Подпись: 1/2008



Ibragimov G. I., Yakubov R. Ya., Rambergenov A.K., Turabdzhanov S. M., Erkayev A. U.,

Toirov Z. K. Development of the production technology of soda ash at the Kungradsky soda plant




Volynskova N. V., Sadykov B. B., Mirzakulov H. Ch. Receiving an extraction phosphoric acid from the washed burned phosphatic concentrate Central Kyzylkumov

Data on receiving an extraction phosphoric acid from the washed burned foskontsentrat Central Kyzylkumov are provided in article. It is shown that with improvement of quality of raw materials (decrease in the calcium module) expenses of phosphatic raw materials and sulfuric acid are cut, coefficients of extraction, washing out and exit of P205 increase and, respectively, prime cost of finished goods decreases.


Seytnazarov A. R.

Chemical and mechanical activation of phosphorites Central Kyzylkumov

Nonconventional methods of processing of phosphorites Central Kyzylkumov, in particular methods of chemical and mechanochemical activation of phosphatic raw materials are considered. It is shown that a mechanical refinement of phosphatic raw materials in mix with nitrate and sulfate of an ammonium leads to receiving products with the high content of a phosphorus form, usvoyaemy for plants. A refinement of mixes of ordinary fosforitovy flour Central Kyzylkumov with nitrate of urea and ugleammoniyny salts also causes the substantial increase of maintenance of the P205 form, usvoyaemy for plants, in products. For a pelletizing tukosmesy of phosphatic raw materials Central Kyzylkumov and the ammoniynykh of salts is chosen a molding method as the most economic way of receiving efficient nitrogen-phosphorus fertilizers.


Mirzakulov H. Ch.

 Technology of receiving an ammofosfat on the basis of low-grade phosphorites Central Kyzylkumov

Results of researches on receiving an ammofosfat from nonenriched high-carbonized phosphorites and an extraction phosphoric acid from the burned concentrate Central Kyzylkumov are presented in article. Dependence of density of the sour and ammoniated the ammofosfatnykh pulps on technological indexes is established. The possibility of receiving the ammofosfat containing is shown (masses. %): P205obshch — 45,71-50,85; P205usv. — 44,65-50,43; P205vodn. — 36,78-43,23; СаОобщ. — 8,26-14,97; N — 6,43-9,72.


Akhmedov M.X., Gulamova D. D. Influence of grain structure of chamotte masses and structure of chamotte refractories, binding on thermal resistance

Optimum fractional compositions of chamotte and ceramic masses on its basis are experimentally defined. Influence of structure of masses on spalling resistance of chamotte ceramics is investigated. It is revealed that introduction to structure of a linking of a talkomagnezit of the Zinelbulaksky field increases thermal resistance of chamotte security rings.


Ruzibayev B. M., Aripova M. H. A research of physical and chemical properties of the glasses received in system quartz-Kaolinum-dolomite

As a result of a research of physics and technology properties of glasses in system Kaolinum-quartz-dolomite charts of dependence of density, coefficient of a thermal linear dilatation, softening point, and thermal resistances from their structure are constructed.


Akhunov D. B., Ismatov A. A., Aripova M. X, Mkrtchyan R. V., Hodzhayev N. T. Phase structure the zakristallizovannykh of the glasses received on the basis of basalts of the Kutchinsky field

On the basis of basalts of the Kutchinsky field glasses are synthesized. Methods of radiography analysis determined the main phases the zakristallizovannykh of glasses.




Holikova S. D., Turabdzhanov of S. M. Geterotsiklization of aniline with an acetaldehyde

Catalytic heteroring formation of aniline with an acetaldehyde is studied. 2-and 4 methylquinolines with a good exit are synthesized.


Ziyadullayev O. About'., Nurmonov S.O'., Sirliboyev T.S., M.E's Mavloniy.

Fenilatsetilen asosida yangi aromatik atsetilen spirtlari va ularning vinil hosilalari sintezi

New aromatic acetylene alcohols by Favorskii and Grinjyara-Iotsich's method are synthesized and their reaction is investigated by acetylene. Influence of major factors of the nature of solvent and the catalyst, duration of reaction, temperature and molar a ratio of initial reagents on an exit of products is studied. Are defined quantum - chemical sizes of the synthesized connections on the MNDO program.


Baltabayev U. A., Dzhurayev A. D., Tadzhiyeva X.C.

Reactions of phenyl isothiocyanide with α-amino acids

New derivativ thioureas by interaction of phenyl isothiocyanide with various and - amino acids are synthesized and chemical regularities, reaction courses are revealed. The structure of the synthesized connections is proved by physical and chemical methods.


