Подпись: 4/2007



Ibragimov G. I., Yakubov R. Ya., Rambergenov A. K., Turabdzhanov S. M., Erkayev A. U.,

Toirov Z. K. Main problems of technology of the Kungradsky soda plant and way of their decision

Solutions of the main problems in the production technology of soda ash at the Kungradsky soda plant which increase in effectiveness of production and delivery to the plant of sodium chloride, improvement of technical and economic indexes of the calcareous mine due to use in production of shallow fraction of limestone, effective use of weak kiln gas without its concentrating, utilization of effluent of production with receiving various salts are are planned.


Alimov U. K., Reymov A. M., Namazov Sh. S., Beglov B. M.

Azotnofosforny fertilizers on the basis of interaction of ordinary fosforitovy flour Central Kyzylkumov with partially ammoniated extraction phosphoric acid

Process of receiving phosphorus-containing fertilizer by interaction of ordinary fosforitovy flour Central Kyzylkumov with partially ammoniated extraction phosphoric acid is studied. The varied parameters were рН acids and a ratio: T at constants to temperature and time of interaction. The optimum process conditions is offered.


Mirzakulov H. Ch. Technology of processing of high-carbonized phosphatic raw materials Central Kyzylkumov on fosforserosoderzhashchy fertilizers

Optimum conditions are defined and the technology of receiving the fosforserosoderzha-shchikh of PS fertilizers by decomposition of nonenriched high-carbonized phosphorites Central Kyzylkumov (nonenriched phosphorite, the washed concentrate and pulverous fraction) is developed by the acids taken at various norms and ratios sulfuric and extraction phosphoric.


Mirzakulov H.Ch. Polucheniye of phosphorus-containing fertilizer from a nonenriched fosmuka Central Kyzylkumov and extraction fofsforny acid in the line way

Results of researches on decomposition of a nonenriched fosmuka Central Kyzytumov by an extraction phosphoric acid with receiving concentrated phosphorus-containing fertilizer on line technology are presented in article.


Ruziyeva Z. T., Erkayev A. U. Issledovaniye of process of azotnokislotny decomposition of limestone

In article temperature effect of process and concentration of hydrogen nitrate on process of a lathering at impact on limestone is studied. As a result of a decarbonization of 45% hydrogen nitrate at 40-50 °C taking the limestone sizes into account, good results for prevention of a lathering are received.


Gulamova D. D., Uskenbayev D. E., Chigvinadze D. G. Synthesis of VTSP of structure of Bi1,7Pb0,3Sr2Ca2Cu3Oy on the basis of the amorphous precursors received by training as a result of sunlight

Dynamics of formation of BSCCO 2212 and 2223 when using the precursors received by training of a melt of rated structure of Bi1,7Pb0,3Sr2Ca2Cu3Oy on the solar furnace is investigated. At VTSP of ceramics of structures of 2212 and 2223 critical characteristics are defined: CU = 96K and 107K respectively. Increase in a generation rate of phases 2212, 2223 and texturing of particles along the plane 001 is established.


Adylov G. T., Voronov G. V., Kulagina N. A., Rumi M. H. Glaze for electric porcelain

Results of researches on development of composition of glaze for high-voltage porcelain are given in article. It is shown that use of raw materials of Uzbekistan allows to receive glazes for electric porcelain of high quality with a wide temperature band of roasting. Application of the minimum quantity of initial components positively affects carrying out technological process, leading to its simplification and reduction in cost.




Kucharof X., Yuldashev N. H., Zhumaniyazov M. Zh., Kurambayev Sh. R., Hodzhayev O. F.

Polyterm of solubility of the threefold H3P04-C5H602-H20 system

The phosphoric acid — furfurfuryl alcohol — water in a wide interval of temperatures is studied a polyterm of solubility of system. Concentration and temperature limits of a crystallization of initial components — ice, a phosphoric acid and furfurfuryl alcohol are set. The system falls into to primary evtonichesky type.


Esenbekova G. L., Kedelbayev B. Sh., Rakhmanberdiyev G. R.

The destructive hydogenation of glucose on ferroalloy catalysts

In this message results of a research of reaction of the destructive hydogenation of glucose on ferroalloy catalysts are explained, temperature effect of experience, concentration of carbohydrates and pressure of Hydrogenium upon extent of transformation of glucose is investigated.




Vokhidova N. R., Kudyshkin V. O., S.M., Abdurazakov A. A. Yugay., Rashidova S. Sh.

