Подпись: 2/2009




Tozhiyev P.P., Mirzakulov H. Ch., Dzhurayeva G. H. Influence of norm of distillerny liquid - a withdrawal of the Kungradsky soda plant on process of an obessulfachivaniye of a brine of the lake Karaumbet

Data on a lake Karaumbet brine obessulfachivaniye are provided by distillerny liquid. Optimum parameters of process are set: norm of distillerny liquid - 100-102%, process temperature - 20-30 °C. Degree of an obessuljfachivaniye of a brine makes 88-91%, the residual maintenance of ions of calcium - 0,14-0,21%.


Mardonov U. M., Erkayev A. U., Tursunova I. N.

Application calculated and graphic and spektrofoto-metric methods for a system research N02-H20-X

Results of studying of solubility and definition of structure of the formed products are given in a heterogeneous system calculated and graphic and spektrofotometrichesky methods.


Atakuziyev T. A., Tokhtakhunova G. A.

Physicomechanical properties of a portlandtsement with sulfoclinker additive

The mixed cement which consists of a portlandtsement and the suljfoklinker added in various quantities is received. The received cement differs in high speed of concreting, has the extending, self-straining ability. Are studied it fiziko-mechanical characteristics.


Kapsalyamov B. A. Restitution of Zincum from oxide calcium carbide

In work, by means of thermodynamic model operation the mechanism of education Zn at interaction of ZnO and CaC2 is studied. It is defined that restitution of Zn from ZnO calcium carbide has graduated character, the maximal extent of transition of Zn from ZnO depends on a ratio in the ZnO/CaC2 system.




Yakubov U. H., Takhirov Yu. R., Dushamov D.A., Zhuraboyev F. M., Mukhamedov N. S.

The relative activity of catalysts and the 4-replaced benzoyl chlorides at a catalytic acylation benzimidazolean-2-

A number of the relative activity of catalysts and the 4-replaced benzoyl chlorides at an acylation is established by benzimidazolean-2-onov 4-replaced benzoyl chlorides at presence 1·102 moles of FeCl3, Fe2(SO4)3, FeCl3·6H20, FeCl3·12H20, ZnCl2, ZnCl2·2H20, AlCl3, acetylacetonate of iron, iron Salicylas, depending on acid value of catalysts and an elektrofilnost of the acylating agents.


Turabdzhanov S. M., Yusupova Sh. I., Yusupov D., Ikramov A.

Perfecting of the production technology at - hydroxy-butyric acid lactone and N-of a vinilpirrolidon on its basis

Process of receiving at - hydroxy-butyric acid lactone by the asymmetrical dehydrogeneration of tetramethylene glycol in the presence of new multifunctional catalysts is investigated. Improved techniques of production at - hydroxy-butyric acid lactone and N-vinilpirrolidona.


Babayev B. N., Dalimov D. N., Dzhurayev Z. Yu.

Mass and spectrometer disintegration alkilirovannykh derivants 8 mercaptoquinolines

Mass and spectrometer disintegration four the alkilirovannykh 8 mercaptoquinolines is investigated, possible paths of disintegration of molecular ions of connections are presented.


Dzhurayev A. D., Baltabayev U. A., Tadzhiyeva H. S., Atakhodzhayeva M. A.

Synthesis of acetylene air of amin derivatives of benzene carboxylic acid

Interaction of amin derivatives of benzene carboxylic acid with anhydride of an acetic acid synthesized N-atsetamid benzene carboxylic acid derivants. Reaction of an etherification with propiolic alcohol synthesized their acetylene air.


Baramysova G. T.

An interspecific polymorphism of secondary metabolites in plants of the sort EPHEDRA of flora of Kazakhstan

For the first time mass селективнодетекторным the gas-chromatographic method investigated qualitative and quantitative structure of 7 types of an efedra growing in various regions of Kazakhstan. The full spectrum of alkaloids of an efedrinovy row is established. Biochemical and genetic features of plants are investigated.




Atakhanov A. A., Sarymsakov A. A., Rashidova S. Sh.

