Подпись: 1-2/2004



Ruziyeva Z.Т., Erkayev A. U., Kucharov X., Mirzakulov H. Ch.

Solubility in systems nitrite of calcium-water and nitrite of sodium-sulfate of sodium-water at 25 °C

The isothermal method studied solubility in systems calcium nitrite - calcium sulfate - water and diazotizing salt - salt cake - water at 25 °C. The salting-out effect of diazotizing salt on salt cake and decrease in solubility of calcium sulfate in the presence of calcium nitrite is established.


Atakuziyev E. T.

Rocks alum of Uzbekistan - raw materials for cements on the low-temperature technology

On a basis the alunitovykh of ores of Aktashsky and Gushsaysky fields of Uzbekistan is received alitosuljfoalyuminatny clinker. It is established that simultaneous formation of an alit and sulfoaluminate of calcium is promoted by high reactivity of rock alum as input product.


Aripova M. H. Steklokristallicheskiye of a covering for ceramic-metal products on the basis of system orthophosphate magiiya-fluor apatite-anortit

On the basis of glasses and sitall of system magnesium orthophosphate - fluor apatite - anortit sitallovy coverings of ceramic-metal products are developed for an orthopedic odontology with high physical and chemical properties. The method of an electron probe microanalysis investigated a sitallovy covering.


Akhmedov H., Popov E.L., Rasulmukhamedov A. A., Yodgorov N.

Development of technology of enrichment vollasto-nitovy ore of the field Koytash with use of new local reagents

Results of laboratory researches of an obogatimost of ore of the field Koytash with application of new local flotation agents instead of traditional reagent a technical olein of brand - B. Ispytana reagents a brand olein - B, STM-10, OGS-1 and OGS-2 are given in article. On the basis of the conducted researches OGS-1 and OGS-2 reagents can be recommended for use as the making active additives to the main reagent — the collector (olein-B or STM-10).




Karimov A.U., Yusupov D., Makhkamov H. M.

Synthesis a butyn-2-diol-1,4 from acetylene and formaldehyde at atmospheric pressure

Process of receiving a butyn-2-diol-1,4 at atmospheric pressure from acetylene and formaldehyde is studied. The factors influencing the process course are investigated.


Pazayev H. M., Akmalova G. Yu., Rakhmonberdiyev G. R.

Oxidation of water-soluble cellulose acetate periodic acid

By a tritirovaniye trityl chloride of water-soluble cellulose acetate and with the subsequent oxidation by periodic acid proved formation of semi-acetate communication between the aldehydic group which is in C2 or C3 with a hydroxyl group of C6 of carbon atom.


Kadirov H. I., Kim F. O., Mirsalikhova D. A., Akmalov A. A.

Salt sedimentation inhibitors on the basis of local raw materials and the industrial wastes

Process of condensation in a weak acid condition of urea and a thiourea with formaldehyde is studied. From the synthesized oligomers inhibitors of adjournment of inorganic salts were received.




Ismoilov R. I. Modification of chemical fibers

Interaction No., №-dimethylaminoethylmethacrylate with allyl bromide and monoiodoacetic acid synthesized and identified a new monomer - quarternary ammoniyevy salt.


Hafizov M. M. Properties the nestekhiometrichnykh of the complexes received on the basis of cellulose glicollic acid and the aminocontaining polymers

Properties and structures of the complexes which are formed the interpolimernykh and the nature of change of swelling value, equilibrium water content and elastic modulus depending on the making components are studied.


Toshev A. Yu., Codirov T.Zh., Ruziyev P.P. Oksilli a school desk hosit kshchuvch polymer composition-larni олиш VA kunn пардозлаш a zharayonida of a kullanilisha

The polymeric composition on the basis of the A-acrylic emulsion and protein hydrolyzate for pokryvny dyeing of skin which physical and chemical and mechanical indexes much more exceed control methods is received.


Holmuminov A. A.

Receiving gel compositions on the basis of model systems of a fibroin and sericine of silk

Model systems of mix of biopolmers of a fibroin and sericine are received by disolution of fibers of silk in 2,5 M of LiCl-DMFA and 6,3 M of LiBr-voda. The polarizable optical technique is used. Gelation of the received systems is realized by deterioration in the thermodynamic quality of solvents controlled by definition of pour point.


Maksumova A. S. Research of complex and radical polymerization N-N-vinilftalimida

N-vinilftalimid is synthesized and kinetic features of its radical polymerization initiated by donor-acceptor interaction are investigated. Influence of various factors on polymerization process is studied: nature of solvents, monomer concentration, initiator and temperature. Orders of reaction are determined by a monomer, the initiator, and cooperative activation energy of process of polymerization. The IK, UF methods of a spectroscopy showed education in the conditions of polyreaction of donor-acceptor complexes between a monomer and the initiator. The structure of a complex is found, the equilibrium constant and thermodynamical coordinates of reaction of a complexing are calculated.


КKasimov I. K., Abdukhalikov A. A.

Internal impregnation by thermoplastics for hardening of structure of concrete

In essence new method of impregnation of concrete — internal treating hardening of structure of materials is offered. The thermoplastic materials hardening after heating in a pore space and passing from a liquid mobile state into solid are used.




Niyazmatov A. A. A chemistry of embedding of additive elements in the tungsten microalloyed by aluminum, potassium, silicon

Are investigated interaction of elements of AKS additives about an ammonium - tungsten bronze and embedding of a potassium in a lattice of a tungsten matrix of AWB.


