: 3/2008



Akhmedov M. H. Development and research of nanoceramics on the basis of adamant.

Part II. Research techniques and physicomechanical properties of nanoceramics on the basis of adamant

A study of the alumina based nanoceramics receiving by different methods is presented. The influence of the conditions preparing of nanopowders, as well forming and heat treatment methods on microstructures and physical-mechanical properties of the nanoceramics is showed. It is revealed that atmosphere heat treatment is the most important factor which have an influence on properties alumina based nanoceramics.


Huzhamberdiyev M. I., Arifov P. A., Tadzhiyev K. F., Kameshima Yo., Azimov F.H.

Synthesis of ceramic pigments on the basis of a wastage of the gas-processing industry of Uzbekistan

Novel ceramic pigments were synthesized on the basis of used catalysts from Mubarak gas processing plant, used zeolites from Shurtan gas-chemical complex and enriched angren kaolin by adding coloring oxides and formation processes of ceramic pigments with different colors were studied. Conducted research shows that the application of the wastes from gas processing industry of Uzbekistan enables to expand the nomenclature of pigments for the production of fine ceramic materials, reduce cost of colored glaze covers and improve ecological conditions of gas processing factories.


Rakhimov R. A.

The optimum mode of autoclaving of cellular concrete on the basis of thermochemical the activated loess

The Way joint termoximichecki actuated lecca there is real chance in whitness fosfogipsa to shorten time an izotermi endurances at gidrotermalno of the processing product on their base.




Babayev B. N., Dalimov D. N.

Features of nucleophilic substitution at atom of phosphorus of fosforilny group

The effect of reaction duration and nature of solvents on yield of thiophosphorylic, phenyland methylthionphosphonic, diphenylphosphynic acids derivatives, containing different residues of heterocyclic compounds has been investigated. It was shown on the basis of obtained and literature data that nucleophylic substitution of phosphorus atom in phosphorylic group takes place on SN2 mechanism.


Hurramov M. G., Nazirov Z. Sh., Ibragimov Z. A., Ismoilova H. Sh., Makhsumov A. G.

Synthesis and technology of receiving the derivativ nitroreplaced azophenol and its property

The technology of reception of a new 4-nitrophenyl-azo-21,41-dinitrophenol-11 is developed and investigated its painting properties.


Elmuradov B. Zh., Shakhidoyatov H. M. Interaction of a α-oksimetiliden-2,3-trimetilen-3,4-digidro with amines

In the article have been investigated reactions of nucleophilic substitutions of α-oxymethyliden-2,3-trimethylene-3,4-dihydroquinazolin-4-one with aliphatic, heterocyclic, aromatic amines and aliphatic diamines. Have been found, that reactions with more basic amines go easier and with diamines in dependence on the molar ratio of reagents are formed corresponding mono- or bis-products.




Mutaliyeva B. Zh.

Colloid chemical properties of polymeric compositions on the basis of polyacrylonitrile derivants

At research of colloid-chemical properties of polymeric compositions was established, that the complex is formed at the expense of electrostatic and hydrophobic interactions.


Sabyrkhanov D. S., Akilov T. K., Eshimbetova B. T.

The adsorption and catalytic properties of multicomponent copper catalysts

In work the optimum catalysts for selective hydrogenations furfurol in furfurilof spirit are developed by research adsorbsions of properties floatable copper (70 %) catalysts with the additives ferroalloys.


Tursunov T. T., Sharipova U. I., Pulatov H. L., Nazirova R. A.

Sorption of ions of metals phosphate cation exchanger

It is investigated sorption ability of phosphate cation-exchange resin on a basis of styrenefurfural polymer to ions of copper, nickel, calcium, sodium, cobalt and uranyl, and also their mechanism of sorption with application of the IR-spectroscopic analysis.


Eshboriv T.N., Jorav V.N., Roziv R.R., Djalilov A.

Epixlorgidrin va ammiakni suvli muhitda poliakril kislotasi bilan ozaro raktsiyasi

It is specified in the article, that polymers having the cation character, obtained from the results of epichlorhydrin and amin-contained reactions form ionic and hydrogen bands with acid which has anion character. It has been shown, that it is possible to define the dependence of polymer-polymer complexes of formed bands using method of the titirimetric analysis. It is also shown, that water solutions of similar polycomplexes can be applied in different spheres of agriculture.