About use of polybutylmethacrylate in restoration practice

The possibility of use of the polybutylmethacrylate received by method radical polymerization in restoration practice is studied. Influence of a covering on physicomechanical properties of models of archaeological objects according to Rehbinder is investigated.

The received results are of interest for use of solutions of polybutylmethacrylate to preservation of archaeological objects.


Rakhmanberdiyev G. R., Muradov M. M. New technology of receiving Na-karboksimetiltsellyulo-zy on the basis of poplar wood cellulose

The possibility of a poluneniye of Na-KMTs on the basis of a wood pulp of a poplar is investigated and are compared to Na-KMTs properties received from the cleared cotton linter cellulose, and also from a cotton cellulose. Physical and chemical properties of the received exemplars of Na-KMTs are studied and fitness of use of a wood pulp from a poplar of the Central Asian region for chemical processing in cellulose glicollic acid is shown. The new technology of receiving high-viscosity Na-KMTs on the basis of cellulose from wood of a poplar is developed and offered in production.


Sharipova U. I., Pulatov H.L., Tursunov T. T., Nazirova R. A.

Synthesis of phosphate cation exchanger on the basis of styrene furfurolnogo of polymer

Phosphate cation exchanger is received by phosphorylation of stiroljno-furfuroljny polymer. For establishment of optimum conditions of carrying out reaction of phosphorylation of styrene furfuroljny polymer and achievement of high extent of transformation researches of influence of duration of reaction, concentration of the catalyst and three - phosphorus chloride were conducted.


Hudanov U. O., Ismailova S. I., Kadirov T. Zh., Toshev A. Yu., Sultanov M.

Research destruktsionnykh of changes of a collagen

It is defined that collagen destruction degree the studied enzymes increases with a delta time, temperatures, рН Wednesdays and considerably are exceeded by rate of decay Trypsinum. Intensity of enzimatic degradation without collagenase after an optimum gradually decreases. 


Nurmetov T. Sh., Suleymanov A. A, Dzhalilov AT.

Fire-dangerous properties oligomernykh of fire retardants

Results of a research on combustibility and on smoke-generating ability are given. again synthesized new the oligomernykh of aitipiren at addition in polymers.


Eshmurodov B. B., Abdurashidov T. R.

Development of technology of receiving abhesive for a polyethylene film

Results of development of an efficient method and technology of input of the abhesives received on the basis of mineral raw materials of Uzbekistan are presented to a polyethylene film.


Abdurashidov T. R., Kartashov M., Mamadzhanov N., Temnrov O. Polyethylene 100 sewing together - a basis for receiving in Uzbekistan high-head pipes for hot water supply and gas pipelines

The technology of receiving the sewed pipes from polyethylene 100 which will allow to receive high-strength pipes for hot water supply and gas pipelines in Uzbekistan is developed.




Yusupbekov N. R., Matyakubova P. M., Maksudova Sh. U.

Mathematical model operation of process of drying of dispersible materials with high intra diffusion resistivity

The mathematical description and zonal calculation of isothermal drying of dispersible materials on the basis of the massoprovodnost equation is offered.


Saidmuratov U. A. Mathematical model of teplomassoobmenny process of a heat treatment of oil-bearing crops

The question of frying of a myatka of cotton seeds in a shielding medium is considered. The mathematical model of process is received, are investigated the thermoradiation characteristic of oil-containing material. Process of frying of a myatka of seeds of a cotton is investigated.


Kenzhayev B., Nurullayev Sh.

Studying of thermodynamic selectivity of composition absorbent on a hydrogen sulfide

The thermodynamic analysis of selectivity of composition absorbents of the natural gases applied to cleaning is submitted. The chemistry of interaction of H2S and S02 is discussed with solutions of amines and diethylene glycols. The mass transfer model which quantitatively predicts absorption speed with H2S in the course of simultaneous absorption with C02 is presented.


Sharipov Sh. R., Kudratov A. M., Badayev C. F.

Purification of hydrocarbon oils with adsorbents on the basis of clays of the Nurashnsky field

Researches of the adsorbents received on the basis of clays of the Nuratinsky field revealed a possibility of their use for regeneration of hydrocarbon oils.


Mavlonov A. A., Eshkuvatov B. T. Processing of fusel oil distillation

The technology of processing of fusel oil is presented. For conditioning of fusel oil it is offered to use ammonium sulfate instead of sodium chloride. For a side job of sub-standard fusel oil process of distillation on periodic bottom devices is offered.