Подпись: 3/2007



Erkayev A. U., Ruziyeva 3., Sharipova H. T., Nurmurodov T., Tursunov I. N., Normamatov  F. Tekhnologiya of receiving nitrite of calcium from the mix containing nitrite-nitrocalcite

The technology of receiving nitrite of calcium from the mix containing nitrite-nitrocalcite developed on the basis of studying of a solubility diagram of system is given Ca(N02)3 - Ca(N03)2 -H20.


Alimov U. K., Reymov A. M., Namazov Sh. S., Beglov B. M. Unary phosphoric fertilizers on the basis of products of interaction sulfokaltsiyfosfat-ache pulps with phosphatic raw materials Central Kyzylkumov

In work it is shown that, carrying out interaction sulfocalcium - a phosphatic pulp from production of a suprefos with ordinary fosforitovy flour or pulverous fraction of phosphorites Central Kyzylkumov, it is possible to receive unary concentrated phosphoric fertilizer with the high content of the usvoyaemy P205 form.


Gulamova D. D., Uskenbayev of E., Chigvinadze D. G., Magradze O. V.

Phase changes of precursors of BSCCO 2223, 2234, 2245 synthesized by training of a melt on the solar furnace

Crystallization of amorphous precursors of BSCCO 2223, 2234, 2245 received by sverkhbystry training of a melt as a result of concentrated sunlight is investigated. The continuous mutual solubility between the specified connections is established. A crystallization at more high temperatures, in comparison with the known data, can demonstrate stabilization of Si2+.


Ruziboyev B., Aripova M.X. The Likvatsionny phenomena in system glasses quartz-Kaolinum-dolomite

The research of the liquidating phenomena by methods of a submicroscopy and an IK-spectroscopy revealed areas and regularities of influence of composition of glasses on elimination process.


Akhunov D. B., Ismatov A. A., Aripova M. H., Mkrtchyan R. V., Hodzhayev N. L.

Basalt breeds of the Kutchinsky field - raw materials for receiving glasses and sitall

Chemical and mineralogical compositions of basalts of the field Kutchi are presented. The glasses received on a basis базальтогв showed high chemical stability and crystal ability.


Isakzhanov S. S., Atakuziyev T. A.

Phosphite - an efficient intesifikator of process of roasting of portlandtsementny clinker

Results of researches of use of a phosphite are given in the cement industry as a mineralizer of process of roasting of clinkers and the regulator of hardening times of the cements received on the basis of these clinkers. It is shown that introduction of a phosphite to a raw stock exerts positive impact on calcium oxide binding when roasting. Besides, replaces a part of a ferruterous component in a raw stock. Cements on the basis of these clinkers show in all terms the increased durability in comparison with control specimens.




Ramazans B.G., Toshev A. Yu., Kadirov T. Zh., Dzhurayev A.M.

Finishing of natural skin polymers in lack of organic solvents

Problems of finishing of natural skin by polymers in lack of organic solvents with the sewing together aldehydes are considered. Influence of various parameters is established: temperatures, concentration, time for gloss, hiding powers and other physicomechanical indexes of film-formers.


Eshburiyev T. N., Dzhalidov A. T., Kodirov T. Zh.

Trlangan polimerlarning сорбцион hossalar VA морфологик tuzilishin тащщ қилшд natizhalar

Polymers by interaction of epichlorohydrin with hexamethylene diamine are synthesized at various ratios of mother substances. Studying of getter properties of the synthesized polymers and their morphological structure showed that the polymer received at a vzamiodeystviye of 1 mole of hexamethylene diamine with 2 moles of epichlorohydrin has the greatest effectiveness of getter action.


Fayazova of E. Synthesis and a research of hydrogels on the basis of polyacrylonitrile

Synthesis and structure of polymeric grids on the basis of polyacrylonitrile are investigated. The contribution of a number of parameters, such as concentration of polymers, a share of crosslinking agent, type and composition of solvent, a ratio of amount of initial polymer to amount of crosslinking agent on formation of a reticulate structure is estimated.