Gouro V. P., Ibragimov M. A., Agzamkhodzhayev A. A., Hamroyev S. S. Development of an import-substituting component of electrolyte of a bathtub of copper refining on AGMK

Results of comparative tests of the microdisseminating and leveling property of the electrolytes of copper refining containing various surfactant are considered. It is established that the best results are received since IDES - a product of sulphonation of a withdrawal of the electrode production containing mix of aromatic compounds. The cathodic copper emitted at its presence differs in cryptocrystalline structure, is suppressed with a dendritoobrazovaniye.


Yakubov M. M., Lie I.I., Yusupkhodzhayev A. A. The production tests of impoverishment of converter slags clinker of zinc production when receiving draft copper

Results of trial tests of the developed technology of restitution of fluid converter slags are given by clinker of zinc production. The optimum technological parameters set during the laboratory and semi-production researches will well be coordinated with results by the industrial production.


Ganiyev Sh. U., Ismailov N. P., Gouro V. P.

Anodic dissolution of metal junks of a molybdenum and tungsten in neutral solutions

Electrochemical disolution of metal junks of a molybdenum and tungsten in neutral electrolytes with obtaining the quantitative characteristics of processes of their anodic dissolution is considered. Influence of the nature of electrolyte, the phenomena of passivation of a surface of an electrode and conditions of process on the speed of disolution of metals is investigated


Mutalov Sh. A., Tursunov T., Nazirova R. A.

A research of a sorption of ions of copper polikonden-satsionny anionites in dynamic conditions

The dynamic capacitance of an anionite of FBG\received on the basis of a local feed stock — furfurol, on copper ions is investigated. Influence of a flow rate of the examinee of solution of sulfate of copper, its concentration, temperature and рН on carrying out a sorption of copper by anionites in dynamic conditions is studied Wednesdays. As comparison the production anionite of AH-31 is used. Results of the conducted researches showed a possibility of use of an anionite of FBG in processes of a sorption of ions of copper.


Sinyashina I. V., Stepanov B. A., Sharipov H. T.

Autoclave oxidation of sulphidic and arsenic auric ores of fields of Uzbekistan

The way of autoclave opening at rather weak modes which allows to lower considerably investment and operational cost when processing obstinate ores is developed.




Abdurakhmanov I. Yu.

The regular synthesis of dynamic compensators in non-linear the polino-minalnykh control systems

The problem of the regular synthesis of dynamic compensators in non-linear polynomial control systems is considered. Algorithms of calculation of compensators are given in non-linear polynomial control systems with use of ranks of Voltaire.


Yusupbekov N. R., Mukhitdinov D. P. Computational method of multicomponent rectification

The procedure of calculation of a vapor-liquid equilibria with use of a method of a dummy component is investigated and upgraded. The flowchart of the algorithm realizing the considered method allowing to reduce calculation time is provided.


Matyakubova P. M. Studying of frequenciest and moist characteristics of loose materials

The technique of the automated checking of gages of humidity of loose materials is analysed and ways of increase in reliability of measuring information on humidity of loose bodies are offered.


Mannanov U.V., Abdusalomov A. A. The combined reactionary and dividing processes

The nature of interference of diffusion rates and reaction in the conditions of material transfer through the phase boundary which sometimes leads to increase of a mass-transfer coefficient is studied.




Usmonov B. S., Nurmukhamedov P. M., Abdullaev A. Sh.

To a question of compaction of hardly loose materials

The problem is studied and the method of compaction of loose cotton meal by a high-speed pelletizing is offered. The received granules of meal have the best distribution of sizes and a trade dress, are convenient at the long-term storage and transportation, are enriched with a food wastage.


Mirzarakhimov M. S. Restitution of processing behavior of dead catalysts

Assessment of a wear of the production alyuminyevo-vanadium AVK-10 catalyst in schemes of the production cleaning of gas emissions is analysed.




Еркариев А.Ж., Ильясов АТ., Серкаев К.П.

О недостатках и перспективах технологии переработки семян хлопчатника

Обсуждены основные научно-практические направления развития технологии переработки семян хлопчатника, а именно, способы: максимального связывания госсипола с веществами гелевой части семян, содержащими аминный азот и с карбамидом; максимального растворения госсипола в масле и мисцелле, в том числе на основе обмасливания хлопковой мятки; выведения госсиполовых железок из гексановых и бензиновых суспензий тонкоизмельченной, глубоковысушенной хлопковой мятки. Отмечены преимущества и недостатки сравниваемых способов переработки семян.


Erkariyev A. Zh., Ilyasov A.T., Serkayev K. P.

About shortcomings and prospects of technology of processing of seeds of a cotton

The main scientific and practical directions of development of technology of processing of seeds of a cotton, namely, ways are discussed: the maximal linkng of gossypol with the substances of a gel part of seeds containing aminny nitrogen and with a carbamide; the maximal disolution of gossypol in oil and the mistsell, including on the basis of an obmaslivaniye of a cotton myatka; deductions the gossipolovykh of pieces of iron from hexane and petrol suspensions of the fine-grained, deep-dried-up cotton myatka. Advantages and shortcomings of the compared ways of processing of seeds are noted.


Hamrokulova M. H., Codirov Y., Tursunova P.M.

Process of refining forpressovy and extraction soybean oil is investigated.

As a result of a research optimum solution strengths of caustic alkali for receiving the refined extraction soybean oil are received.