Turabdzhanov S. M., Yusupov D., Ikramov A., Botirov B. B., Keremetsky L.V.

Development of pollution-free, resource-saving technologies on the basis of local raw materials

On the basis of local raw materials technologies of receiving new rust inhibitors, propiolic alcohol, 1,4 butyndiols, 1,4 butylene glycols new the oktonopovyshayushchikh of additives and catalysts of paraphase hydration of an atsetilan are synthesized, developed.


Kuryazov R. Sh., Mukhamedov N. S., Shakhidoyatov H. M.

Synthesis and hlorsulfonilirovaniye of the asymmetrical 1 - methyl - 3-alkylquinazoline-2,4-dionov

Synthesis of the asymmetrical 1 - methyl - 3-alkylquinazoline-2,4-dionov ring formation of N-metilantranilovoy of acid with cyanate of sodium and with the subsequent alkylation 1-methylquinazoline-2,4-diona alkylhalogenids in the conditions of an interphase catalysis is carried out. At interaction 1-metil-and 1 - methyl - 3-alkylquinazoline-2,4-onov with sulphuric chlorohydrin are formed corresponding 6-hlorsul jfonit - 1-mt an ooze - and - 1-metil-3-alkilkhinazolin-2,4-diona which hydrolysis gives the dion-6-sulphoacids corresponding 1-metil-and 1-metil-3-alkilkhinazolin-2,4-.




Rakhmanberdiyev R. G., Muradov M. M.

Receiving cellulose from wood of a poplar of the Central Asian region suitable for production of plasts

Process of receiving cellulose of wood of a poplar of the Central Asian region in which influence of parameters of cooking on process of receiving and quality indicators of cellulose from poplar wood are considered is studied.


Arislanov S. S., Abdurashidov T. R. A research of catalytic activity Mos15 fixed on a surface of inorganic fillers at polymerization of acetylene monomers and properties of the received polymers

The main regularities of polymerization of acetylene monomers under action of Mos15 applied on surfaces of inorganic fillers are studied. The cationic coordination mechanism of reaction is revealed. Are studied influence as way of polymerization and nature of excipients on properties of polymers.


Beknazarov H. S., Dzhalilov A. T., Asamov M. K., Mirvaliyev 3.3. Studying of a kinetics of thermal degradation of the stabilized polyethylene gossypol derivants

In work the kinetics of thermal degradation of the stabilized polyethylene is studied and efficient kinetic parameters according to a thermogravimetric analysis by Freeman and Carroll's method are calculated. It is established on the example of thermal degradation initial and the stabilized polyethylene exemplars that Freeman and Carroll's method yields positive takes at application to the second stage of reaction.


Qurambayev Sh.R., Jumaniyazov M.J.

Metall yuzalari kamchiliklarini tekislovchi antikorrozion yelim kompozitsiya olish

Results of a research of the new composition anticorrosive gluing structure intended for the elimination of defects of metal surfaces developed on the basis of an industry wastage are given.


Karpushkin S. I., A.L's Barkhanadzhyai.

Decrease in set point of solar oils by means of depressor additives

The possibility of decrease in set point of solar oil by means of the depressor additives synthesized on the basis of a wastage of chemical productions is shown. Influence of the nature of depressor additives on effectiveness of receiving solar oil with low set point is studied.




Baltayev U. S., Yuldashev N. H., Salimov Z. S.

Development and research of new type of a duster with dust coagulation

Results of a research of regime design data of the developed duster with dust coagulation are given in article.


Duanbekova A. E., Kenzhibayeva G. S., Shakirov B. S., Kadirbekova L. Sh.

The fissile transfer of impurity through the adsorption layer when cleaning water streams

Dependence of the dimensionless transmittivity on the complex characterizing the attitude of intensity of internal diffusion towards intensity of a backflow is given. This complex is defining for concentration-polarization phenomenon assessment. The carried-out analysis and the received dependences allow to consider features of the fissile transfer of impurity through the adsorption layer and to allocate the main operating parameters of these process.


Kenzhibayeva G. S.

Model operation of purification of oil-containing sewage in an adsorber with the fixed bed

The model considering features of driving of impurity in the nonuniform mediums in the conditions of its adsorption on a surface of a time of an adsorbent and the subsequent internal diffusion and possible chemical reactions in a stream is offered. The analysis of transfer of impurity of oil products in the fluid environments moving through the nonuniform porous mediums is carried out. Dependences and the approximate and analytical decision for a stream of the impurity localized at the initial moment in the neighborhood of an origin of coordinates are received.