2.5 times. Comparative analysis of heat transfer coefficient for the smooth and efficient pipe showed an increase of heat transfer up to 2.7 times.


Safarov J.E. Formalization kinetic for regularities of drying jerusalem artichoke and rosehip

It can be seen through the Fick diffusion equation with appropriate initial and boundary conditions at constant values of the kinetics of the drying process temperature. For a description of process of mathematical expressions Fick equation, which expresses the value of the moisture content, should be brought to a dimen-sionless form using the following formula. In making the boundary conditions 1-type of relationship moisture diffusion coefficient of the square determines the size determined by the method of least squares using a spe-cial program with subprogrammes of for solving differential equations in partial derivatives with a sufficient amount exhibitors in the decision.


Khudoyberdiyeva N.Sh., Zakirov S.G., Bakhronov Kh.Sh., Suyarova Kh.Kh.

Expansion fluidizated layer of polydisperse granular material

The results are presented of experimental studies on the effect of placing step smoothly outlined grooves on the intensity of the heat. The experimental data are plotted as a function of α = f (Re). Studies have shown that with increasing the step value accommodation spiral vortex generators, as well as the depth of the grooves heat increases 2.5 times. Comparative analysis of heat transfer coefficient for the smooth and efficient pipe showed an increase of heat transfer up to 2.7 times.



Huramov M.G., Naziro Z.Sh.

A way of recycling deposits of technological waste water a silk spinning of manufacture without runoff

Energy recovery economical a way of recycling deposits of technological waste water silk spinning of manufactu-res with the purpose of use of the folder additive and fertilizer are considered in this article.




Suvanova F.U. The Aplying different catalyst for hydrogenisation vegetable oils

Results of a research of the hydrogenation catalysts used in the oil-fat industry are presented in article: changes of properties of dispersible catalysts on carriers, depending on a way of their preparation and com-position of the modifying additives, the promoting effect of palladium and rhodium on hydrogenant ability of floatable catalysts.


Rahmanberdiev G.R., Husenov A.Sh., Tulyaganov R.T., Malikova M.Kh.

Susceptibility to some microbes and pharmacological properties of nitrate inulin

Nitroinulin has been obtained on the basis of inulin from topinambourtubers. By means of physical and chemical, IR-spectroscopy theirproperties and structures are studied. Susceptibility to some microbes and pharmacological properties of nitroinulinhave been investigated. It has beenrevealed that nitroinulinis one of the harmlesssubstanceson strongly poisonous a fitting parameter after injection into mice. It has been shown that at increase of quantity of glucose and sugar in blood of rats, nitroinulin twice reduces quantities of glu-cose in comparison with inulin.


Yuldashev Sh.U., Sotimov G.B., Mamatqhanov A.U., Payziev I.B., Sagdullaev Sh.Sh.

Enzymatic hydrolysis of Thermopsis alterniflora

The enzymatic hydrolysis of the aerial part of Thermopsis alterniflora, which remains after the extrac-tion of biologically active substances, has been studied. Optimal conditions for pretreatment and enzymatic hydrolysis of lignocellulosic waste biomass were selected. It has been established that pretreatment promotes an increase in the degree of enzymatic hydrolysis of the biomass of the waste by 32% of the absolute dry mat-ter of the substrate compared to the untreated biomass.