Yunusov M. Yu., Babakhodzhayev S. N., Kasimov O. Sh., Rustamov M., Makhmudov S.

Sanitary and hygienic and microbiological properties of the antimicrobial iodinated fibrous polymers

The obtain of fibrous polymeric materials of type PAN-KDM modified by iodine described antimicrobial properties. The investigated it sanitary hygienic and mikrobbiologic characteristics.




Musabekova L. M.

Influence of not ideality of system on concentration of reagents on the boundary surface at a chemosorption

The paper deals with the analysis of influence of a non-ideal kinetics on the reagents concentration at the interphase surface under a chemo-sorption. The results of numerical experiments carried out with allowing both for the special parameter of non-ideality and for a set of physicochemical characteristics have been submitted.


Abdullaev A. SH., Mannanov U. V., Nurmukhamedov S. H., Nigmadzhanov S. K.

Eksergetichesky ... process of splitting of the deformed materials

The article determines the exergic efficiency of the process of cleavage of deforming materials by the method of momentary pressure reduction of acute steam.


Sultanbekova P. S., Saparbekov A. A., Shakirov B. S. Model operation of udtrafiltratsionny division of whey

The model of an ultra filtration division of dairy whey in a membrane apparatus is offered. The membrane elements are executed in sine wave form and the expression allowing to define volume of a liquid flowing through capillaries is received for a membrane of a plane.


Sakibayeva S.A. The pilot study of operation of the mixer disperser of ingredients of rubber stocks

The results of carried out experimental researches detecting adequate dispergation mixing diffusion-fractal model are resulted in. It is possible to recommend created on its basis engineering methodic for calculation of apparatus with dispergation mixing of rubber mixtures.


Hamitova B. M., Mirzayev A. A., Bayseitova K. T.

Mathematical model of selection of optimum conditions of receiving detergents

For construction of mathematical model of optimization getting abstergent, washing means a method design of experiment allowing received quantitative assessment primary effects and interference effect. In work use experimental-statistics method of planning of experiment.


Ravshanov S. S., Tursunkhodzhayev P. M., Khusanov I. N.

Influence of humidity on ultimate strength of grain and its model of an intense and straining state

Indexes of quality of grain of wheat, influencing their processing behavior are defined, and also consistent pattern of change of ultimate strength of two grades of grains of wheat depending on humidity is determined. The wet grain is considered as consisting of three phases (fluid, solid and inert to straining processes moles) and the retardatsionny model of an intense and straining state taking into account volume contents of physicomechanical properties of phases is received.




Husenov A. Sh., Kadirov O. Sh., Ibragimkhodzhayev A. M., Rakhmanberdiyev G. R.

A qualitative and quantitative analysis of the inulin received from powder of tubers of a girasol

In the article opportunity of reception of inulin from their powders of topynambur tubers is shown. Qualitative and quantitative analysis of the received product are given. Results of research have shown, that the powder of topynambur tubers contains more then 86 % pure inulin.


Azimov U. N., Abdurakhimov S.A. Features of composition of the safflower oils received in Uzbekistan

In this article, shown results of investigation of compositions of saflor oil, which cultivated in Uzbekistan, in particularly from seeds of cultivated on irrigated and nonirrigated grounds of Uzbekistan


Namozov A.A., Asqarov I.R., Satarova B.N.

Salqin ichimliklar tarkibidagi oziq-ovqat qoshilmalarini yuqori unumli suyuqlik xromatografiyada aniqlash uslubi

The quantity and kind of additives aspartame and benzoic acid in soft drinks are defined by a chromatography method.




Mansurov Yu. N., Mansurov S. Yu.

Marketing approach to development and deduction on the market of new goods

Innovations effectively influence development of the economy. Due to the lack of specialists, and the lack of skills on commercialization of scientific data respectively, in Uzbekistan this process is at the very primitive stage. This paper is an attempt to cover these issues and fill the gap that exists in Uzbek economy.


Ibragimov A. Oziq-ovqat mahsulotlari xavfsizligi menejmentini tashkil etish muammolari

Results of research of a problem and factors of a safety of foodstuff are resulted, leaning on requirements of the present. For good safety foodstuff it is offered to create the special centers where the management of safety based on international standard IS 22000 will be developed and introduced in the organizations. The urgency of a problem of the analysis and definition of extreme points of the dangers, peculiar is shown to foodstuff.