Tashpulatov S. Sh. Influence of new compositions on a formoustoychivost of details of clothes

In article it is given results of the conducted researches on use of reactive working tools for improvement of quality of processes of a shaping and formation of details of clothes.


Yunusov M., Makhmudov S., Rustamov M., Kasimov O., Yunusov A.

Antibacterial materials of day of cleaning or disinfecting of sewage

Experienced bactericidal materials on the basis of iodinated materials of brands of PAN-KDM and SMA-2 are tested. It is revealed that the most efficient bactericidal properties materials on the basis of PAN-KDM fibers have.


Hakimov P.M., Barkhanadzhyan A.L.

The IK-spectroscopical research of structure of the brake fluid received from a wastage of the local industry

By the IK methods — a spectroscopic analysis it is shown that as a result of interaction of gossipolovy pitch and a pentanol the new connection like ester giving to the developed property composition, not inferior to the known analogs is formed.




Turabdzhanov S. M., Tursunov T. T. Sorption of ions of copper FBG anionite

Processes of a sorption of ions of copper on FBG anionite in static conditions depending on concentration of initial solutions, acidity of solutions, рН and forms of anionites are investigated Wednesdays. For comparison the polycondensation production anionites of EDE-10P, AN-31 and a furan anionite — the FAN were also investigated.


Akhmedov of X., Popov E. L., Nurmukhamedov I. S., Pulatov B.

Field ore flotation Kalmakyr with use of new local reagents

Results of comparative experiences of flotation of copper ore of the field Kalmakyr with traditional and new local reagents - MRB-2 are given as the collector and to nefteiya — as the apolar collector. MRB-2 moved in process separately and in combination with BKK which expense was reduced by 50%. The conclusion is drawn on a possibility of use of new local MRB-2 reagent in combination with traditional BKK that cuts an expense of the last by half.




Artikov A. A., Hamidov B. T., Chasanoff Zh. H.

Definition of internal diffusion of oil from finely divided materials in a centrifugal force field

In this article by an experimental and calculated way efficient diffusion coefficients from finely divided materials in the environment of solvent are determined and mathematical dependences of duration of process and speed of extraction on the size of the extracted particles are defined.


Choriyev A. Zh., Dzhurayev H. F., Babayarov R. A.

Application of mathematical model for drying process optimization the colloid капилярнопористых materials

On the basis of methodology of systems analysis the research of process of drying of a melon is executed; the physical and chemical effects and the phenomena taking place in separate steps in the form of differential equations are formalized. Influence of the heat flux radiated by IK-lamps on a research object - depending on change of density of a heat flux on height of an arrangement of radiators, thickness of a chunk of a melon, processing time is studied. Regularities of distribution of temperature and moisture are studied. Best values of a heat flux and thickness of a chunk of a melon are defined.




Skok G. S., Yeliseyev L.V.  To a question of quality and safety of alcoholic and soft drinks

For the purpose of upgrading and safety of alcoholic and soft drinks it is recommended to investigate production of the wine, spirit and juice industry on availability of phthalates, and also not to use a retail container of an unknown origin by production, storage and transportation of alcoholic and soft drinks.


Pulatova L.T. The current trends of use of methods of the quantitative definition of principal components of antibacterial medicines

Materials in which the perspective methods used at qualitative and quantitative test of components of antibacterial medicines are discussed are given in article. The author offers studying of antibiotics of the physical and chemical methods of the analysis which are falling into to various classes with use which allow determination of parameters of the studied group of goods the largest accuracy.


Akhmedov B. M. Reliability of observed datas at quality control in food industries

Questions of ensuring reliability of measurements at quality control of goods at various stages of its production are considered, character and sources of emergence of errors Are given. Definition of the term — indeterminacy and possible sources of its emergence is considered. Results of the analysis of the description of a concept of accuracy on a nomenclature of domestic and international experts and possible parallels between them are stated.