Nanocellulose: Receiving, properties and possible ranges of application

Cellulose the most widespread polymer on the planet also has high potential as nanomaterial that is explained by its vozobnovimost and a nanofibrillar structure, multifunctionality and ability to self-organize in legible architecture. In work the review of literary and experimental datas on receiving nanocellulose is submitted by chemical and physical methods. Results structural and fiziko-mechanical researches of nanocellulose, and also a possibility of its use when receiving nanocomposites are given.


Ibragamkhodzhayev A. M., Kasymdzhanov M. A., Kaziraimov A. M., Rakhmanberdayev G. R.,

Ernazarov Sh. N.

Studying of light scattering in cellulose glicollic acid solutions by method of the chart of Zimm

In work results of a research of light scattering are given in an aqueous solution of cellulose glicollic acid. It is shown that presence of microgels can strongly distort the chart of scattering.


Karpushkin S. I., Dzhalilov A. T., Barkhanadzhyan A. L.

Use of high-molecular compounds as depressor additives

The possibility of decrease in set point of solar oil by means of the depressor additives synthesized on the basis of a wastage of chemical productions is shown. Solubility of additives depending on component structure, influence of their solubility and temperature of introduction on depressor effectiveness is studied.


Karimkulov K. M., Oscarov M. A.

Issledovaniye of a cotton cellulose and its production with application of customs chemical examination

This work is devoted, to studying of a role of customs chemical examination in a research and definition of the international commodity codes. Methodical recommendations about application of customs chemical examination of a cotton cellulose and its production in the international economic relations are developed. Here normative documents of a research of a cotton cellulose are provided.


Inagamov S. Ya., Akhmadzhonov Z. I., Karimov A. K., Azizov T. A., Mukhamedov G. I.

Determination of amount of sorbed water in polycomplex gels of sodium-carboxymethyl cellulose with ureaformaldehyde oligomers

Are studied by methods of differentially thermal analysis and periodic weighing of loss of weight and amount of sorbed water in polycomplex gels of sodium-carboxymethyl cellulose with ureaformaldehyde oligomers. The identical nature of change of loss of weight and sorbed water in both methods is established.


Abidov B. A., Badriddinova F. M., Ziyamukhamedova U. A.

Development of the efficient catalyst of hydrotreating of gasoline of straight distillation

Results of researches on synthesis of catalysts, widely applicable are given in hydrogenation processes of oil-processing industry. The high performance catalysts which are not conceding on activity, widely known import catalysts are received. Exemplars of catalysts in test limits showed the high desulphurizing activity, and is characteristic that in the course of hydrotreating activity of catalysts increases.




Mansurov Yu. N. Corrosion behavior of aluminum alloys from scrap and a wastage

Change of corrosion behavior of aluminum alloys of a break and wastage depending on structure is considered. It is shown that on corrosion behavior of secondary alloys the negative impact is exerted by iron, copper, Zincum and nickel.




Yusunbekov N. R., Gulyamov Sh. M., Igamberdiyev H. Z., Adilov F. T., Turapina N. N.

ARS - advanced management of technological processes in intellectual systems of the industrial department

Are explained scientifically - methodical bases of creation of system of improvement of management of technological processes and productions.


Baytureev A. M.  Mathematical model operation and receiving the criteria equation of process of drying of dispersible materials in a revolving drier with the blend mode of heat treatment

As a result of mathematical processing the criteria equation for capacity rating of the drum drying unit with the blend mode of heat treatment when drying dispersible materials is received.


Radzhabov M. F., Safarov O. F. Issledovaniye of process of osmotic drying of a melon

Processes of adsorption of a pulp of a melon in sugar syrup are investigated. Results of a research are necessary for technological calculations of drying of a melon and definition of conditions of its storage.


Bakhronov H. Sh. A thermolysis when boiling in a liquid fluidized bed

In the real work the possibility of an intensification of heat exchange at bubble boiling by a pseudo-liquefaction of a layer of solid dispersible material is considered. It is established that the method of a pseudo-liquefaction of solids in the evaporating pot with boiling in pipes, allows to increase heat-transfer coefficients to two times from the boiling liquid, thanks to padding turbulization of a boundary layer of a fluid flow and vapor-liquid mix.